Markets4now Review: A Professional Scam

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Markets4Now Review
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Markets4Now should not be trusted with a single coin from you. Mainly cause you will only be making the anonymous founders rich. Who is controlling the operations and funds is unknown which is also a major red flag. 

Markets4Now is an online service provider for Forex and CFDs trading. Our main concern however is it is legit. You can also earn from their affiliate marketing or choose to trade and make profits. The company is run and operated by Daviko Business limited. 

Meanwhile, as you continue to read this unbiased review on Markets4Now. There are trusted Forex brokers that you can count on to generate profits for you. While you lower the risks you may face while trading through the various risk measures in place.

They feature multiple trading tools and even boast of having won multiple awards. The platform is also suitable for technical traders. Moreover do not be so quick to fall for the sweet catchy phrases. 

You will only be creating opportunities to become a scam victim and cause damages to your funds’ account. The trading tools the company provides are not listed anywhere and this is a warning sign.

Markets4Now Review, Markets4Now Company

Markets4Now provides traders with an opportunity to explore, market depth, trade sentiment, and real volume.  You can also customize your experience by creating a watch list, downloading indicators and layouts to suit your trading desires.

Besides this information, there is no other data that helps us to understand more about the services rendered by The algorithm and software’s that are in use to generate profits is also hidden. The company boasts of being the best virtual trading platform for trading. We all know that if this information were facts then their recognition would be unquestionable.

Traders are assured of 100% account safety but without knowing the risk measures that are in place. This information can just be seen as a marketing strategy.  The sales page is poorly done and a lot of data has been left out that is very important to customers. Meanwhile despite multiple currencies to choose from their main focus is EUR/USD. Review is also suitable for newbie investors they have notes explaining forex. The content is not deep and only focuses on basic general knowledge. They offer very high spreads which may not suit day-to-day traders. They expose multiple scam traits that at first glance expert traders will avoid the platform at all costs. 

The founders of Markets4Now are anonymous. Therefore your account is not safe and your money and personal data may not be secure. Transparency is important in winning customers’ trust. You should never trust any company with a single coin if there seems to be any form of murkiness. 

Nevertheless, trading may sometimes involve sharing personal data. You would never wish for your details to fall into the hands of criminals. Hence you should only think of investing with transparent forex brokers.

Unlike most trading companies that will provide apps for trading. Markets4Now is only accessible through the web. Most investment firms that you can count on will give you access to a trading platform such as Meta Trader 5.

Markets4Now does not have a demo account to set up a winning strategy and fully understand the company. Consequently investing blindly may lead to massive losses of your hard-earned money.

Investment plan

Ponzi Schemes will always try all methods possible to lure you to deposit funds. The use of various accounts is common among scammers. Markets4Now has 5 investment accounts; Starter Account starts from $250, with more than 80 assets, no review, no trading signals, no training, and no economic indicators. Offered trades up to $50.

Standard Account starts from $1000 with trades offer up to $100. More than 120 assets, level one training, and no trading signals. The silver account starts from $3000 with similar features as the second plan. The only difference is level 2 training and trades start from $300. Also, the tradeable assets are 180+.

Gold Account starts from $10000. Trade offers up to $500, tradeable assets are based on demand, reviews daily and weekly, level 3 training, and similar features as the third plan. Platinum Account minimum amount is $50000 with the ability to contact your account manager. The plans are extremely costly and with no purpose of being so.

Funds safety

Markets4Now should not be trusted with a single coin from you. Mainly cause you will only be making the anonymous founders rich. Who is controlling the operations and funds is unknown which is also a major red flag. 

Scammers barely provide their details and you may only receive calls and messages urging you to deposit funds in their accounts. You may be given massive bonuses to attract you to deposit though you cannot withdraw the bonus. Scam Review, Markets4Now Features

They have multiple deposit methods: Yandex, Visa, Nasdaq, and MasterCard among others. For withdrawal, you have to make a request and await verifications. They will hold your funds or even block you from accessing any of the services they provide.

Furthermore, they do not seem to have any trade activities taking place. There is no data of past trade transactions they have successfully completed. Banking details are also important and the same is also missing in Markets4Now.  The anonymous founders and team of employees may be keeping money for themselves.

Customer Support

Trading is only successful with good customer relations and transparency. Market4Now has telephone support; +4202304076353 and email;

They also provide a location address; Second floor sound and vision house Rachel str Victoria Mahe Seychelles. However, the address does not have anything to do with Markets4Now. The website also features a section that you fill out with your details and query.

Markets4Now Regulation

Markets4Now is not regulated and your funds are not safe. The FSC in Seychelles is responsible for the regulation in the country. Does not recognize the company and this only means they are operating against the law.

Regulated forex brokers always showcase a high level of transparency. You can also easily find all the verifiable details in such like companies. 

Unregulated companies do not last for long in the market. They end up getting shut by authorities or they disappear with customers’ funds. The people behind the company know they risk facing criminal prosecutions and is the main reason behind being mysterious.

You can rely on regulated platforms to generate considerable returns and in case of an issue, you can receive fast assistance. Therefore you should avoid Markets4Now until they make the correct adjustments.

Final Verdict

Markets4Now is operating with a lot of murkiness and your funds are not safe. The founders do not know neither is their whereabouts.

Not only do you risk losing your funds’ scammers may use your details all for the wrong purposes. The plans are extremely costly without any suitable trade strategy. You will only be making yourself poorer if you blindly follow 

There is also no past trade history to show what we should expect while investing with them. In addition, they do not have a demo account to set up a winning strategy or familiarize themselves with the platform.

Therefore without regulation and founders’ information or any other legit data, we can rely on it.  Markets4Now is a company t be watchful for and warn your friends and family instead of benefiting from the affiliate commission that you may not get paid. Also, choose to invest wisely with transparent legit, and trusted brokers to earn pleasing returns.

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