LoanTech Review: LoanTech.Top Is A Suspicious Tech Platform

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LoanTech Review
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There is no proof that LoanTech actually has any kind of modern tools and technology to provide profits. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this platform. Instead, use genuine crypto trading bots that provide a variety of options through which you can generate a good amount of profits.

LoanTech is a company that is claiming to have a team of experienced and qualified individuals to help the companies in improving their business processes with greater profits. The website of this platform, LoanTech.Top, Chris Wright, and his team is running the platform.

If you look closely at this company, you will see that there are many suspicious aspects about this company that does not make sense. Therefore, it is important to review LoanTech in detail before you take any decision about investing in the company.

What is LoanTech?

LoanTech claims that it is acting as a bridge between the lenders and the borrowers. It also states that that the focus of the company is on making sure the lenders are getting the best possible experience through this platform by ensuring smooth and quick transactions.

LoanTech.Top claims to use highly innovative and modern tools and technologies to streamline the process of collecting and distributing the loans. The website also states that the company has a reliable crowd-funding system. However, you should know that there is no indication that the company actually has any kind of efficient technological system for these processes.


Owner of LoanTech

There is no external information available about the owner or team of LoanTech. However, the LoanTech.Top states that Chris Wright is running the platform. There are no social media profiles of Chris Wright. It is highly possible that the website has mentioned a fake name and picture to convince the users about the legitimacy of the company.

LoanTech.Top was registered in August 2019. However, the website did not become active until August 2020. It provides an address of the UK. The analysis of LoanTech.Top by Alexa shows that Saudi Arabia (22%) and Egypt (20%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is possible that the LoanTech might be lying about its origin to attract more investment.

Income Structure of LoanTech

LoanTech is asking users to invest at least $30 in the company to get 3% daily ROIs. This kind of business model is often seen in MLM Ponzi schemes. Moreover, the income structure of the company contradicts the company’s claims of using loans and modern technology to generate profits. 

Instead, it is evident that LoanTech.Top does not have any source of external revenue. It is relying on the affiliates to keep investing in the company. Like most of the other Ponzi schemes, the referral commissions play an integral role in the income structure of LoanTech. 

According to the website, the members of level 1 can generate 10 to 15% referral commissions, and affiliates of level 2 can earn 2%. In order to generate these profits, the members of level 1 have to make someone invest at least $30 to $499, while the members of level 2 have to hire someone who invests $500 to $2999 or even more. 

LoanTech.Top is also promising some recruitment bonuses to the users. These are:

  • Recruiting 50 new members can allow you to generate $100, along with a 3% referral commission. 
  • Recruiting 100 new members can allow you to generate $300, along with a 5% referral commission. 
  • Earning about $500 for hiring more than 100 affiliates. 

Features of LoanTech


It is quite disappointing to see that LoanTech is clearly lying about its origin. The registration of LoanTech.Top makes it very clear that the company did not exist before 2019. Yet, the website states that it has been operating since 2013 and has strong roots in the industry. Such kinds of claims are only made to make more people join the company and spend their money on it.

The company is also claiming that Chris Wright and his team have years of experience in running successful businesses and platforms. However, there is information available about Chris Wright or any other individuals behind this platform. Therefore, it would not be wrong to assume that LoanTech.Top is lying about having an experienced and professional team of experts. 

Incorporation Details

In order to seem like a legitimate and well-established platform, LoanTech claims that it is operating under the Bright Future Loans LTD. Further research shows that Bright Future Loans was incorporated in October 2019. Therefore, it is clear that both LoanTech and Bright Future Loans were created around the same time.

Modern Tech

LoanTech.Top keep mentioning having access to state-of-the-art technology that is useful in collecting and distributing loans. However, it never mentions the name of any specific tool or technology it uses for this purpose. It is quite surprising to see this kind of marketing from the company because it is difficult to trust any platform that keeps making general claims without providing any specific details. 


The company is claiming to be operating with the goal of helping different types of businesses and individuals in getting the loans easily. Yet, the company is asking the members to invest $30 in the platform before getting any type of services from them. Generally, a $30 might not seem a high amount in other companies, but it contradicts the original vision and goal of LoanTech.Top. 

Automatic Profits Generation

LoanTech is claiming to use highly modern technology that can provide you with 3% profits on a daily basis. However, the company does not make it clear about how it is going to generate and distribute these profits. Moreover, such kinds of claims are often seen in Ponzi schemes that lie about providing profits to attract more investment. 

Passive Income

To entice users and make them invest in the company, LoanTech.Top states that investing in this company is a golden opportunity that can provide you passive income for a long period of time. You should remember that LoanTech is not a well-established company. There is no way that it can actually provide a significant amount of profits for a long period of time. 


Loan Procedures

It would not be wrong to say that the way LoanTech is claiming to provide loans and profits is highly ambiguous. The entire working procedures of the company seem very suspicious because it even keeps contradicting itself about the business model and the way it works. 


The bottom line is that LoanTech is a Ponzi scheme. It is only making some very tall claims like using modern technology to make people invest in the company. In actuality, the entire marketing material of the company fails to convince about its legitimacy. 

To make matters worse, LoanTech.Top is also lying about operating since 2013. The background of this company is clear that it was established in 2019. There are many other Ponzi schemes that also lie about being a well-established platform to make people invest in the company. 

However, the company does not seem to have any external source of revenue. It is relying on the affiliates to keep spending their money. In other words, the company will collapse due to a lack of recruitment.  

It is highly possible that LoanTech.The top is only claiming to be a loan-related company to seem like a legitimate platform. Instead, at its core, it is a Ponzi scheme that is trying to get as much investment as possible before its imminent collapse. 

Therefore, you should not invest your money in LoanTech because you will end up suffering financial losses. A reliable alternative to such Ponzi schemes is using crypto trading bots. These bots provide a legal and efficient way of crypto trading through which you can generate a significant amount of profits. 

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