Mannatech Review: Is An Evolving Pyramid Scheme

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Mannatech is an MLM company that offers a variety of health and wellness products. Although has been operating for almost a decade now, it has changed a lot in the last few years. It keeps changing its business model every few years. Most of these changes are associated with the compensation structure of the company. In this article, you will get to know about the important aspects of that include its income structure, bonuses, and an overall analysis of its features.

Overview of Mannatech

Mannatech claims to be an innovative company that is offering a wide range of modern products that can help you in becoming healthier, fitter, and more beautiful. It has a long line of products in the medical and cosmetics industry. Moreover, the number and types of products offered by are continually expanding, which allows the company to meet the changing demands of the customers.

However, it is important to note that not many changes have been made in the product line of the company in the last few years. Instead, most of the changes have been linked with the affiliate membership and compensation structure. Since Mannatech has been operating for a number of years, it has managed to establish a loyal customer base. The company claims that the motivation behind their business is to keep offering the best products to its customers at an affordable rate.

How to Join Mannatech? is offering a number of packages that you can join to take part in the compensation structure of Mannatech. These affiliate packages are:

  1. Invest $99 to $170 for the Basic Pack
  2. Invest $500 for the All-Star Pack
  3. Buy the Premium All-Star Pack for $999.

These packages are different from each other in terms of the products that they offer and several income opportunities. entices the users by saying that the affiliate can make an entire career with this platform. However, these are very tall claims. The company has a very complicated compensation plan that keeps evolving every few years. It is very difficult for the affiliates to keep earning a significant amount of profits from Mannatech.

Compensation Plan of Mannatech

Like most of the other MLM companies, Mannatech also offers compensation through retail and residual commissions. Most of the bonuses benefit t he members of the All-Star rank. The website provides the following breakdown of the affiliate ranks:

  1. Qualified Associate
  2. Regional Director
  3. National Director
  4. Executive Director
  5. Presidential Director
  6. Bronze Presidential
  7. Silver Presidential
  8. Gold Presidential
  9. Platinum Presidential

Each of these affiliate ranks have specific criteria that you must fulfill to climb the ranks. For instance, to reach Platinum Presidential, you must recruit at least member on the Presidential Director rank or higher. Moreover, you have to maintain your own ranks and generate a considerable amount of sales in group volume.

Compensation for All-Star Packages

All-Star packages of Mannatech are comparatively expensive than the basic package. As a result, both of these packages offer more income opportunities. There are two ways to reach obtain the All-Star rank:

  1. Buy the package for $500 or premium one for $999
  2. Generate a massive amount of person volume in a given period.

The site dictates that you have to recruit 500 affiliates to be eligible for the All-Star rank. Moreover, you have to maintain your own group and personal volume to qualify for this premium rank. also mentions another package, Leadership Renewal Product Pack. However,  there is no further information about this affiliate rank.

Even it’s price is not provided by the company. It is possible that Leadership package was previously offered by the company and later discontinued. However, it is a mistake on the company’s part that they have not removed its name from the website.

Furthermore, the overall compensation structure keeps changing which makes it difficult for the affiliates to keep up with the evolving requirements. Moreover, it is challenging to make a final conclusion about the overall authenticity of the company. You should keep in mind that Mannatech is a pyramid scheme and ultimately, can only offer limited earning opportunities. If you are interested in earning maximum profits on your own terms, you should definitely consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies. Such companies are trustworthy because they provide efficient and quick services with the help of modern technology that you need to become successful in the crypto industry.

Sale Commissions

Retail commissions are an essential part of the Mannatech because it is essentially a pyramid scheme. Most of the MLM companies, including this health and wellness products company, is dependent on the retail commissions. Affiliates have to keep promoting the company’s products and making sales to earn profits.

According to, the retail commission are given on the basis of the difference between the actual price of the product and the price at which you sell it. This might seem like a good deal to some people. However, it is actually a very complex plan that will ultimately benefit only the owners of the company. It clearly wants to sell the products to the affiliates first who will then resell it to earn retail commission. The website also provides a phone number through which you can obtain a list of retail customers.

Commission for Recruiting Other Members

Mannatech encourages the users to recruit more people by promising them considerable amount of recruitment commissions.The website provides the following breakdown:

  • Members of the Basic Pack can earn $10 commission by recruiting another affiliate on the same level.
  • Affiliates of the All-Star Pack can generate $50 commission by hiring a member on Basic Pack. They can also earn $75 for recruiting an All-Star member.
  • Members of the Premium All-Star Pack can earn $100 commission by recruiting members of Basic Pack and All-star Pack. A $150 commission is promised to the members who recruit Premium All-Star affiliates.

Final Verdict About Mannatech

Before coming to the conclusion about Mannatech, you should know that it is not a traditional MLM company that will take your money and stop paying any sort of bonuses. However, it is a very complicated platform that has only managed to survive because it keeps reinventing itself every few years.

There are many aspects of the comepsnation structure that keeps changing. For instance, the previous premium package was at the whooping price of $3800. Now the maximum amount of money that you can invest in Mannatech is $999. Furthmore, the actual system of paying bonuses has also increased.


Yet, the income is highly complicated and tough. It is very difficult for the affiliates to earn considerable amount of money. The members have to be on their toes continuously to keep up with the evolving business model. Moreover, you will have to spend a lot of energy and time in promoting the products to earn retail commissions and convincing people to earn recruitment commission.

Therefore, if you believe that you cannot commit that much time, energy, and money to Mannatech, you should avoid buying its affiliate membership in the first place. Instead, you can invest in crypto cloud mining companies. These companies have state-of-the-art software and hardware needed to successfully mine crypto coins. Moreover, they offer flexible account plans that allow you invest as much money as you want. The crypto industry is continually rising and you will get a lot of opportunities to earn profits from cryto mining. 

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