Loowire Global Limited Review: Loowirefx.com a Bogus Broker

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LoowireFX does not report its daily trading activity to the authority. Therefore, they can easily manipulate trade without facing the consequences of their action. Legit ventures will adhere to and report their opening and closing orders to the regulatory bodies.

Loowire Global Limited is another scam that fakes its history to remain relevant. We despise investment schemes that are only after traders’ funds. The broker brags it has a 15 years history of being the best in the market. However, information from Whois.com proves the entity is only a few months old.

The firm nonetheless boasts it has effective trading tools, one of them being the MT5. The assets that are available for investors are; spot metals, forex, commodities, and indices. The entity has 100 assets.

Loowire Global Limited Review, Loowire Global Limited Company

LoowireFX believes it is the most trustworthy, reliable entity in the world. They enforce tight security measures to protect the funds of investors. The entity keeps the money of investors in Tier 1 banks. However, they do not care to reveal the names of these financial institutions.

Additionally, Loowire Global Limited also proclaims that it is a licensed venture. However, this is a cock and the bull story. It appears the broker is prone to doing anything to remain relevant in the market.

Avoid the cynical scheme, as there is nothing ethical about their trading activities. You can check out the authentic forex trading entities that have been in the market for years. Their transparency makes them stand out in the industry.

Loowirefx.com Review

Loowire Global Limited assures investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios. It is recommended that you trade several different assets as it minimizes your risk. The venture displays numerous awards that they have allegedly won over the years.

The broker claims it uses the latest innovative technology. Therefore, they are recognized as the best mobile trading firm, providers of fundamental analysis, the best social media advertising firm, and the most innovative broker.

These trophies are from the years 2009 to 2017. However, LoowireFX did not exist by then. Hence, this is another false statement. The scheme is mainly targeting novice traders in the industry. They are the only people that the venture can easily deceive.

The only award that Loowire Global Limited can acquire is for being the worst investment firm in the market. Legit investment forex brokers are implementing techniques that can make them stand out among their competitors. Then there are these groups of fraudsters that are ignorant and want to steal from traders.

The sales pitch of this fraud is also monotonous and obnoxious. The messy website is designed poorly, and there is nothing for traders. You should be careful with the entity and avoid its false narrative.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Loowire Global Limited states they have a multilingual customer support team. They are available to help across the clock. You can reach them via call, live chat, or email. The broker states it has offices in the United Kingdom and Cyprus.

However, we take this to be another fabrication. The venture cannot reveal its ideal location to avoid facing charges from the government. We cannot validate if the customer support will respond in time to their clients.

Scammers are prone to ignoring their customers when they need them the most. The fate shall be the same to those that decide to test the waters with LoowireFX. The venture aspires to be in the industry for only one year. Tracing Loowire Global Limited after it exits the industry will be a nightmare.

LoowireFX Trading Conditions

Loowire Global Limited claims it popular currency pair. In total, there are over 60 currencies which include; GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDJPY. The entity advertises tight spread of0.8 pips for most of their assets.

Loowirefx.com Review, Loowirefx.com MT5

They do not indicate the leverage that investors should expect. The MT5 interface is accessible, and this is the prime trading platform in the industry. The suspicious company has upped its game. However, them having the interface is not the green lights into giving depositing with them.  The fact remains that the venture is an illegal entity unworthy of your time.

Loowire Global Limited Withdrawal and Deposits

Loowire Global Limited is a tactical unethical entity that does not care to present withdrawal and deposit requirements. Therefore, we do not know the payment methods that clients can use. Given the entity’s nature, they will most likely not allow customers to issue a chargeback.

The least amount of funds that you can deposit is $250. The venture does not discuss the fees that clients have to pay. Ponzi schemes leave out this information so that they can exploit traders. The time that it takes for Loowire Global Limited to process a withdrawal is also not mentioned.

LoowireFX is a hazardous investment scheme that we suggest traders avoid. The entity doesn’t intend to release the funds of investors. Moreover, they are not governed by any rules.

Loowire Global Limited Regulation Status

The broker proclaims that it is offering investment services legally to investors. They even state to having a license from ASIC, CySEC, and FSCASA. The Australian, Cyprus, and South African regulatory body does not have Loowire Global Limited in their database.

Therefore, this is an unregulated company. The scheme is also targeting investors from the UK. The venture does not segregate funds of investors. It is almost certain that the money goes to the con artists’ accounts. You cannot recover it once they have exited the industry.

LoowireFX does not report its daily trading activity to the authority. Therefore, they can easily manipulate trade without facing the consequences of their action. Legit ventures will adhere to and report their opening and closing orders to the regulatory bodies.

The scheme is also operating discreetly. Your funds are at great risk with this Ponzi scheme. Unregulated brokers can violate their terms. Considering that the venture does not have sufficient information on deposit and withdrawal, you are better off without them.

Loowire Global Limited Clients Feedback

We find it strange that Loowire Global Limited displays several awards that they have won. The entity has also been in the market for 15 years. Hence, it is odd that nobody endorses their services. There is no proof that this is the best forex trading entity in the industry.

Legit companies usually have a high number of traders that recommend them to the public. We can’t also spot a single review from clients of LoowireFX. The domain is still young, and the venture should not call itself a reputable firm.

Scammers usually pay people to endorse them. These individuals have not used the services of the venture. They will defraud innocent traders that fail to double-check the information provided. The Ponzi schemes then end up exiting the market, leaving clients high and dry.

Final Verdict

Loowire Global Limited is determined to be relevant and deceiving as many people as they can. The entity is operating illegally and accepts traders from countries that have strict rules for investors. The entity does not care about the safety of its customers.

The team that the venture presents is another ploy to get the attention of traders. The scheme is dangerous, and they will soon be out of business. Faking their history is another proof that you cannot trust this broker.

Invest with veritable forex trading companies that are viable and legit. Companies that have a license are trustworthy and cannot exit the market when times get hard. You need to choose a venture that can wither the volatility in the market.


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