Marketseco Review: Stay Away from this Broker!

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Marketseco Review
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Despite Marketseco being fraudulent, the venture claims customers will have exceptional trading experience. Traders are allegedly not charged a commission on withdrawal and deposits. Trade with transparent ventures that have the best customer support.

Marketseco is a company that once you visit their website you will see that it is not secure. Therefore, client data is not safe with them. Additionally, the platform attack the site. They cannot get an SSL or DDoS certificate what makes you think that the firm will generate returns for you.

The company claims that it has an MT4 trading interface that eases the trading activity of its clients. The entity allegedly trading activities are fast. The withdrawal and deposit process is also secure. However, you cannot rely on a shady venture to generate high returns for you.

Marketseco Review, Marketseco Company

Marketseco claims that its main objective is to meet the goals of investors. The platform is welcoming all classes of traders to join them. Novice and expert investors are promised a great experience. However, you won’t find veteran investors wasting their time with a losing entity.

The company also brags that it has several trading instruments. Despite them being fraudulent the venture claims customers will have exceptional trading experience. Traders are allegedly not charged a commission on withdrawal and deposits. Review

Marketseco assures investors they will not experience delays. slippages, or swaps. They also brag of having over 2100 instruments that are of high quality. Clients can trade Forex, Indices, Bonds, and Commodities. However, we highly suspect there is no trading taking place in this offshore firm.

They are offering currency pairs like SPXUSD, UKXGBP, NSXUSD. Additionally, the platform is also involved with crypto trading activities. Investors only need to have the passion to trade since the venture has all the necessary resources to make their dream come true.

Moreover, Marketseco clients can trade from anywhere using their WebTrader platform. The company however is an anonymous firm that fails to showcase the people dealing with investors’ funds. Additionally, it does not have a trading history.

The company also states that its support is always willing to help. All you have to do is complete the registration process. The platform that is managing the operation of this firm is Evolution Market Ltd. It also allows their existing customers to copy the trades of experienced investors.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are reputable. You can also read their happy clients’ reviews on third-party websites. Traders who join them will experience high-quality services. These firms are also genuine.

Trading Conditions of Marketseco

Investors need to deposit money at Marketseco to access the trading platform. Traders who join this firm will enjoy a leverage cap of 1:100 up to 1:500. This is beyond what the UK financial body approves. The entity purports to be based in the United Kingdom. Review, Review Features

The FCA permits their trustworthy firm to offer a leverage of 1:30. Therefore, this is clear evidence that this is not a licensed firm. The spread ranges from 0.2 pip to 1 pip. The spread is beneficial to investors. This does not change the fact that you will be dealing with fraudsters if you decide to test the waters with them.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Marketseco is a venture that claims investors can deposit funds using Visa, Neteller, MasterCard, Skrill, and Maestro. The broker has four trading account for their customers. The minimum amount that you can deposit at this firm is $100.

Despite this company featuring multiple payment methods, it appears you can only cash in using wire transfer. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get your money back once you deposit. The funds go straight to the fraudster’s pocket.

Traders account become inactive if there is not an activity performed for 12 months. You will be subjected to paying an annual fee of $25. Unfortunately, we do not know the minimum amount that you can cash out. The withdrawal method that is only available is for wire transfer.

Furthermore, Marketseco is also offering bonuses to investors. There are trading volumes that you must meet to be able to withdraw the money. These requirements are usually very strict. Moreover, you will not find genuine companies having such enticing deals.

Marketseco Customer Support

Marketseco offices are at 8gb Brewer Street, W1F gUR. Investors can contact the firm via email, filling up the contact form, or by calling. However, there are scammers who never care about their clients. The entity is taking advantage of innocent people.

They will contact you requesting more money. However, once you start making a follow-up on your investment the broker will stop being responsive. The company will treat you unethically. There will be nowhere to run to since the government does not license the entity.

Additionally, you cannot get hold of the people operating this scam because the location provided is randomly generated. Therefore, refrain from entrusting your funds to unknown people. Once the broker realizes there is no money coming into their system the firm will close down their business.

Regulation Status

Marketseco is a company that claims to be located in the UK. The broker needs to adhere to the rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is one of the renowned and reputable financial watchdogs in the market. The body ensures that its citizens are protected against fraudulent activities.

Moreover, Evolution Markets Ltd is not a genuine corporate. The platform is a clone of a legit venture that is licensed by the FCA. Using false information is a great offense especially when a platform pretends to be regulated. It is easy for the newbies to miss such details.

Marketseco is collecting funds from the United Kingdom, German, and Italy. Legit brokers in the UK must deposit a working capital of at least 730 Euros. Investors stand a chance of receiving compensation if the firm faces bankruptcy.

Moreover, traders’ money is segregated on separate accounts. Therefore, the funds cannot be used for selfish gains by the firm. Legit companies work with reputable financial institutions. They also have to report their daily activities to the financial watchdog. There are many reasons to stick to a platform that has a license.

The Domain Insight

Marketseco makes it appear as though it has been in the industry for eternity. However, this firm registration process took place in December 2020. It will expire in the same month the year 2021.

The short registration period shows that the broker does not intend to be in the industry in the future. The people managing their activities will shut down their operation the moment they realize there are no funds coming into their website.  The platform is also not getting many audiences.

Final Verdict

The assets which Marketseco is dealing with are very volatile. The platform is using generic information to entice potential customers. The company is no match for legit trading brokers in the market. It is not safe to venture with this firm.

Moreover, this entity is using false information to market its fraudulent activities. There is nothing great that will come from venturing with Marketseco. The broker does not care about their clients. It is also not located in the UK. The anonymity nature of this firm is baffling.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are transparent. These companies are worth your time and resources. You can view their trading history or read their happy clients’ feedback. Trade wisely and watch out for fraudsters in the market.


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