Lifebrook Review: A Berry Farm MLM Company
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Lifebrook is an MLM company that is selling a variety of products. describes the company as a community of customers, farmers, and business owners. The purpose of the company is to improve the health of people by offering natural and healthy products. This article extensively discusses numerous aspects of the company. Keep reading this article to get all the essential details about this company and its compensation structure.

Overview of Lifebrook

Aronia, Amerca’s superfruit, is the driving force behind Lifebrook.  It is a natural fruit that grows in North America. Aronia berry is also called chokeberry. The company claims that this fruit is better than any other fruit because it is a source of antioxidants that are not available in any other superfruit. Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp are running the company. They were operating their organic farm since 2005 and established Lifebrook in 2017. The company uses Aronia berries in all of its products.

Benefits of Aronia

Lifebrook claims that all of their products are made with aronia berries. They can offer the following benefits:

  • Anti-aging antioxidants help you in living young and fresh.
  • Improves your immune system and cardiovascular health.
  • Enhances cognitive function and memory skills.
  • Supports joints, muscles, and improves overall well-being.
  • More energy, better digestion, clearer thought processes, and many other benefits.

Owner of Lifebrook

When the company was established in 2017, there was no information available about the owners of Lifebrook. However, now the website has been updated and mentions Tony and Jenniffer Heisterkamp as the founders of the company. Moreover, their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles show that they are living in Iowa. They are also operating the Eden Valley Apple Orchard & Farm.

Before 2005, Tony Heisterkamp was involved in selling furniture. In 2007, he established Eden Valley Apple Orchard & Farm to grow organic fruits like apples, Aronia berries, and other fruits. He and his wife established Lifebrook to bring their organic farm to the next levels and use the Aronia berries to manufacture pure, natural, and healthy products.

Products Of Lifebrook sells a wide range of products. Aronia berries are the main components of all of these products. These products are promoted with the fact that they are healthy, pure, natural, and extremely beneficial for health. The company claims that the benefits of Aronia have been validated by hundreds of researches and medical studies. However, the company never cites any of the studies while promoting the products. Lifebrook makes very tall claims about the unmatched health benefits of Aronia berries. FDA is yet to verify any of these claims.

The primary products are:

  • Puronia is described as the ultimate superfood. It is a pure aronia berry juice that costs $80 / 4 packs.
  • Puronia On the Go is a natural aronia supplement that also costs $80.
  • HydraZorb Aronia Muscle and Joint Rub consist of aronia berries as well as essential oils that soothe the muscles and joints. Users can apply them directly to the affected area. Its retail price is $50.
  • Lifebrook Daily Protocol is another beverage offered by the company. It contains the antioxidants properties of aronia berries. You can buy 1 case of this beverage at a price of $40.


How to Buy Products of Lifebrook?

These products seem impressive, even though there is no medical proof that they are actually beneficial for your health. However, the catch is you cannot buy any of these products unless you buy the affiliate membership of Lifebrook. It is the primary and most disappointing aspect of the company. You must buy the affiliate membership of Lifebrook to avail of any of its products. Like many other MLM companies, affiliate membership is the primary source of revenue for

Therefore, you should not invest your hard-earned money in this MLM scheme. You will have to work very hard to earn any sort of profit from this company. A good alternative to this company is using the trustable crypto trading bots.  Such bots allow you to participate in the global crypto trading opportunities and earn significant amount of profits.

Affiliate Memberships of Lifebrook

Initially, the company was offering a basic affiliate membership plan that was priced at $49.95. However, now has removed this plan from there. Now, the site mentions the following three packages:

  • Fast Start Pack 1 costs $120. It includes 6 packs of Puronia and 2 single shots of Purnia Go.
  • Fast Start Pack 2 costs $220. It consists of 8 packs of Puronia, 12 pack of Puronia on the Go, and 1 HydraZorb.
  • Fast Start Pack 3 costs $320. It provides you with 12 packs of Puronia, 24 packs of Puronia on the Go, and 2 HydraZorb.

Compensation Structure

There are two primary ways of earning money from Lifebrook. One is that you have to keep recruiting new members to earn profits, and others are you must generate a personal sale of at least $105 a month to earn bonuses. The compensation structure has the following main parts:

Affiliate Ranks

Lifebrook has the following eight affiliate ranks:

  • Independent Advocate – register as an affiliate and full requirements of earning compensation
  • Business Builder – keep fulfilling the requirements and hire at least three affiliates.
  • Team Builder – recruit at least four members on the Business Builder Affiliate Rank.
  • Team Leader – recruit at least five members on the Team Builder Affiliate Rank and generate a total of $8000 group volume.
  • Director – recruit at least five members on the Team Builder and Team Leader Affiliate Rank and generate a total of $20,000 group volume.
  • Executive Director – fulfill the requirements of the Director Affiliate Rank and generate at least $50,000 in group volume.
  • Senior Executive – fulfill the requirements of the Executive Director Affiliate Rank and generate at least $100,000 in group volume.
  • National Executive – fulfill the requirements of the Senior Executive Affiliate Rank and generate at least $200,000 in group volume. remain commission qualified

Retail Commissions

The company promises a 20% commission to the affiliates on every retail order. Moreover, promises a further bonus of up to 15% on the following criteria:

  • Earn a 5% bonus by successfully selling products to two to four customers.
  • Make a 10% bonus by successfully selling products to five to nine customers.
  • Earn a 15% bonus by successfully selling products to ten or more customers.

Residual Commissions

Like any other MLM company, Lifebrook also offers residual commissions for building a team of affiliates. Users will have to keep recruiting new members to keep earning residual and referral commission. The highest level of residual commissions is level 5. The site mentions the following breakdown of the residual commissions:

  • 4% bonus for the members of the Independent Advocate affiliate rank on level 1.
  • 4-5% bonus for the members of the Business Builder affiliate rank on level 1 and level 2.
  • 4-5% bonus for the members of Team Builder affiliate rank on level 1 and level 2. 2% bonus on level 3.
  • 4% bonus for the members of the Director and higher affiliate rank on level 1 to level 5.

Final Verdict About Lifebrook

Lifebrook tries its best to seem like a revolutionary company that is providing immense health benefits through its aronia-based products. However, it is just another MLM company at its core. If you buy its membership, you continuously have to spend your time and energy in hiring more members and selling the products. In return, you will be getting a very insignificant amount of profits. Therefore, you should not invest your money and time in Lifebrook. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that offer reliable, efficient, and quick trading services. You can earn maximum profits from crypto trading bots by using their flexible account plans and reliable customer support system.

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