Lplcapital Review: A Blacklisted Broker

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Lplcapital Review
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Unfortunately, they are not processing the withdrawal request. This is a huge red flag that you should not take lightly. Avoid as their services are unprofessional.

Lplcapital is an investment company that you should stay away from. The company has already acquired multiple negative reviews from its clients. Joining them will only lead to futile results. The company claims that it holds the future of online trading.

Lplcapital Review, Lplcapital Company

Once you join them, you can only expect positive returns. The broker is allegedly equipped with all the necessary materials. Additionally,  they have mastered the technique of trading due to many years of experience.

The company presents its clients with an opportunity to build their portfolios. You also stand a chance of improving your trading experience. The broker is trading CFDs and Forex. They have over 1,000 trading assets that one can explore.

Moreover,  the broker also sends trading signals to all their customers. The platform customized several features and provide live charts. This does not change the fact that you are dealing with an unlicensed investment company. The entity does not offer fund safety to its customers. Review

Lplcapital entices customers with the promise of charging them no fees or commission. They also guarantee a wide fixed spread. Additionally,  there is also an educational opportunity. We cannot verify whether their educational materials are of high quality.

In most cases, you find that scam company doesn’t care about the experience their customers get. The customer support is dedicated to helping those that may experience any problem. However,  once things turn out, south Ponzi schemes usually leave their clients to help themselves.

Lplcapital is not a regulated investment platform. Therefore,  the entity is not operating by the law. The entity lacks transparency. Their claim to have qualified personnel is unverified.

The promises that this broker makes are all null. A time shall come when the firm realizes they’re not receiving money from their customers. The venture will have no other choice but to close down its business. Your money will be trapped in their system, and you cannot recover the lost amount.

Instead of wasting your time with this exposed scam, you can use these verified forex trading companies. The brokers have been tested. Their customers ascertain that you will get real-time results.

Customer Support and Client Feedback

The customer support allegedly operates around the clock helping investors with any challenges that they may experience. Unfortunately, we find this hard to believe because you can only reach them via email or fill in the contact form.

Lplcapital features an office address that indicates they are operating from Switzerland. The entity may be faking its original location to attract more victims. The venture is involved in illegal activities. Hence, they wouldn’t blow up their cover as the authorities would put them behind bars.

The lack of a phone number eliminates the possibility of customers disturbing the scammers. The chances are that the platform will never check the email of traders. It is therefore impossible to resolve any challenges that you encounter.

Lplcapital Trading Accounts 

Lplcapital has three trading accounts. The micro package allows investors to deposit $250 as startup capital. Some of the features you can expect are 10% ROI,  live sessions,  24/5 customer support services,  trading signals, and basic market instructions.

The classic account requires a deposit of 1500 dollars. It has an advanced market introduction. Trading signals are sent to clients. It has a 40% bonus and an advanced live session with the expert trader. The swaps and spreads are also flexible.

The Lplcapital Silver account has the majority of perks.  The clients enjoy a free withdrawal process and a 75% bonus. You will also receive expert trading instruments as well as a customized business plan. You also stand a chance of getting a live session with the head analyst.

Traders also enjoy an individual risk management plan. The more funds you deposit, the greater the reward. However, we do not recommend this company to the members of the public. This is because their investment plans are worthless.  Additionally, for you to deposit the bonus, you need to attain an unrealistic trading volume. Read their Terms and Conditions to avoid any surprises.

Trading Conditions of Lplcapital

The leverage that the platform is offering is that of 1:200.  Considering that the company is blacklisted by a reputable financial body in the industry, we do not recommend traders accept such risky terms. Review, Accounts

Lplcapital avails a web-based trading platform. The features are undesirable, and the venture is using third-party trading charts. It is possible that the company is not involved in any trading activities.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that one can withdraw from the account is $250. We find this unfavorable to many traders. Legit investment companies will allow you to cash out whichever amount that you please.

There is also an application fee of $35 for credit cards and $50 for bank transfers. Any other method that you use to withdraw will undergo a charge of $25. Lplcapital does not have any intention of releasing your money. They have an undeposited fund policy whereby they can withhold your money without any explanation.

Customer Feedback

Lplcapital has a lot of people who claim to have lost money to venture. You should learn from the negative reviews the broker has received. You must always check what other people have to say regarding an investment scheme.

Traders are warning other investors who might be want to join this entity to refrain from doing so. The majority of investors have been introduced to this company by their friends. We believe that the company is an affiliate venture that is targeting novice traders.

Unfortunately, they are not processing the withdrawal request. This is a huge red flag that you should not take lightly. The scammers tend to pay random people to leave positive feedback even when they have not used their services or products.

Therefore,  you should not easily trust everything that you read online. Some of the information is manipulated by the con artist.  We always recommend that you check for endorsement on a third-party website.

The Domain Insight is a broker that has a shady domain name. The company is less than a year old in the market. Nonetheless, the month they have been in the industry is enough to provide verified trading results. Unfortunately,  this being a Ponzi scheme, they can’t provide such data.

The traffic that is visiting this website is wanting. The broker does not have many audiences, and they globally rank at 7,756,342. It is not known the geographical location that the majority of their customers come from.

Regulation and Registration

Lplcapital Is the company that has proven to provide false information to favour their illegal scheme. The broker claims that it is operating from Estonia. They even brag about having a licence from this government. However, we did not find this company on the watchdog’s database.

The company does not have a license from Switzerland. It is one of the serious regulatory agencies in the world. They are also on the FINMA list of unregulated ventures. Investing with a blacklisted platform puts you at greater risk.

Lplcapital does not offer fund safety to their customers. The platform does not segregate funds of traders in separate accounts. Stay away from this hazardous investment platform.

Final Verdict

The red flags that we have discussed in this review are enough to keep you off Lplcapital. The entity is a waste of time. You are better off without this broker as your trading partner.

In the meantime, check out these reputable forex trading companies. Their outstanding accomplishments set them apart from the rest of the brokers. Try them today!


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