MarketCFX Review: Is this Broker Worthy Investors Trust?

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MarketCFX also has bonuses for its customers. Stay away from these offers because the requirements are ridiculous. Regulated platforms do not offer such lucrative offers. Why not look for a better investment scheme in the market that will generate funds for you.

MarketCFX is an investment venture that claims it will assist investors in their trading. The platform brag about being innovative and a profitable solution to investors. Additionally, they promise a groundbreaking experience to their clients.

The entity claims that its website was initially designed to help investors boost their trading skills. Once you join the entity you stand a chance of trading Forex, and CFDs. You can also execute trade instantly.

Unfortunately, this is a losing scheme that will leave you high and dry. The firm is also allegedly offering educational services to its clients. It claims that it avails multiple resources to its clients. There are eBooks, videos, and webinars.

Nonetheless, we cannot determine the quality of education which this broker is availing of. Instead of wasting our valuable time in this losing venture, it would be best to look for a better alternative in the market.

There are multiple investment forex trading companies in the industry that are regulated. Your money is safe with these brokers and you are rest assured that you won’t be scammed. Invest wisely and protect yourself. Review

MarketCFX brags that their liquid providers are reputable companies like Barclays. Unfortunately, this information cannot be verified and we believe this is another ploy to win over investors. The firm is allegedly using cutting-edge technology to generate its wins.

The broker is not transparent and we still do not know the people that are running this entity. The financial offices and managers are not credited for their great work. The platform is operating in full anonymity which is a big red flag.

MarketCFX Review, MarketCFX Company

MarketCFX state that it uses multiple trading tools. Moreover, clients can use their phones or laptop to trade. The broker brags that it is one of the reputable platforms in the world. Sadly, their low traffic disagrees with this notion.

The company also boasts that it has over 1000 financial assets to offer its customers. However, there is no evidence of trading activities taking place in this nasty scheme. They also claim to have a leverage cap of 1:100 for their customers.

MarketCFX assures investors that they are at the right place. The biggest mistake that you can make is to trust this anonymous firm with your information. The survival of this platform is uncertain and they will leave many high and dry.

The trading Conditions of MarketCFX

MarketCFX uses a web-based trading platform. It is a common interface that most scammers are using. It is easier for them to manipulate data and to deceive their clients that they are winning sales while the reality is they are losing.

Traders should not settle for less. Instead, you should only trade with investment firms that provide the MetaTrader4 AND MetaTrader5. You will have the advantage of trading with multiple tools.

MarketCFX offers their clients a spread of 1 pip. However, this being a scam it is best to look for another alternative. Their leverage also raises eyebrows because it is beyond what most financial watchdog permits.

Withdrawal and Deposits

MarketCFX is allegedly accepting funds via Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire transfer. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this venture is $250. The listed methods are not what this entity is using.

Traders can only deposit via PBS, iPaytotal, Itez, Octapay, and Cardpayz. All these will not allow you to issue a chargeback. Some of them we have never heard of them. The entity is not hiding the fact that they are shady.

The irony does not end there. MarketCFX allows investors to only cash out a minimum amount of $250. It is an outrageous requirement. Legit brokers allow you to cash out as low as $1. Moreover, the entity is also charging a fee of 0.5% or a minimum of $30 for every withdrawal.

The process takes up to 7 days. It seems like the company has no intention of allowing their customers to get their money back. The inactivity period starts from 3 months of dormancy in your account.

Furthermore, MarketCFX also has bonuses for its customers. Stay away from these offers because the requirements are ridiculous. Regulated platforms do not offer such lucrative offers. Why not look for a better investment scheme in the market that will generate funds for you.

Customer Support

MarketCFX proclaims that it has the best customer services in the world. Their support team is available 24/6. Additionally, they can also speak in multiple languages. The platform is targeting traders from all over the world.

The broker fails to provide the essential information that can be used to gain the trust of investors. Furthermore, this platform is still new in the market. Therefore, they have not built a name for themselves.

MarketCFX Review, MarketCFX Contact Details

Expert traders are very keen and you won’t find them wasting time on such a platform. We always recommend that you research before depositing your hard-earned money in any financial investment platform. It will save you a great number of funds.

The entity claims to be based in Ireland and even features a telephone number on its website. Unfortunately, we do not know their real address. It is most definitely an offshore firm that you should stay away from at all costs.

MarketCFX Regulation Status

MarketCFX is a company that states it has a high-security policy. The platform brags that it segregates the funds of their clients in top-tier accounts. Their website is also encrypted and they have an SSL certificate.

Unfortunately, this does not mean much. The people that you should be scared of are the ones running this website. First of all, this company is not licensed by any reputable investment firm in the market.

It has become a norm for fraudsters to use false information to mislead traders. For novice traders, we urge you to check if a firm is regulated. You can search for their name in the database of famous financial watchdogs in the market like FCA, CySEC, NFA, ASIC, etc.

These regulatory bodies protect their citizens against dealing with scammers. There are several pros that come along with dealing with a transparent entity. Additionally, you also have the guarantee that these ventures will not exit the market leaving you devastated while you need them the most.

The Domain Insight is an investment firm that is privately registered. Therefore, it is not possible to know the people that are managing the company. The platform was registered in September 2020. They only plan to be in the industry for a period of one year. Unfortunately, the location of their clients is currently not known. The website also has very low traffic.

Final Verdict

MarketCFX is a platform that has no intention of helping investors earns income. They are targeting investors from Bulgaria, and Russia. Unfortunately, they are not regulated which is a big red flag. Moreover, the company is also blacklisted by CONSOB financial body.

Moreover, no benefit comes from trusting this venture with your funds. We have constantly warned investors against dealing with unlicensed companies. Once they exit the market they will come back using a different name.

Invest only with the best forex trading brokers that are reputable and legit. The customer support of these entities is responsive and reliable. You can reach whenever the need arise and you will get your issue resolved.

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