Live Options FX Review: LiveOptionsFX Unreliable Venture

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Live Options FX Review
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Moreover, Live Options FX brags that it’s an award-winning platform. The firm also states that it is licensed in multiple jurisdictions. All these are lies. This is one of those scammers who will say anything to win you over.

Live Options FX claims that it will make you a pro-investor. There are several assets that you can trade. These include; shares, Cryptos, and Forex. They welcome everyone to join them and start yielding high returns.

Currently, there are multiple investment firms in the world. All of them have one thing in common they brag about being the best. It is certain that most of them are lying are they are by far not close to being on the top brokers’ list.

Live Options FX Review, Live Options FX Company

Therefore, once you encounter a suspicious entity, we suggest that you research. You should not deposit funds blindly. Live Options FX has become the talk of the market for the high returns that they are yielding.

The company, unfortunately, is another fraudulent venture. Their main focus is to steal from innocent trades. Nonetheless, the platform states that it wants to provide a stable income for customers. They eliminate all the possible risks.

Live Options FX proclaims that it offers world-class service. The venture also states that it is operating legally despite violating several rules set by financial watchdogs. This is the latest Ponzi scheme in the industry that should be avoided. Review

The platform boasts that it has a large number of clients. Therefore, their main priority is to meet customer satisfaction. Cryptocurrency observes a high level of anonymity, but scammers misuse this feature. They usually accept money via digital currency.

Therefore, eliminating the possibility of investors conducting a chargeback.  Live Options FX is not a securities broker. The company also has a referral program. This is their only source of income because there are not trading.

The company also lacks transparency. For instance, we are not aware of who the people that are managing this platform are. The platform leaves out essential information that can help win over traders. In total, the broker proclaims it has over 1000 assets.

Moreover, Live Options FX brags that it’s an award-winning platform. The firm also states that it is licensed in multiple jurisdictions. All these are lies. This is one of those scammers who will say anything to win you over.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are transparent and genuine. They are among the top investment ventures in the market. You can read their unbiased testimonials from their customers. You need to trade wisely and watch out for the fraudsters.

Investment Plans and Returns

The minimum amount that you can deposit at Live Options FX is $500. The minimum amount to cash out from this system is $10. They have five investment plans. The least ROI that you can yield every hour is 0.625%. In a day, you will have made a total of 15% ROI.

The other investment plan has a return of 15% after every hour. The platform guarantees a 45% ROI in 3 days. There is also a profit calculator that exaggerates payout. They want you to open an account and start earning. Review, Plans

Unfortunately, once you register for this scam, know that your money is lost. Live Options FX does not disclose if they are charging any fees. The broker is promising profits that are unrealistic. Even competitors in the industry are not making guaranteeing anything close to this.

This is because nobody is earning from this company. The Ponzi scheme features this information to lure naïve investors into depositing funds in their system. If you want to earn money, you must be patient. You cannot become a millionaire overnight.

Live Options FX Customer Support

Live Options FX customer support can be contacted via telegram or email. Therefore, if you have any problem, the company urges that you contact them immediately. Unfortunately, there is no phone number available.

Moreover, the link to their LinkedIn leads to nowhere since the firm does not have an account. Their alleged office address is Ridgeway, Hounslow London, W38LR. You can also fill in a contact form to reach them.

Live Options FX is a scam, and the red flags are visible. The reason that they do not have a phone number is to avoid being pressured by their victims. It is easy to ignore emails for them. A legit broker will have all the necessary information about their location.

Additionally, traders can also reach them with ease at any given time. Ponzi schemes, on the other hand, are most likely to misuse your data. They can sell it to a third party or keep calling once they return to the market using a different name.

Live Options FX Regulation and Registration

Live Options FX claim that it is operating as per the requirements of the USA and the UK financial watchdog. The company states that it has a registration form from the two countries. These are some of the strict regulators in the market that are dedicated to protecting their citizens from fraudsters.

The platform, unfortunately, is not in the database of the FCA or NFA. Therefore, this is an illegal scheme that is not worthy of your time. The company does not have an initial capital of 730K EUR or $2 million as per the guidelines of the above regulators, respectively.

Live Options FX will not compensate you in case they face bankruptcy. Additionally, the founder of this shady firm can also choose to shut down their website without consulting anyone or facing the law.

The platform does not keep the funds of investors in a separate account. The money goes directly to their wallet. The payment method that the company is using does not allow investors to get back their funds.

Make sure that you only deal with investment companies that have a license. There are multiple benefits that come with it instead of trusting anonymous offshore firms. Moreover, the team that the venture presents is fake.

Live Options FX Client Feedback

The company has a number of testimonials that you don’t need rocket science to know are false. Several people claim to have used the services of this firm. Live Options FX is presented as a legit venture that generates profits for its clients.

Other states that the broker has responsive support. None of them leave a negative review. The company is too good to be true. We decided to check the images that the firm provides. We found that these are stock pictures.

Moreover, Live Options FX does not have customer reviews on third-party websites. The company is building a name for itself by presenting false information. This is a desperate Ponzi scheme that is determined to get more victims.

The Domain Insight is a new investment company that lacks a history in the industry. The registration of this venture took place in April 2021. Nonetheless, the entity has grown popular in a very short span. The marketers of this Ponzi scheme are not sleeping but working tirelessly to get more victims.

Final Verdict

Live Options FX has pictures of their team. Unfortunately, these are not the real people that are behind this company. There are also false testimonials, and this shows that you cannot trust this broker. Moreover, they are accepting investors from all corners of the world without having a license.

Invest with the top forex trading companies that have multiple currency pairs. Additionally, you will know the leverage and spread that you are getting. Licensed brokers have no intention of stealing from you.


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