Megafxtrading Review: a Stupid Scam

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MegaFxTrading Review
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MegaFxTrading is a company that is targeting both rookie and expert traders. However, you will not find professional traders wasting their valuable time and resources in this bogus scheme. They are offering bonuses, and the regulatory bodies are against such lucrative.

MegaFxTrading is a sham investment platform. The broker is a clone venture that uses a typical method of copying trades from successful traders. The company does not have a license, which is why you shouldn’t waste funds with them.

The company is anonymous, which leaves a stain on its reputation. We do not know the qualification that the teams possess to guarantee successful investment. Once they decide to exit the market with your hard-earned funds, it won’t be easy tracing them.

MegaFxTrading Review, MegaFxTrading Company

MegaFxTrading does not have a fund safety policy. They are not working with a tier 1 bank. The cash you deposit is prone to high risk. The venture can face bankruptcy at any time, and the customers are the ones that will suffer.

The company advertises multiple assets; forex, commodities, binary options, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The venture does not have many audiences. Moreover, there is no proof of trading. The venture should at least publish their trading results to show us their performance.

You must conduct a thorough background check on a venture before depositing funds. Here is a list of the best forex trading companies that are genuine. The entities are transparent with a great reputation. Review

One of the key features that the broker brags about is having a top-notch education center. The firm claims that it provides eBooks, Videos, and Webinars. They also have economic calendars and quality trading tools. The scheme analyzes the market and updates, clients, on trending news.

MegaFxTrading is a company that is targeting both rookie and expert traders. However, you will not find professional traders wasting their valuable time and resources in this bogus scheme. They are offering bonuses, and the regulatory bodies are against such lucrative. The requirements that clients have to meet for them to cash out are illogic.

Do not be deceived by the attractive interface of the firm. There is more than what meets the eye. The venture is offering binary options services. These are hazardous assets. Nonetheless, the suspicious firm also states that it doesn’t charge fees.

Investors can enter the market at lightning speed. The venture has five investment accounts which traders can select the most suitable one. MegaFxTrading also promises risk-free trading activities. The market is volatile, and there is no magical way of making the risk disappear.

MegaFxTrading Withdrawal and Deposits

The investment scheme claims it process withdrawal request within 48 hours. The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $500, which is unfavorable. The available deposit methods are; Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, BTC, ETH, WebMoney, Neteller, QIWI, and bank transfers.

However, investors can only fund their accounts via BTC. You should not believe the promises of this venture. They say one thing and end up delivering different results. There is no hope in this Ponzi scheme. You are going to regret entrusting them with your funds.

Trading Conditions and Available Trading Platform

MegaFxTrading is a useless scheme that uses TradingView charts. They cannot even come up with terms and conditions. The company does not have a trading platform, and they avail a link from a third-party company.

The broker will not help you make the best outcome. There is no leverage, spread, or financial instruments available. Nonetheless, the scam claims that its take-profit feature allows clients to yield desirable profits. Review, Trading Conditions

Clients can choose to trade and use the tools and use the cTrader platform. However, as we have disclosed earlier, MegaFxTrading lacks trading products and services. There are no bots to help you get the best outcome.

The scheme wants investors to copy the strategies of expert traders. It is a common tactic that scammers are currently enforcing. Avoid believing this narrative as you don’t know if these people are indeed skilled.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The parent company of this suspicious firm is MegaFxTrading Ltd. The entity features an office address that shows it is operating from Seychelles. Investors can reach the support via email or phone. The entity being a scam will avoid investors like the plague when times get hard.

The platform is hard to trace, considering it is using a fake address. Do not be surprised to find the phone number not going through. There are genuine investment entities in the market that you can use.

Regulation Status of MegaFxTrading

The investment entity is an offshore broker that can easily abuse the rules of financial watchdogs. MegaFxTrading fails to mention anything about its regulatory status. The company brags it has a registration form from the Australian government.

The scheme also claims it has a license from Financial Service Authority. The financial watchdog of Australia is ASIC. The Ponzi scheme is using fabricated information to defraud innocent investors.

It shows how far the fraud will go to deceive customers. The lies don’t end here as MegaFxTrading holds that CySEC regulates them. The venture is using Fondex data to steal from investors who is a licensed investment scheme.

Avoid this broker. Their determination to remain relevant in the market is baffling. There is no segregation of funds, and the fact they are accepting deposits via cryptocurrency limits customers from getting back their money.

The scheme will exit the market when traders least expect them. Never gamble with your safety MegaFxTrading can sell your data to a third party, exposing you to more risks. Invest wisely and normalize researching on a venture before depositing money.

MegaFxTrading Client Feedback

There are several complaints from investors. The company is charging commissions to traders. You will see how successful your trade is faring. However, things go south when you request for withdrawal. The company starts claiming their systems are down, and you try on the next day.

MegaFxTrading cut communication with traders. They refuse to answer any question on why there are delays. A company that is not willing to give back its customers’ funds is a Ponzi scheme. Anyone who might still want to test their luck should refrain from engaging with this bogus venture.

You will suffer the same fate if you blindly proceed to trade with the platform. Furthermore, the scheme does not have trading services and products. The firm does not respond to the accusation of defrauding clients. The only way to be safe is to look for a more genuine company.

The Domain Insight is a recent investment platform. They are barely three months old in the industry. The domain is also registered for one year only. This proves that this is a company that you cannot rely on in the future. The traffic visiting the scheme is also low.

Final Verdict

We won’t be recommending MegaFxTrading to investors since it is not licensed. The anonymity nature of this scheme raises more suspicion to clients. The entity is anonymous and lacks evidence of trading. The platform is a dangerous clone entity.

Their investment plans are attractive but not worth the take. The venture has not won any award in the market. They want to get more audience by using min-blowing returns and false statements. You won’t be able to track down this entity once they exit the market.

Avoid the bad ordeal by investing with legit forex trading companies. You will sleep soundly knowing that your money is safe. Trading activities require patience. You cannot become rich overnight. First, master the trading skill, and you can earn genuine passive income.

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