MCGregor Review: Warning! Keep off this Offshore Investment Scheme

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MCGregor Review
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Avoid anonymous offshore brokers that have weird requirements for their customer. These companies have one goal which is to defraud investors. Unless you want to test the waters and make loses proceed and make that blind move. Find regulated forex trading companies in the market.

McGregor is a suspicious entity that is not licensed by any government in the market. It is one of the biggest drawdowns that makes them untrustworthy. Traders who still proceed to venture with this organization will, later on, regret their decision.

The entity has also partnered with brokers that are offering automatic trading services. Investors will not get fund safety from this entity. We would suggest that you trade with the best companies. One of the things that you should look for is your security.

McGregor is using false information. The company is allegedly offering CFD and Forex trading services. Nonetheless, there are a number of things that we are not pleased with them. The platform is asking for a lot of money from its clients.

mcgregor Review, mcgregor Company

It is not right to exploit innocent investors. There are better brokers that do not require traders ro break a bank for them to trade. The location of this platform is another reason that makes them unreliable.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are genuine and trustworthy. You need to ensure that a platform is worth your trust before giving them your money. Ensure that you research and get the right skills. Review

MCGregor claims that it is among the best forex trading platform in the market. The firm states it has over 150 tradable assets awaiting investors to exploit them. The company was allegedly established on 2016.

The broker also brags that it is licensed by Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (VFSC). Unfortunately, this information is false. The firm is trading on its own accord without caring about its customers.

McGregor state that it is an international entity. The company states it provides high-quality trading opportunities. The firm is allegedly allowing investors to trade via phone or desktop. However, there is a lot that is missing from their website.

Invest with reliable companies that go a further mile to acquire a license. These are the best entities that are genuine. The brokers are flexible and efficient. Moreover, they also treat their clients professionally.

Avoid anonymous offshore brokers that have weird requirements for their customers. These companies have one goal which is to defraud investors. Unless you want to test the waters and make losses proceed and make that blind move.

Withdrawal and Deposits

McGregor requires investors to deposit an amount of 500. The money is very expensive and some of the traders might not be able to able to afford it. The company is accepting money using Wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, and Debit/ Credit card.

Since this company is not registered or regulated we advise you to deposit money using a credit card. This will allow you to issue a chargeback in case things go south. The wire transfers are not safe and you will not know who receive the funds.

McGregor also limits investors on the money that they can cash out. Investors need to withdraw $3000. It is a strange requirement one that you will not experience from a legit broker. Reliable entities will let you withdraw any amount that you please.

mcgregor Scam Review, mcgregor Features

Moreover, the company openly states that it does not issue a refund. Once you deposit money there is nothing that you can do to get your funds back. The inactivity period starts counting from 6 months.

Investors are subjected to paying 10% fees every month. Percentage payments are unfair to the investors. Legit forex trading entities will only charge 5 to 10 USD every month. The broker claims that it will have bonuses for its clients in the future.

Financial regulatory bodies are against investment companies offering such lucrative opportunities. In most cases, they have hidden information that is not accessible. Our best advice is that you refrain from engaging with this venture.

Contact Details

McGregor can only be contacted via email. Their location is at Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960. The company has their phone number on their website and email address. Investors can use these two methods to reach them.

Investment companies that are fraudulent only respond to their customers when it is convenient for them. Unfortunately, once you give them money and they realize that you do not have more. The broker will cut you off.

McGregor will no longer respond to your email. The entity is a dirty scheme that is located in an area that is not convenient. Investors cannot visit their office. Additionally, you cannot report them to the authority because they are anonymous.

There is no company that oversees the operation of this platform. It is important that you only deal with a reputable firm. Legit companies will respond in time and they treat their clients professionally.

McGregor Trading Conditions

McGregor is an entity that offers MT4 trading interfaces to its clients. The venture, however, appears to be experiencing some errors. The signup process is not easy. Multiple investment companies are offering MT5 and MT4 to their clients.

You should not hesitate to join legit ventures that have this wonderful and remarkable trading software. This is because they contribute to investors trading success. According to the information provided the company is offering leverage of 1:50.

There are no existing clients to show us whether the entity is indeed offering this cap. Nonetheless, McGregor also provides an opportunity for investors to trade at a leverage of 1:200. It is a risky opportunity especially for the

Regulation Status

The platform is based in an offshore location. How can you trust them with your money? The problem with these kinds of ventures is that they exit the market without giving notice. Marshall Island is one of the areas that have clearly stated that it does not license online investment ventures.

The company does not care about its customers. Invest only with a licensed investment platform that has been verified. You will sleep better knowing that your safety is a priority. Moreover, you should also not settle for firms that suspicious.

We searched for McGregor on various financial watchdogs databases in the market. Unfortunately, we were not surprised to find them missing. The entity is trying its level best to hide the fact that it is an illegal venture.

Trading with companies that are licensed comes with multiple benefits. Investors will receive remuneration in case a broker faces bankruptcy or experiences fraud. The platform needs to report its daily financial activities to the financial bodies.

Therefore, the entities cannot use the money for an unintended purpose. All you have to do is to research what other successful investors think about an entity. There are several investment schemes in the industry that are legit.

McGregor The Domain Insight is a platform that had been registered in April 2020. The broker lies about the time that it has been in the market. It implies that is a reputable venture that has been in existence since 2016. You should not trust them with your funds.

The company has an Alexa global ranking of 3,763,587. The traffic is not much and considering that this is a broker that is capable of proving false information it is best to search for a better alternative.

Final Verdict

McGregor is not a company that can trust the safety of your money. The entity is only interested in making money out of their clients. The company is not regulated and their address indicates that your funds are not safe.

Invest with legit forex trading platforms that are genuine and transparent. You are going to earn passive income. There are several scammers in the industry and you need to be cautious about them.


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