Majoroi Review: a Baseless Broker

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Majoroi claims its serves are available in 78 countries. The big question is, does the platform have a license to operate in these jurisdictions? Sadly, there is not even a single regulatory form in the platform. Therefore, they are conducting their business illegally. Trade with regulated platforms only.

Majoroi claims it provides unlimited access to digital investment opportunities.  It is allegedly among the leading trading companies in the market. Nonetheless, this is a bold claim coming to a broker that was recently launched. 

Majoroi Review, Majoroi Company

The firm assures investors it shall avail all the necessary material to investors. The platform claims it has the best trading tools and several assets. If you need to boost your accuracy and performance, you should not join the trading partner. 

We have enough reason to believe is operating in a shady manner. The platform does not have a license, and this is a big red flag. Offshore ventures disregard the set rules of the financial bodies. They will defraud you and leave the market only to come back using a different domain with a sweeter narrative. 

The suspicious broker states it operates in full transparency. However, the entity lacks the decency of introducing its team. Therefore, we do not know the qualifications that the people handling investors’ funds possess. For all, we know they may be unqualified. 

Investors should take their safety of funds seriously. Majoroi allegedly is a secure venture. However, the company doesn’t disclose the financial institution it uses to segregate users’ funds. The money you deposit is at high risk of being lost. Review

The entity boasts its executive fast trading system. Clients can expect real-time prices and a tight spread. They are accepting both novice and expert traders. Sadly, you will not find a professional trader wasting their time in a bogus offshore company like Majoroi.

The venture states that it helps investors to trade successfully. You can utilize the opportunity to diversify your portfolio. The company brags it has won over 11 awards. However, they leave out essential information like the organizations that credited these titles or what they are recognized for. We believe this is a false statement.

Investors need to register, verify their accounts, deposit money, and start trading. Investing with is an unwise decision. They will not help you in the trading experience. The broker will detriment your peace of mind.

Trade with some of the leading forex trading entities in the market. These are entities with unbearable reputations. A transparent scheme is all you need to start trading successfully and earning passive income.

Customer Support

Majoroi brags it has a responsive and professional support team. Traders can reach them 24/5. The broker features its office address that shows they are operating from Hong Kong. The venture also states it has an office in London. There are two phone numbers, one with a UK code. 

You can also reach the firm via email. The entity being ambiguous can exit the market without notice. Offshore firms tend to treat their clients unprofessionally. They do not respond in time.

Regulation Status of Majoroi

Majoroi claims its serves are available in 78 countries. The big question is, does the platform have a license to operate in these jurisdictions? Sadly, there is not even a single regulatory form in the platform. Therefore, they are conducting their business illegally.

The broker claims it has a license from Seychelles financial body. R Capital Group Ltd is indeed a licensed firm. However, this should not create the impression that Majoroi is truly a genuine company. 

An investment platform only needs to pay capital of $50K for them to acquire a license. The amount is not used as security, and the financial body of this country is lenient. Furthermore, this scheme allegedly claims to accept traders from the UK and even to have offices in the country. 

Unfortunately, Majoroi does not have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. They are unreliable and shouldn’t offer their services in any EU country. Client Testimonials

Majoroi features several testimonials on its website. The information shows that this is a reputable company. The support team is apprehended for always being there and resolving the issues instantly. 

There is also one review from one individual that claims to be an expert trader. The statement indicates that the broker has top-notch trading tools. He is recommending the company to novice traders in the industry. Review, Testimonials

Nonetheless, we urge investors not to rely on the info that investment ventures avail on their websites, as these entities customarily use biased data to attract more victims. A platform cannot leave negative reviews, but it will utilize the space to market its activities. 

Majoroi is using stock images. If you want to know the real encounter of traders that have used a particular broker, we suggest that you read reviews from third party websites. Here the venture will not be able to manipulate information.

Investment Accounts 

Majoroi has 5 investment accounts. The minimum amount that one can deposit is 5,000 EUR. This is far beyond the standard market. The basic account does not charge trading fees. The withdrawal process takes 5 business days. The trading spread is 1.5 pips for most of the currency pairs. 

The Silver package has the same benefit as the basic account. The additional features are the withdrawal process takes 3 days to be processed. There are 3 analyst sessions, leverage of 1:30 and direct financing of 50%.

The gold account takes a deposit of 25,000 EUR. Clients can customize their accounts with the help of an account manager. The withdrawal is processed faster than in other preceding accounts. It only takes 24 hours. The firm advertises leverage of 1:100, which is risky and beyond what various financial watchdogs approve. The spreads are tight, being of 0.5 pips. The broker also offers online courses to traders.

The platinum accounts accept cash in of 100,000 EUR. Within 4 hours, the withdrawal request will have been approved. The leverage is 1:300, which is dangerous for rookie traders. You need the experience to handle such risks. It has a spread of 0 pips. Considering the reputation of this venture is in question, we do not recommend them.

The diamond account has several features like leverage of 1:500, a full educational program, a fast withdrawal process, and customized direct financing. One-click trading, daily accessibility to premium contests, a plan to manage your funds, negative account protection, and copy trading advantages. Nonetheless, you should not deposit 250K EUR in an offshore entity. Furthermore, they can violate their own contract leaving you high and dry.

Majoroi Trading Conditions

The broker speaks highly of the trading interface it provides. We were unsatisfied to see it only has a web-based platform. The software does not match the mighty MetaTrader. The leverage that the company offers is not what the UK body approves.

They are accepting funds via Bitcoin, wire transfers, Credit and Debit cards. You can cash out any amount that you please. Majoroi also has bonuses with stringent policy. You must trade an equivalent amount to your bonus inclusive of 30 times your deposit to be able to withdraw.  Their dormant policy is fair, and it starts taking effect after 12 months of inactivity. Traders must pay a $30 annual fee. Regardless, this is a dirty scheme that you should not grant the benefit of the doubt.

Final Verdict

Avoid murky investment schemes in the market. Majoroi is a platform that lacks fund safety for traders. Moreover, it is an offshore firm that is operating discreetly. Invest with some of the genuine forex trading companies that have licenses from reputable financial bodies. 

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