Market America Review: Should You Buy Membership?

Market America
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Market America is a well-established MLM company that provides several products through its e-commerce platform. is delivering products all over the world. James Howard and his wife Loren Ridinger are running the company from North Carolina. This article discusses several aspects of Market America that will help you in making a smart choice to buy its affiliate membership or not.

What is Market America?

Market America is not like most of the other MLM companies that have suspicious origins. Instead, is a well-known platform that deals with different kinds of products. The company has partnerships with several other brands in industries like skincare, cosmetics, health and fitness, home and garden, and personal care. Such kind of partnerships allows Market America to sell hundreds of products on their website. It has been operating since 1992.

Domain Insights

According to the site analysis by Alexa, the majority of the website traffic is from the USA (78%). Taiwan (9%) is also a source of significant traffic. Even though Market American is supplying its products in many international countries, it is mainly targeting the USA market. The company is claiming to have its offices in Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Legal Issues

James Ridinger is the CEO of the company. In the early 2000s, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had issued warnings against Market America, particularly Ridinger, for violating the anti-fraud federal regulations and running unregistered distribution of’s products.

The issue was resolved outside the court as Ridinger settled the matter for $2 million that includes heavy fees, penalties, and interests. After the two years of the settlement, Ridinger bought all of the international shares of the company to avoid further controversies. Overall, Market America has a very strange reputation in the MLM industry as it is often a source of in one controversy or another.

How to Join Market America? associates most of its products with affiliate membership. The company is promising huge discounts and several income opportunities if you join its affiliate membership. Moreover, the affiliates will get access to their exclusive products. The basic package costs $129.95. On the other hand, the price of the Fast Start package is $399. According to the website, you can get access to exclusive products and services through the Fast Start Pack.


Market America is enticing the users to invest in its affiliate membership by offering numerous features. Most of these features revolve around presenting the company as some of a revolution in the e-commerce MLM companies. Some of the most well-advertised features are:

Reliable Products emphasizes the fact that you trust the quality and authenticity of the products sold by this company because it has partnerships with several renowned brands. It allows the company to get products right from the brands. However, the price of most of the products is actually very high, despite the claims that it is providing low rates. Furthermore, the affiliate members will have to buy the products at the market rate to sell it to the new affiliates and earn bonuses.


The site states that the affiliates are the backbone of Market America. Without affiliates, the company would not have been this much success. Unfortunately, it is completely true. Even though it is an e-commerce platform, the affiliate membership is the core of the business model. It has a serious disadvantage as well. The company would have a very high chance of collapse if its recruitment was to fall dramatically. Moreover, most of the products are accessible only after you buy the affiliate membership, so has limited its revenue sources itself.

International Operations

Market America is operating in several countries. Yet, it is still facing some legal issues. Despite the initial settlement with SEC, there are some reports that indicate that this company is still being investigated for fraud and possible violation of the regulations set for expansion into international territories. It means you cannot fully trust the platform.

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 Compensation Plan of Market America

The compensation structure of is divided into a number of different bonuses and schemes.

Retail Bonuses

Cashback and retail commissions are the top two ways of generating income from According to the website, the retail bonus is split 30 to 50% with the affiliate who successfully recruits another member. However, the company does not give further elaboration about the two different packages and what amount of retail commission you can earn by recruiting more members.

Market America

Residual Commissions of Market America

Like many other MLM companies, Market America also distributes residual commissions through binary compensation. An affiliate is the leader of a binary team, while two positions are under the affiliate. The first level has two positions. The second one has four positions in total, and so on. The company is supporting both direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. does not give an extensive breakdown of the compensation structure. Instead, it only states that once you generate a certain amount of profits, you will get a $300 commission. The website is providing most of the essential information about the company. Yet, the site does not provide compensation structure great details. A 22 minutes video is available on the website that describes the income plan, but it usually keeps repeating the same plan.

Final Verdict About Market America

Undoubtedly, Market America is not one of those MLM companies that just scam a large number of people and collapses due to lack of recruitment. Instead, it is a long-running MLM platform. It has managed to establish solid roots in the MLM industry in one way or another.

Most of the marketing of revolves around the exclusive products of the company. You can only access such products after buying its affiliate membership. It is quite surprising that it keeps mentioning exclusive products, and yet, never name any of such products. Such promises are mainly made to get the investment of the users. Furthermore, you have to remember the fact that this company was warned by the SEC due to illegal international distribution. Even though the matter was resolved, it is important to remember it while making any investment decisions.

Since you have to recruit more people to earn any significant bonuses, you will find it very to keep convincing more people to join the platform. In short, Market America is not necessarily a scam MLM company. But, it is also not a reliable platform that can provide you with a steady flow of revenue. You will have to work very hard to earn any considerable profits from this company. Without any set target of recruiting affiliates and very restricted opportunities to climb the ranks at Market America, you are not likely to enjoy working at this company.

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