Marketcryptokings Review: A Desperate Broker

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MarketCryptoKings Review
  • Fund Safety
  • Regulation


Regulated platforms showcase a lot of transparency, and this explains the murkiness shown by MarketCryptoKings. Any regulatory body does not recognize the company. Hence the founders hide their data to avoid criminal prosecutions.

MarketCryptoKings is an offshore forex broker that promises investors the best forex services. They urge traders by joining the investment firm you become part of the 200000 top investors. However, to find out if the company is legit, we did thorough research on the company.

Hence if you had any plans of investing in the company, we would suggest that you hold that thought. In this unbiased review, we focus on some of the red flags MarketCryptoKings expose and why your funds are at great risk. Even so, you can consider investing with legit forex brokers that are transparent in their style of operation, and that use tried and tested strategies.

Moreover, scammers tend to operate in a similar likelihood. There are no guarantee MarketCryptoKings will operate any differently. Also, they claim that the software is easy to use and maneuver. Furthermore, the web page lacks a lot of relevant data that you can count on. You will constantly get phone calls with interesting bonuses and highly unattainable profits.

Please do not fall for any of the offers because once you deposit funds, that’s the end of business between you and them. Additionally, your details may end up getting blocked from accessing any of the services they offer. MarketsCryptoKings does not provide any data that shows how the software operates and whether or not you can rely on it. Automatic trading is greatly preferable to humans due to the inability to hold emotions. However, trusting the wrong tools may have a significant effect on your funds. Review

MarketCryptoKings does not reveal any information about the founders. The people behind the company are also not known, and this is a major red flag. The founders’ information is essential because it helps you know the kind of qualification the people you are in business with.

MarketCryptoKings Review, MarketCryptoKings Company

The risk of dealing with criminals who may not have single expertise in the niche is very high. Thus their only main interest is the funds that you deposit pop-ups keep appearing, but this is just an attempt to lure you into depositing funds. MarketCryptoKings main currency pairs are; USD/CNY, GBP/AUD, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP, USD/NZD, and USD/GBP.

They offer traders cash bonuses for every deposit that they make. Consequently, you cannot withdraw the bonus, and you have to trade before accessing your funds. Most expert traders will immediately notice the red flags they portray. In addition, if the company owners had no hidden agenda, they would openly reveal their data to traders.

How MarketCryptoKings Operates

MarketCryptoKings urges investors to use expert strategies and the possibility to start trading like a pro. There is no information on the experts either, and you risk using strategies that may only be directing you towards losses.

Also, investors get a trading mentor that will guide you to your success. However, traders can start making money with the ‘easy to use platform’ and gain access to more than 200 markets. In as much as they try to hide their murkiness, a lot of red flags are visible. They do not seem to have any trade strategies.

Pyramid schemes will promise you the world but without any approach.  The platform is accessible to users via download, and they claim that it is designed for success. Furthermore, how they achieve fast trade executions is unknown. Hence the anonymous founders may even be keeping funds in their personal accounts.

They do not feature any past trade results, and how you know, the estimation of the returns is unknown. Without past trade results for at least three months or more, it is impossible to determine the returns you will receive. MarketCryptoKings might only be attaining negative results; hence trusting such an investment firm is risky.

MarketCryptoKings Testimonials and Awards 

MarketCryptoKings showcases a trait that is very common among scammers. The use of stock images and names is visible in the investment firm. The page features images of happy investors seen to be thanking MarketCryptoKings for the services. Also, the profits they claim to have within a short time lacks any backup.

Testimonials are greatly preferable and create more trust with the company.  However, falling for the wrong testimonies may have a very significant effect on the profits that you make. Hence you may even be in great shock to discover that the peoples whose names have been used have no realization of the companies’ existence.

Additionally, they brag about winning various awards, such as Best new broker in 2014 and the fastest trading platform in 2017. This information has been made up because the awards are nonexistent. News spreads fast this day, and if they were really changing the lives of traders, they would be known for the incredible services. Also, the 200000 clients claim is an attempt to make them look like they are on demand.

Regulation and Customer Support

Regulated platforms showcase a lot of transparency, and this explains the murkiness shown by MarketCryptoKings. Any regulatory body does not recognize the company. Hence the founders hide their data to avoid criminal prosecutions.

The company may easily disappear with all your funds, and no way that you can reach them. Also, they may go against all the set trade guidelines. Therefore, it is illegal to generate funds from the public without regulatory data.

Additionally, they do not feature any contact support that you can use to reach them in case you have any queries. Scammers tend to hide their identity to prevent traders from reaching them once they swindle your funds.

Funds Safety

Several factors determine whether a platform is suitable enough to earn your trust. MarketCryptoKings showcases all the reasons not to trust the scam entity with even a single dime. They accept multiple payment methods: Bitcoin, Skrill, and wire transfer.

They do not feature any evidence of successful withdrawals made by traders. Consequently, they charge an additional fee of 3.6% on every withdrawal. The anonymous founders are the ones more likely to benefit from the company. They may be keeping customer’s funds in their personal accounts as no banking data is available anywhere on the website.

They also do not have any refund policy and once your funds are in their accounts, getting it back is close to impossible. Furthermore, there is no data on their trading style no demo account to familiarize with the software. 

Investment Plan

MarketCryptoKings features various investment plans that you can choose from and start earning profits. However, the plans are extremely costly, and the minimum investment amount is $250 and maximum up to $25000. Review, MarketCryptoKings Plans

Each plan gives traders contact support 24/6, daily market overview, education center, live trading webinars, daily analysis videos, and price alerts. They feature 4 plans; Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each plan features a dedicated account manager and personal trading strategies.

Nothing seems to make sense in accounts. The plans feature basic services that random, and there is nothing special about them. Also, they are extremely costly, and your funds are at great risk.

Final Verdict

MarketCryptoKings does not feature any reliable trading style that you can rely on. Moreover, they showcase so many scam traits that should serve as warning signs your funds are at great risk. There are legit forex brokers that you can count on and earn reasonable returns through their suitable styles.


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