MegaTradeStation Review: A Fake Forex Trading Broker

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MegaTradeStation Review
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Summary is a scam that is shamelessly providing false information. The entity was established in December 2020. However, this firm brags that it has won a number of rewards. What we do not understand is how they did this while the broker did not exist.

MegaTradeStation is a company that is just like all other scammers in the market. The entity lacks uniqueness and it is very easy to spot the red flags. The entity features a lot of useless information on their websites.

The firm markets its shady activities as an ethical venture. They also assure investors an opportunity to trade over 120 assets. It views itself as the safety firm to trade. The platform is also trading gold.

Investors can venture with Cryptos, forex, equities, indices, and Binary Options. The company claims that it offers high leverage to help its clients generate high returns. Moreover, clients can also trade automatically.

MegaTradeStation Review, MegaTradeStation Company

MegaTradeStation claims that it protects investors against negative balance. Additionally, third-party oversee that investors are able to cash out with ease. These are all force claims meant to make you believe that the firm is profitable.

The company also proclaims that it will refund its customers in case of any unforeseen event taking place. The moment you give the entity access to your hard-earned money that will be the last time you have control. Review

The company assures investors it will provide trending news in the market. They also have promotional services that come with strange requirements. The firm is offering educational materials. The majority of these fraudsters avails info that is of low quality.

The courses can easily be searched on the internet. Expert investors usually do not find these materials helpful. MegaTradeStation state that it has the best trading tools that are of high quality.

The safety measures which this company has put in place include having an insurance policy. They also state that the venture is licensed which is another fat lie. The best thing that you can do today is to walk away from this firm.

MegaTradeStation is a suspicious broker that does not disclose the people that are managing their operation. The firm lacks credibility and they have also displayed a lot of false data. Signing up with them will be a blind move.

Trade with top forex trading companies that are genuine and transparent. These platforms will help you yield genuine returns. Additionally, these are regulated entities that will be in the market for years. The safety of traders’ funds is their main priority.

Trading Conditions

MegaTradeStation is a venture that does not have a trading platform. The trading charts which this entity provides do not belong to them. The platform is using TradingView charts. It is a common characteristic with multiple fraudsters in the world.

If there is no trading then the promises which this dirty scheme makes are all false. The company does not state the leverage or the spread to expect from them. Even if it did state it would not make any difference since there is no trading.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company is only accepting funds via BTC. There is no other way that you can deposit funds in this broker. It is a method that Ponzi schemes utilize to hide their dirty schemes. Crypto payments eliminate the possibility of traders issuing a chargeback.

Moreover, you will never know the people that are receiving the funds. Additionally, the firm does not state the minimum amount that you can deposit. When an entity does not have a standard amount it will charge a different amount to various investors.

MegaTradeStation Scam Review, MegaTradeStation Features

MegaTradeStation claim that it does not charge any fees upon withdrawal. Additionally, you can cash out whichever amount that you please. A lot of information is missing from this platform. For instance, the account dormancy data is not available.

Therefore, we do not know how much the broker will be charging or the duration that the inactivity starts counting. Invest with the best forex trading firms that clearly outline what they expect from their customers.

Customer Support

MegaTradeStation is a company is based at 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR. The reallocation of this venture is based on an offshore entity. The entity can only be contacted via email or phone. However, the chances of them responding to your messages are very minimal.

You will never earn reasonable returns with a scam. The only thing that will come out of them is regrets. We also find it very suspicious that MegaTradeStation does not have client feedback yet it speaks very highly about itself.

Avoid brokers that are not reputable because you will become their guinea pig. You will be testing their services without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Instead of trading with this firm, it would be best to look for reliable and better alternatives in the industry.

Regulation and Registration

MegaTradeStation is a company that claims it has licenses from multiple regulatory bodies in the market. The firm brags it is regulated by the CySEC, the financial watchdog of South Africa, and Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

However, CySEC is one of the regulatory bodies in the market that have blacklisted this entity. The company has been targeting investors without having the necessary documentation. Additionally, this firm does not have a term and condition policy.

It is another clear indicator that you are dealing with infamous con artists. They are not bound by any rules in the market. Moreover, lying about such serious matters as licensing should not be taken lightly.

Your money is not safe with MegaTradeStation. The venture might exit the market whenever it pleases without giving notice. The sad thing is that your funds will be stuck in their system. There is no segregation of accounts with this firm.

Moreover, the company does not report its trading activities to any financial body in the market. Therefore, the fraudsters can misuse your funds without being questioned. You deserve better treatment from the entity that you select to be your trading partner.

The Domain Insight is a scam that is shamelessly providing false information. The entity was established in December 2020. However, this firm brags that it has won a number of rewards. What we do not understand is how they did this while the broker did not exist.

The venture is a private entity that does not reveal the people that are managing their operation. The location of the entity is not known. The website is not optimized and their traffic is also low. The location of the traders that join this firm remains a mystery.

Final Verdict

MegaTradeStation is a company that features several icons suggesting that it has won multiple awards. Some of these titles include the Global Forex awards, Traders Fair, Global brands awards, best FxDailyInfo, and traders awards. They all back from the year 2018 up to 2019.

Unfortunately, this information is false. The shady entity has not won any award and it is a self-proclaiming dirty scheme. It is operating on its own accord without minding the experience of those that entrust their money with them.

Invest with legit forex trading ventures that are genuine and transparent. These are some of the best firms that are dedicated to offering the best services to their clients. The brokers segregate the funds of investors into separate accounts.

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