LinnTrades Review: A Dubious Crypto Platform

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LinnTrades Review
  • 1.5/10
    Contact and support - 1.5/10
  • 0.6/10
    Deposit Safety - 0.6/10
  • 1/10
    License and Registration - 1/10
  • 1.1/10
    Trading Platform - 1.1/10


LinnTrades will rip you off the moment you deposit funds from them. Avoid the platform as it also tries to steal your bank details. Learn more in our exclusive review

LinnTrades claims to be the best and most affordable crypto investment platform. What most don’t know is that uses false regulatory certificates. In addition, the platform fails to provide ample crypto investment solutions to add salt to injury. We have a platform that lacks integrity and transparency. Those who have invested with Linn Trades have nothing but bitter comments. It would be best to avoid this and any other platform sharing similar characteristics. Here’s more in our eye-opening LINNTRADES REVIEW.

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A Close Analysis of LinnTrades

LinnTrades claims it’s the best place to invest your money on the about us page. But, of course, the platform will try and sweet talk you into investing with them. And this is what you need to be careful of.

Disadvantages of LinnTrades

You don’t have to take every word the platform throws your way. It’s your duty as an investor to ask the questions that matter. Despite their promises, no one earns any profit from Linn Trades.

As fate would have it, the platform is another crypto investment scam. Several investors have lodged complaints with regulators over withdrawal issues. It’s becoming clear that no one gets to withdraw from the platform.

And this means all newbies will fall for the trap. The platform will make it appear that your account balance is growing. It’s all to make you tell your friends or even invest more with them.

Don’t fall for such antics as will openly block you from accessing these funds. Members have been receiving several reasons why investing with the platform is a problem.

As an investor, you need to research the platform in question. Make sure to ask around and know the experiences of other users. It’s the only way to ensure that you remain safe and avoid such platforms.

Accounts and plans LinnTrades

LinnTrades offers four specific plans, each with its own set of features. These include Plan A, B, C, and D. Each of these plans guarantees daily returns, one of the biggest red flags. Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;

Plan A

You have to make a minimum deposit of $100 to get started. The platform makes sure that anyone, even a newbie, can open an account. You get a promise of making a 5 percent profit within 24 hours.

Plan B

Members have to deposit $1,500 to get started with the account. You have an account that promises a principal return on a deposit. The plan makes a huge claim of making 10 percent profit in 65 minutes.

Plan C

There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $4,000 and a maximum of $6,000. Members also get a promise of getting a principal return on investment. The account promises 17 percent ROI after five vesting days.

Plan D

It’s the most exclusive plan, with investors making a minimum deposit of $7,000. There’s also a maximum allowed deposit of $50,000. The platform targets institutional investors. You get a promise of making 4.5 percent in 30 days.

Accounts LinnTrades

Account Features

What makes these plans ineffective is the vesting period for each. An example would be Plan B which guarantees profit after 65 minutes. So we can see the platform targets investors looking for fast returns.

And that’s how the platform sets its trap with over-the-moon investment claims. No crypto investment platform can manage to make such a high ROI. Furthermore, the vesting period is way less than the normal time it takes.

The minimum vesting period in a genuine crypto investment is three to four months. Any platform claiming to offer an ROI in less time takes members for a ride. We haven’t heard or seen anyone profiting from these plans.

Affiliate and referral

Linn Trades also offers an affiliate and referral program. It’s a program meant to get more users to sign up. The platform starts at 4 percent commission to 1 percent for the fourth-level apprentice program.

Before becoming an affiliate, you need to know the consequences of directing users to the platform. These users won’t get to withdraw funds from the platform. And this means you’re leading users to a platform that steals from them.

These victims will demand answers from you. And that’s how you end up losing your reputation as a professional affiliate. That’s why no professional affiliate or platform wants to partner with

Those who have lost funds with the platform might take legal action. And this means filing a lawsuit against the platform. The law will consider you as an accessory to online fraud. After all, it’s you who has been advocating for investors to sign up.

Business holder

Despite claiming to reside in London, there’s no record of the platform’s registry. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous investment platform. There’s nothing worse than investing with anonymous and unregulated platforms.

It means recovering funds from such platforms is impossible. There’s no telling who handles funds. The platform does an excellent job of leaving out the names of the CEO, founders, and staff members.

Those who attempt to hire recovery agents lose more funds with the platform. These agents are part and parcel of the scam. A recent survey indicates that these platforms hand over your contact details to recovery agents.

These agents will make first contact and claim to have won a lawsuit against the platform. The agents further claim compensation, and you’re entitled to get a settlement. Then, all you have to do is cover legal fees.

Those who fall for it lose the amount as no agent takes the platform to court. That’s why we believe such platforms are working together with recovery agents. So please stay away from the platform or risk losing everything.

Are funds safe with Linn Trades?

Client testimony

A client testimony section tries to sell the platform as a legit crypto investment option. These are stock images the platform uses as clients. Unfortunately, there’s no positive comment on the platform anywhere on the web.

And this is the reason why you have to stay away from such platforms. Instead, make sure you get information about a platform from independent sources. Such platforms will do or say anything to make you deposit with them.

Contact and client support

Another red flag to spot with the platform is the lack of direct support. You would expect such a platform to offer live chat support. Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards as the platform prefers members leave their messages.

We can see what’s happening with the platform. The people behind it want to control the narrative. It makes it easier for you to reach out than for them to make contact. That’s why you need to stay away.

Deposit fund and safety LinnTrades

Your funds are far from safe with LinnTrades. The platform fails to segregate accounts or offer insurance cover. We suspect the owner stores funds in a personal offshore bank account.

Is licensed or regulated?

License and Registration LinnTrades

LinnTrades doesn’t have a valid investing or trading license.

Our verdict

Please stay away from

Start using reliable crypto trading robots that offer advanced tools for trading.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment or email us.

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