Maxtradebitcore Review: Another Cloned Crypto Scam

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Maxtradebitcore Review
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Maxtradebitcore is another clone that targets naive crypto investors. Here’s what we found out in our thrilling review.

Here’s another cryptos scam to watch out for, Maxtradebitcore. The platform is a clone and a sister scam to FXProBitcore and Subfxcore. These three crypto scams have deceived thousands of crypto investors. And that’s why we have to expose them to protect our ardent readers. Unfortunately, Max Trade Bitcore uses the same scam tactics as the sister websites. So we urge that you stay away from Here’s what we found out in our exclusive MAXTRADEBITCORE REVIEW.

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About Maxtradebitcore

There’s nothing to write home about when investing with Maxtradebitcore. The platform is a clear copy of the other crypto scams. And this leads us to believe the websites belong to the same owner.

Maxtradebitcore Pros and Cons

There are hundreds of scams claiming to offer legit services for those new at investing. The trick is to nip tuck those that provide an advantage for investors. It would be best to find out those who want to take complete advantage of investors.

The platform in question doesn’t even have a reliable background. From what we gathered, the website is barely four months into existence. So the claim of having over five years of trading experience is false.

Most investors get lured in by the promise of daily payouts and high ROI. Max Trade Bitcore claims to offer over 98 percent ROI in hours and days. These are false claims targeting naïve investors.

There are a few traps on the platform that the naïve eye will likely fail to spot. And that’s where we come into play to highlight the issues found. The platform looks like a perfect way to earn a quick buck for newbies.

Experts recommend researching on a platform first before committing funds. Then, try and find out what makes a platform tick. In this instance, make sure to get the whole story from experts or the crypto community.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Maxtradebitcore

To find out whether a platform suits you, there’s a need to weigh the pros and cons. First, find out whether the platform in question intends to take advantage of you. If the cons outweigh the pros, you need to stay away.

Each platform will highlight the strong points to drive investors to sign up. Any platform claiming to make huge profit margins in days is a problem. The platform that also seems to guarantee profits is also another red flag.

When it comes to investing, most investors fail to realize that there are risks. With the markets being volatile, it makes it hard to guarantee profits. And that’s why you need a transparent platform. To help paint a clear picture of what investing is all about.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of;

Accounts and tiers Maxtradebitcore

To target different classes of investors, the platform offers three account types. We must mention that these three accounts are the same as the other scams. These include Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts.

Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;


The account seems to target newbies as it comes with a minimum deposit of $500. You get a promise of making over $3,000 with this account. There’s no mention of the available vesting period on each account.


For the gold account, investors must deposit a minimum of $1,500. There’s a guarantee of making $9,500 with the platform. The account offers more than 500 percent ROI; that’s insane.


The account is the most exclusive of the three. You have an account that also targets institutional investors. You have to make a minimum investment of $2,500. The account promises an ROI of $16,000.

Account attributes

Accounts Maxtradebitcore

There’s a clear intent from the platform to try and fool investors. None of these accounts offer a realistic way of investing in Crypto. No expert or robot can manage to achieve such a high fete. Moreover, market volatility makes it hard to achieve such guarantees.

You also get a platform making false claims about a short investment period. There’s no mention of the actual vesting period with these accounts. The least amount of days to invest in a genuine crypto investment is 90 days.

All of these point to a platform failing in its duty to offer meaningful investment. The platform will fail to provide comprehensive solutions to investors. These accounts are only used to lure unsuspecting investors looking for a quick buck.

What’s familiar with these accounts is that the setup makes them look legit. But unfortunately, the platform knowingly fails to mention essential features. And that means the platform is free to block withdrawals.

There’s also the issue of the platform claiming to offer trading accounts. We don’t see any features relating to trading. There’s no mention of available spreads or maximum leverage on trading assets.

Business owner

Despite the platform claiming to reside in the United States, there’s no business registry. The platform is a hoax and doesn’t give any information on the founding members. And that automatically makes an anonymous investment platform.

The problem with anonymity is that there’s no way of reaching out to staff members. These owners make it impossible to track them down. And that’s why recovering funds from such platforms is a problem.

Those who attempt to hire recovery agents lose more than they bargained for. These agents are part of the bigger scam. The agents make first contact as your information gets shared by the central platform.

Recovery agents will claim to have won a lawsuit against the platform. You have to cover legal fees to get part of the compensation. That’s not going to happen. Only regulators can manage to freeze bank accounts belonging to such platforms.

Client reviews and testimony

Are funds safe with Max Trade Bitcore? NO

There’s a client review section meant to drive investors into signing up. You can see that the very same people are on the other scams. Even the reviews are the same, just a few small changes to fit the bill.

You won’t find any independent website hailing the platform’s success. And that’s how you know the platform doesn’t have any credibility. There’s only discord when you check comments regarding the platform on social media platforms.

Contact and customer support

Despite listing a phone number, it rarely goes through. The platform limits members to written communication. You can only send an email and hope to get a response on time. Sadly, no answer is available, especially after sending a withdrawal request.

Daily Payout claims

The platform tries to fool investors by claiming to offer daily payouts. There’s even a withdrawal table trying to show investors withdrawal amount. However, we see that these addresses are unavailable. It makes it impossible to confirm these withdrawals using Blockchain.

Is licensed or regulated in the United States? NO

Deposit and funds safety with Maxtradebitcore

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer meaningful investments. Please stay away from the platform as segregation of accounts is not available. That’s why we don’t trust the platform.

Final verdict

Please stay away from or risk losing everything.

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