level Trade Review: leveltrade.co a Suspicious Venture

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Level Trade Review
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Is Level Trade really a reputable forex company? For starters, this is a broker that does not have trading results. Their other redemption could be having traders’ feedback. Unfortunately, they seem not to be traders using this firm as there are no reviews.

Level Trade claims it is the best trading partner for investors in the market. The venture offer a wide range of assets. These include; commodities, forex, metals, and shares. The scheme state that all investors need is the begin the trading process and quit talking.

Level Trade Review, Level Trade Company

Do not let their sales pitch and beautiful interface deceive you into thinking this is a genuine broker. There is more than what meets the eye. This is a risky venture that you should not take lightly. The entity does not have a license which is a critical document that all legit investment platforms have.

Level Trade brags it offer fund safety. It is also funny how this venture claims to be reputable in the industry yet the global traffic visiting the site is wanting. The company also states it has a team of over 50 people. 

Sadly, this is another unverifiable claim. The platform does not credit the account manager and financial analysts working in this entity. They allegedly have over 100 currency assets. Additionally, the scheme boasts it has over 80%, satisfied customers.

After thorough research, we could not see even a single review from their clients. This is a red flag as usually, you will find customers stating their experience. The venture also allegedly has a win rate of 94%. You should be careful with the offshore firms as they leave behind information purposely to make you sign up with them.

Leveltrade.co Review

Level Trade is allegedly a leading forex broker with ideal trading conditions. They are targeting both novice and expert traders. The platform claim it provides a perfect trading environment for clients. The entity has several financial opportunities for investors. 

They do not leave out sufficient information that shows the entity is trading successfully. The venture only speaks highly of its investment yet there is nothing to prove the firm is genuine. Additionally, they only have an SSL certificate that does not serve any purpose when it comes to funds safety. 

The information will only keep hackers out of the system. However, who do you think is the worst? Level Trader is being run by discreet individuals that are we do not know their qualifications. Offshore entities operate in this manner to avoid being put behind bars by the authority and to eliminate the chances of their victims getting hold of them. 

Investing with genuine forex companies will grant you peace of mind. You have the assurance that the firm got your back and they will not leave the market abruptly. Furthermore, the best legit broker goes out of their way to meet client satisfaction. 

The safety of your fund should always be your main goal. If a platform does not meet these requirements move on and find a better one. Ensure that you also get basic trading knowledge by reading free materials in the market.

Trading Conditions of Level Trade

The available trading interface is a web-based one. The spreads are not attractive and tas the EURUSD paid has 3 pips. LevelTrade is the only party that will benefit from such limits. The leverage is 1:200.

The trading platform that Level Trade has is easily used by con artists, This is because they can manipulate the price. The features you wil get are no match for the one the MetaTrader provides for its users. 

Level Trade has 6 trading accounts. The more money that one deposits the higher trading instruments they will receive. The VIP account comes with a dedicated personal financial advisor.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The entity accepts funds via credit cards, SecurePaymentGateway, and 2 Crypto wallets. The least amount that one can deposit is $250. The withdrawal requests will take 7 days to be processed. 

Level Trade state it does not require clients to pay withdrawal fees. However, you should not take their word for it as offshore brokers tend to conflict hidden charges to their clients. The only charges that the firm outline is for dormant accounts.

Level Trade Regulatory Status

The company is accepting investors from all over the world. However, they do not have a single regulatory form on their website as expected. Level Trade is based in The Commonwealth of Dominica. This has become the paradise for most of the con artists in the market.

The country does not have a regulatory watchdog. This is one of the reasons the platform has become a popular destination for Ponzi schemes. The broker will devastate you as you cannot get back your earnings once you make a deposit.

Leveltrade.co Review, Leveltrade.co Features

Offshore companies are very dangerous. This is because there is no one overseeing their trading activities. Level Trade can easily manipulate their trade. The entity has not deposited a capital in their name that can be used to compensate traders.

Fund safety is something that you should not expect. The broker fails to disclose the financial institution it uses to segregate the funds of traders. It is important that you trade with genuine firms that have a license.

Customer Support

The support is allegedly available in over 13 languages. The team works 24/6 and you can reach them whenever a need arise. They list a phone number and an email address. The social media links to their website that the firm provides do not go through as they do not have existing pages. 

Offshore platforms are notorious when it comes to offering customer support. They hire unethical people to handle your calls if you continue to go after your money. However, this is not the worst part because the venture can also blacklist you.  

The Domain Insight

This is an entity that was invented in July 2021. The Registrar has a funny name Porkbun. The entity aims at being in the market for one year. A short domain name is usually used by fraudsters this is because before the expiry they will have been exposed and they need to change the domain name. Sadly, we do not know where the firm is getting its customers from. 

Level Trade Client Feedback

Is Level Trade really a reputable forex company? For starters, this is a broker that does not have trading results. Their other redemption could be having traders’ feedback. Unfortunately, they seem not to be traders using this firm as there are no reviews.

Legit entities have a high number of reviews from their existing customers. You can easily find this information on third-party websites. Sometimes shady ventures do pay random people to deceive people that the company is profitable. 

Forget about the statistics that Level Trade provides. When it comes to the investment we get down with the facts. If there are none then the broker is not worth the take. Running a background check will save you the trouble of dealing with scammers.

Final Verdict

The broker is a nasty venture that is not reputable. They just joined the market and we hope that investors do not buy their vague narrative. This is an offshore firm accepting traders from all over the world without having a license. 

Register today with some of the top trading forex brokers in the world. They offer the best trading conditions to users. The entities take the security of their clients very seriously. They also easily outline all their requirements in full transparency. 

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