Market Pro Trade Review: a Dirty Scam

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Market Pro Trade Review
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Market Pro Trade requires traders to provide an ID for them to verify your information. We do not recommend sharing such critical materials with them. This is because the platform can use the data against you.

Market Pro Trade is an illegitimate broker. Nonetheless, the venture claims clients can trade from anywhere; in the car, on the plane, or even on the base to your way home. The entity allegedly has the answer to your question. They market their trading conditions as the best.

Unfortunately, we have enough reasons for you to avoid this platform. Please stick with us as we expose this Ponzi scheme. The company is targeting investors from Europe without acquiring a license from the relevant bodies.

Market Pro Trade Review, Market Pro Trade Company

Moreover, Market Pro Trade brag having multiple clients across the globe. The desperate company falsely claims to adhere to the rules of the government. This is a desperate move to acquire the attention of clients. Nothing positive can come out from such a dirty firm.

The company state that it uses technology to achieve success. The security measures the platform claims to exercise are invisible. The entity fails to disclose the bank that it uses to segregate clients’ funds.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that have a trading history. The platforms have been in the market the longest. You will sleep better knowing that your security is taken care of. The legit client feedback from their happy customers shows that this software is genuine. Review

The registration process allegedly only takes 5 minutes. Market Pro Trade requires traders to provide an ID for them to verify your information. We do not recommend sharing such critical materials with them. This is because the platform can use the data against you.

Identity theft is a serious crime. Considering that the venture is operating anonymously, you cannot report them to the authority. We couldn’t meet their requirements as we are aware this is a scam. Hence, we cannot verify whether the listed payment methods are working.

Market Pro Trade brags it has over 120 assets. They also claim to have the best informative system. All their customers can access educational materials. They also have an award-winning support team. Never trust an offshore entity. Their information is only meant to serve their greedy needs.

We don’t know the trading technique that the platform is using. You are better off without this entity as your trading partner. The testimonials that the broker has been fake. We would love to see their audited trading performance. We cannot rely on bogus statements from discreet people.

Market Pro Trade Clients Review

Market Pro Trade has several positive reviews in TrustPilot. The monitor of this platform is not strict, and you might end up making the wrong judgment. Nevertheless, the review suggests that the company is the best with great opportunities for investors.

The only problem that they have is the customer support being a bit slow. Nonetheless, everything else is sound. The entity has a responsive interface that is easy to use. Members are recommending the venture to all.

We also learned from the information that the entity has over 1 million users. Currently, they are operating in 14 countries. Unfortunately, a broker without a trading history can’t acquire such a high audience. So this is a complete bluff.

Market Pro Trade also has educational materials that available for rookie traders. The venture is being praised for having the best security protocol. Our main problem with the company is that the individuals who have left the statement behind are anonymous.

They are no profile pictures, link to social media accounts, or evidence of payment. The performance of the broker is unverified. We cannot recommend such a murky business to traders. Often you find dirty schemes paying random people to review them.

The Trading Conditions of Market Pro Trade

The trading platform of Market Pro Trade is inaccessible. They claim to have a web-based interface and MT4, but the links are non-functional. The leverage and spread available for the forex traders are also left out. The account dormancy policy is also not there. I\

Withdrawal and Deposits

The payment methods available for traders include; Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, UnionPay, and Bank Transfers. Apparently, none of the above-mentioned methods appear to work. Therefore, the company uses other shady payment options.

It is impossible to recover your funds with such a scheme. You will have to contact support. The only safe payment is via bank card. You can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days. Invest wisely and trade with the best brokers. The least amount that you can cash out is $50. The process takes up to 3 days.

Customer Support and Contact Details

You can contact Market Pro Trade via email or phone. The address of the company is at St Vincent and the Grenadines. The infamous area hosts some of the giant Ponzi schemes in the industry today. Once you come to encounter an investment firm with this entity, we suggest you avoid them. Review, Market Pro Trade False Testimonials

Moreover, entrusting your data to them exposes you to severe danger. They can cold you even after they exit the market. Con artists invade the privacy of their clients. But, unfortunately, their deals are also irresistible.

The communication between fraud and customers is unethical. They perfectly know that traders cannot do anything to reach them. Therefore, they disconnect their calls to avoid disturbance. Instead, invest with a company that provides an actual address. The one you can visit their offices whenever the need arises or call them.

Market Pro Trade Regulation and Registration

Market Pro Trade is neither registered nor regulated. The broker nonetheless claims it complies with the EU rules. They have a license from ESMA. Sadly, this offshore platform operates in the European Union illegally. The con artists behind the entity ought to be put behind bars.

Furthermore, the broker has not met the adequate capital that the body requires the investment firm to have (730K EUR). Therefore, you won’t receive any compensation once the venture exits the industry. Additionally, the Ponzi scheme does not report its financial activities to the agency.

You can expect the worst trading conditions from them. Shady platforms tend to inflict hidden charges on their customers. They lack transparency without having a corporate they answer to, and the financial officers and account manager qualification is undisclosed.

You cannot get the best trading outcome when you trust the wrong broker. Market Pro Trade is based in SVG the country does not monitor online investment companies. The authority stated to the public some time back. Therefore, investing with an offshore firm limits you from enjoying fund safety.

Market Pro Trade does not segregate traders’ money in spate accounts. Therefore, we highly recommend you avoid them. Instead, choose a licensed crypto trading platform that is genuine and transparent.

The Domain Insight

The company is a green investment scheme. The registration happened in January 2021. Despite trying very hard to cover up their dirty activities, we still uncovered them. Their time in the market is enough to prove there are involved in investing. However, we are asking for too much from an exposed scheme. Their traffic is also low. Currently, the location of their target audience in Europe.

Final Verdict

Market Pro Trade is not a reliable broker. The platform has several false reviews from its customers. We cannot detect investment services or products from them. They don’t even have a trading platform that proves that this is a useless entity.

Moreover, the withdrawal and deposit requirements are also limited. Here is a list of transparent cryptocurrency investment ventures. You can generate passive genuine returns with them. Sign up with them today! Happy trading as you avoid


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