LTM Trade Review: Self-Regulated Firm

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There are no experts involved in LTM Trade. The company is only trying to win over traders. They even claim that there is an account management analyst. Be careful not to trust the wrong people.

LTM Trade makes a bold claim that it is a legit venture. It’s a severe offense to mislead investors. Given the nature of the scheme and the several red flags, there is not a single regulatory body in the market that would risk regulating such a losing scheme. Another red flag is that the scheme fakes its training history.

LTM Trade Review, LTM Trade Company

They claim to have been in the market since 1997. According to, the entity was registered in March 2021. This is still a new company. They have not established themselves. The domain name is expected to expire in 2025. We find it lame when a scheme stoops so low to use false data. 

Moreover, they do not mention using a different name. The dedication of this venture to remain anonymous is also baffling. LTM Trade is privately registered. Hence, we cannot get hold of the financial analyst, parent company (if any), or the account manager. Disreetnes is not permitted when it comes to financial investment. 

Trade wisely by venturing with prominent forex trading companies. These are brokers that do not intend on availing false information. They operate in full transparency and even have a license from reputable financial watchdogs. Review

There are no experts involved in LTM Trade. The company is only trying to win over traders. They even claim that there is an account management analyst. Be careful not to trust the wrong people. Other features that the entity brags about include; good spreads and promises vast leverage. 

The data of traders is not safe. The scheme can sell your personal information to con artists. It would help if you did not share your info with offshore firms. Refrain from doing business with the con artists. If you invest $5000, the firm promises a profit of $46K. Investment of $3000 yields $466K, while $1000 generates $35830.

The results that the venture have been vague. It is impossible to get such high profits within such a short duration. Scammers are the only people that will promise you such a high magnitude ROI. The scheme claims that it has 40 years of experience. Therefore investors trust them. The information is unverified. Moreover, we are yet to see anyone that has earned using this company.

The scheme features prominent exchanges and companies. They are trying to insinuate they have partnered with the entity. However, this is a shady scheme that no reputable platform would risk associating with the venture.

Trading Conditions of LTM Trade 

LTM Trade is managing the accounts of traders. Investors can trade indices, stocks, commodities, and forex. The entity does not have a history in the market. The platform in one section claims it is reputable in Europe. In another section, they claim to be prominent in Hong Kong. They are looking for traders from these two areas. Review, Features

Additionally, they are also eying for investors in Australia and Cayman Islands. The broker claims investors will use MT4. However, it turns out that there is no interface. Therefore, this Ponzi scheme does not deserve to refer to itself as a trading firm. The leverage that the entity advertises is 1:200. 

This ration is prohibited in the areas that they are accepting traders from. The European Union regulator only allows a 1:30 limit. This is another confirmation that LTM Trade is an illegal scheme. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity fails to disclose the least amount that traders can deposit. The Bronze account set a limit of $1999. This is a lot of funds to cash in. They have not established themselves, and we cannot see a client that has successfully cashed out their money. 

LTM Trade does not have Terms and Conditions. This is an essential legal document that binds the company to clients. In case

Does LTM Trade have a License?

The scheme claims it has a 20 years license. In all the countries that the company claims to be operating from, they are not regulated. We checked on the FCA (the British regulator) and CySEC (Cyprus body) database. Sadly, we did not find LTM Trade on the list.

Therefore, this proves the platform is an illegal venture. Nonetheless, the entity is bragging that it is operating legally. This is a scam that will not compensate traders when it leaves the market. Additionally, the company is not reporting its reading activities to any regulator. The fact that there is no trading platform proves the scheme may be manipulating the results of clients.

Legit investment schemes work with reputable financial institutions. They segregate funds in separate accounts. Therefore, the broker cannot misuse funds. Genuine firms also operate in full transparency. It will be hard for the authority to help when the venture exits the market. You are only going to lose funds if you leap of faith with LTM Trade. 

LTM Trade Contact Details

LTM Trade allegedly has offices in; United Kingdom, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Cayman Island, and Cyprus. The addresses are fake. Con artists can never disclose their actual operating area. They will leave you high and dry.

The venture has only displayed the above address to appear like a transparent scheme.  The phone number will not go through when their system collapses. Additionally,  the email that you send will never see the light of the day. Therefore, to avoid all these adverse outcomes look for a genuine entity. 

A legit venture will avail their actual office address. They will also hire a professional team to handle the queries of traders. Some even have a social media presence, and you could interact with them. 

Fund Safety

Does LTM Trade grant investors fund safety? This is one of the worries that investors have. Unfortunately, if you invest with this platform, you will not get the security of funds. Their anonymity is one of the indicators. How can you trust people that you do not know with your information and money? It is unwise and wrong. 

The entity is operating in strict areas. However, the scheme does not care about clients. They do not adhere to the set guidelines that the bodies have put in place. It is also essential that you know the experience of those that have invested with the scheme before. 

Sadly, in the case of this Ponzi scheme, they do not have testimonials. We performed thorough research in the hope of getting this information. Unfortunately, we did not find anything. There are also no trading results. This is because the scheme is not trading. Moreover, this is a desperate entity. They even fake their history in the market.

The company has only been in the industry for less than a year. This is no excuse to operate as they please. Trade wisely by avoiding ambiguous offshore schemes. 

Final Verdict

LTM Trade is not regulated. The entity is carrying on their trading activities as they please. This is an offensive scheme that will soon be out of the market. Investing with them will only lead to making huge losses. They do not even have trading software. Anonymous offshore firms are dangerous. 

Invest with some of the genuine and best forex trading firms in the market. These are entities that want the best for their clients. Their performance is visible to all. Invest with them today.


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