MarketToken Review: Avoid this Crypto Exchange

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MarketToken Review
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MarketToken is anonymous, and their location is not revealed. Giving such information would only make the authority come after them. It is only safe if the whereabouts of the venture are not disclosed.

MarketToken is a platform that accepts investors from all over the world. You can use your phone or computer to invest. Then it does not provide adequate information regarding how it operates. Nonetheless, it assures investors of speedy withdrawal funds.

Traders can also adjust the leverage to whichever limits suit them best. The platform promises nothing but profit to all customers. They do not mention the risk that comes with trading. One thing that traders should notice is the industry is unpredictable. Hence, it would help if you first focused on gaining relevant skills. 

MarketToken Review, MarketToken Company

MarketToken is mainly targeting novice traders. The entity has free bonuses for the rookie clients who complete the given assignment. Once you register, you must verify your email address to enjoy their services. The firm also requires you to verify your data to prove your address and identity.

We do not recommend sharing such information because scammers can manipulate you into depositing more funds or selling the data to a third party. The team has numerous red flags. It happens that some of the missions fed by the platform can only be accessed after you deposit funds.

There are no investment activities in this bogus scheme. The entity implies it is a crypto exchange. However, they are not on the coin market cap list. Entrusting your money to this platform will only leave a negative balance in your account. You should not give the entity access to your data or install any malicious software in your gadget. Review

The scheme was established recently, and it has not established itself in the industry. The likelihood of the company surviving in the market is slim. The website is not secure, and you should reconsider your decision to join the scheme. Cryptocurrency exchanges take the security of their platform seriously. They will have a particular protocol that you must adhere to, allowing them to be the leading schemes in the market. 

MarketToken does not have numerous crypto pairs compared to Binance. The individual behind the schemes did not do thorough research when running their business. If they did that, the website could have a professional touch. 

The majority of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry have information about their founder. It gives them an added advantage as investors are able to trust them. The moment you hit the deposit button you immediately lose access to your money.

How Does MarketToken Operate?

All scammers operate similarly. Their main aim is to gain the trust of their victim. However, you can quickly tell whether a company is genuine or not by performing a background check on the entity. There is helpful information online on how the companies operate.

MarketToken is anonymous, and their location is not revealed. Giving such information would only make the authority come after them. It is only safe if the whereabouts of the venture are not disclosed. They are helpful free content that you can use to educate yourself on how online investment works.

Only rookie investors are at high risk of falling for the lies of the con artists. Experts will see the red flags and refrain from doing business with the offshore schemes. The firm does not have a demo account that you can use to try out the trading interface. 

Trading Conditions of

The company copies popular exchanges platforms, but still, this is not enough to convince us con artists are not running the business. MarketToken does not have charts, trading tools or analysis options. Review, Features

MarketToken leverage for the available crypto pair is 1:125. Digital currencies are volatile, and you can lose a significant amount of money if you become greedy. The market allows leverage between 1,2 to 1.5. This is much safer than other options.

The firm does not qualify to call itself a trading entity. We do not know their terms and conditions, and they can choose to withhold all your money. There are numerous better options in the industry that you can try out other than wasting your time in a doomed scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit is 0.01 BTC. The amount ranges to $380, which is beyond the market standard. Exchanges allow traders to deposit as low as $2. However, what you should be cautious about is the trading fees of crypto exchanges. You can start with any amount that you are comfortable with.

MarketToken appears only to be accepting funds via crypto. Other companies take fiat money. It raises eyebrows on the authenticity of the firm. The fees on withdrawal are huge in comparison to other exchanges. 

For BTC withdrawal, the platform charges 0.0005 BTC. On Ethereum cash out, the fee is 0.008 ETH, while on DOGE coin, the charge is 20 Doge. The latter translates to $30, while the other coins are around $20. MarketToken is an exploitive venture. There is also an addition of 1% fee which we are not sure what it caters for. 

Regulation Status of MarketToken

Any government does not regulate digital currencies in the industry. This gives them an added advantage compared to fiat currencies. Several exchanges do not have licences from the regulatory bodies, but they have won the hearts of many investors.

It is essential that you only entrust your funds to reliable individuals. If you’re looking for licences exchanges, Bitstamp is one of them as the regulatory body of Luxembourg regulates it while FCA allows Coinbase to operate in the UK. 

Look for trustworthy companies that have lower fees and ideal conditions for customers. MarketToken lacks professionalism, and you can detect numerous grammatical errors from their terms and conditions. If they cannot afford to hire a professional copywriter, then the scheme is incapable of making you rich or even generating income in your account.

You have to go through various verification processes when registering in a crypto exchange. However, with this platform, it appears its only focus is getting hold of your funds. There are no security measures that the company has taken.

Contact Details and Customer Support

It is unbelievable MarketToken claims to be an exchange, yet it does not have contact details. The only way to reach the support is via email. This is not a convenient mode of communication for companies offering delicate services. Clients need assurance that their funds are safe, and in case of any shortcomings, they can reach the organization efficiently.

The leading exchanges in the market interact with their customers using various means. Live support, social media accounts, phone calls, and emails are some available options. Any company that does not care about user experience is unworthy of your time. 

MarketToken Clients Feedback

If you research the major crypto exchanges in the industry, you will mainly find their customers’ endorsements on third-party websites. You will learn a lot from your experience. From there, you can decide on whether to join the scheme or not. 

MarketToken does not have customers reviews or proof of payment. Therefore, it is impossible to believe in their cause or entrust your funds to them. Some fraudsters use false information by paying marketers to promote their business.

Final Verdict

MarketToken isn’t a reliable scheme, and you should not waste your time with the fake exchange. It appears no one has tried out their services. Additionally, the firm presents inadequate information regarding its business. We urge investors to be cautious when dealing with shady firms. Try out these genuine crypto schemes that are transparent and verified. 

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