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Level5X Review
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Investment is something that investors should take seriously. A genuine platform will operate in full transparency. Unfortunately, Level5X lacks a trading history.

Level5X is a company that, at first glance, you would think has the best interest of investors. The firm calls itself the next successful venture in the market. They welcome potential investors with an attractive bonus of 100%. The entity is trading crypto and forex.

Level5X Review, Level5X Company

Careful, do not rejoice yet. Before you accept any deposit bonus, we suggest you take some quality time and go through the terms and conditions of a company. Some of these offshore entities have the worst conditions. It would help if you met absurd trading volume for you to get your funds.

Investment is something that investors should take seriously. A genuine platform will operate in full transparency. Unfortunately, Level5X lacks a trading history. The people that are managing this business are also operating behind the shadows. This raises more questions.

Investors should never trust anonymous people with their funds. In the past offshore firms have proven to be unreliable by leaving the market unexpectedly. They do not care about the impact of their actions on their customers.

To avoid the risk of losing all your savings, it is best to stick with proven legit crypto trading companies. These are brokers that feature their trading conditions. You will know what you are signing up for beforehand.  

Level5X.com Review

Level5X assures users they will obtain fund safety. This is a bold claim coming from a company that does not care to mention the bank it works with to segregate clients’ funds. Mistakes are not acceptable when it comes to financial investment. One wrong move can result in significant repercussions. 

It would help if you were very keen when giving out personal data like a phone number. Platforms that are run by fraudsters abuse their victims by calling them constantly. They will give you irresistible offers. Sadly, once you buy into their narrative and make a deposit, the exploitation starts taking effect.

They are persuasive, and your pocket can run dry before realizing you are being conned. The only medicine to avoid losing funds is to stick to a company that has a license. Regulated brokers have world-class support. They will help you grow your portfolio.

Level5X ‘About Us’ page is a complete joke. The shady entity is explaining to users why they use cookies and the benefits of the same. This information is vague and does not show investors why they should settle with this company. 

Genuine and legit forex platforms utilize the space, and they outline the features that customers enjoy. They will also introduce the team that is behind their success. Any company that operates suspiciously is not worth your time.

Trading Conditions of Level5X

Level5X provides two trading interfaces. A web-based and a desktop platform. The leverage that the scheme avails is beyond what the financial bodies allow. The entity is offering 1:200 risky leverage. It is an affirmation this is an offshore venture. 

Their spread is following the market standard. Nonetheless, it would help not take this as a green light to sign up with the broker. Investors that refer other people to the system receive houses. However, you will only receive the perk if the person deposits $200 and above. 

Withdrawal and Deposit

You should note that to cash out the invite bonus, and you must trade at least $10,000 per 1 bonus. If you have a reward of $100, you must trade a minimum volume of $1,000,000, which is absurd. In most cases, users forfeit their bonuses due to the strict requirements. 

Level5X.com Review, Level5X.com Conditions

Level5X lists payments methods like Qiwi, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfers. However, the only acceptable methods are cryptocurrencies, which are futile and irreversible. The other option is credit cards which are safer as you can issue a chargeback when things go south for up to 540 days.

The individuals running this company have their personal needs to meet. Withdrawal requests will never be met. Furthermore, we are yet to meet investors that have tried out this broker. Please stay away from them.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Level5X is a platform that knows what they are doing. The firm leaves no concrete information that can expose them. They do not feature an office address or their country of origin. They leave users to guess their location. A genuine broker that is handling users’ funds will let you know where you can find them. 

Investors can only reach the entity via email. This method allows the venture to easily ignore its customers, especially if it is involved in shady business. The company lacks enough funds to hire a professional team. 

The Domain Insight

Level5X is a platform that has been in the industry since April 2021. It is a short timeframe. Level5x.com does not have something to show for its performance. You will be gambling with your funds if you choose to trade with the entity. The firm is also privately registered, making it impossible to know the people behind the scheme. The traffic visiting the website also proves that investors are not interested in the services of this distasteful broker. 

Regulation Status of Level5X 

The company has a registration form from SVG. There is no financial regulator in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This means that Level5X is not following any rules. Furthermore, their place of origin is infamous for all the wrong reasons. 

The broker can choose to exit the market without notice. They also do not offer fund safety which is the priority for users. The scheme can also overcharge traders by inflicting hidden fees. The majority of offshore companies turn out to be a big disappointment. 

Choosing a regulated company grants you peace of mind. Moreover, the capital that the regulatory bodies require of the firm is used to compensate customers in insolvency. The benefit of dealing with a venture that has a license are many.  

Client Feedback

Client feedback is one of the best ways of knowing what kind of services to expect from a platform. Level5X does not have a single testimonial or review. The company is praising their top-notch services, yet there is no proof. 

The broker is new in the industry. There is not much traffic visiting the platform. Therefore, once you sign up, you only become their guinea pig. Signing up with a firm that has multiple red flags is unwise. 

Shady platforms sometimes use false testimonials on their websites. They also pay random people who have nothing to do with their entity to review them. Find a better platform that has existing clients and does not use false information to win over clients.

Final Verdict

A lot of investors are wondering whether Level5X is a legit company. Unfortunately, this is not a trustworthy scheme. They cannot help you to grow your portfolio. The terms for bonuses are also severe and unworthy of users’ attention. Moreover, this is an illegal entity that lacks a license from a reputable financial body.

A registration form will not protect you from the traps set by these fraudsters. The company does not have a record of accomplishment. Try out these top crypto trading brokers that have a clean record. All the necessary information you may need is at your disposal. 


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