Merkell Group Review: a Nasty Scam

Merkell Group Review, Merkell Group Company
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Merkell Group Review
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Merkell Group is a company that claims to offer its clients a good trading interface to help execute fast and successful trades. The company brags about winning several awards. Unfortunately, it is all schemes used to attract investors into depositing in the firm. Avoid shady platforms and invest in reputable and legit forex trading platforms that are reliable and safe.

Merkell Group is a suspicious Investment company that promises investors an opportunity to make them rich. Their platform is allegedly easy-to-use and generates huge returns. Once you invest with them, you stand a chance of trading over 200 assets. Unfortunately, this entity is not legit.

Investors need to be very keen when dealing with online investment companies. Each passing day a new platform is launched with specific goals. It is not every entity that you encounter that has the best interest for traders. Some of these ventures are only concerned about making themselves rich.

Merkell Group Review, Merkell Group Company

Newbies traders suffer the most as it is hard for them to distinguish between a reliable firm from a fraudulent company. We always recommend that you first acquire the necessary education and skill before venturing with any platform. Additionally, you must normalize researching about a company before depositing your hard-earned money.

Merkell Group brags that it is a success geared entity that will assist you in trading with ease. Some of the currency pairs that you can trade include EURUSD. Once you sign up, you can download the trading platform that is generating these promised profits.

The platform proclaims that it was designed for great success. They also state that they have multiple quality trading tools that traders can make good use of. You can also enter the market and trade with Swift speed. Review

The entity is educating their customers as the first step of investment. Executing your trade-in time when you are well skilled will serve you multiple advantages. Ensure that you are well informed of the latest market news.

Merkell Group states that they constantly update their customers on the latest happening in the industry. The platform insists that having good discipline will help manage your risks. Unfortunately, we do not know the quality of information that the broker is offering.

The firm boasts that it has won several awards since joining the market. They were the best new broker in the industry in 2014. The firm also states that it is the fastest broker. The company also brag of being the best transparent broker in 2018.

However, this is a false statement because Merkell Group was registered in July 2017. The firm is lying about such small details and trusting them with your funds’ security is a big mistake. They have not won any awards, and the displayed data is manipulative.

Invest with reliable forex trading brokers that are reliable and the best in the market. These platforms use real time verified data. Moreover, they are transparent and licensed.

Trading Conditions

Merkell Group claims that it has an education center whereby they boost the skill of their customers.  They send daily trading live webinars, analysis videos, and trading signals. The company also states that it has a dedicated account manager and offers one-on-one training.

The platform has five investment plan. They do not provide an MT4 platform that can help investors in trading efficiently. Their platform is commonly used by scammers and can be used by novice traders to familiarize themselves with trading. Nonetheless, you should avoid this company.

Merkell Group Withdrawal and Deposits

Merkell Group accepts funds via WebMoney, MasterCard, Visa, Qiwi Wallet, and Yandex. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this broker is $250. You can cash out using the above methods as well as BTC.

The withdrawal process takes up to 5 business days. The firm charges a fee of 3.5 each time you withdrawal money. We find this unfavorable for traders. Percentage form charges can be a burden to investors. The platform also asks for an account maintenance charge of 0.5.

Merkell Group is an expensive broker that has nothing unique to offer. Suppose you ask for a cashout and haven’t traded since opening an account the entity subjects you into paying an amount of $250. The company is a scam can do whatever they please, which is risky for investors.

As you can see, this entity is only interested in the money of their customers. Legit brokers treat their clients professionally and will not take advantage of them in any way. Avoid falling for the schemes of these fraudulent ventures.

Regulation and Registration

Merkell Group is a company that has been blacklisted by the financial conduct authority of the United Kingdom. This entity has been offering its financial investment services illegally without obtaining the necessary documentation. Investors from the UK should boycott the services of this scam.

It is a huge red flag when a financial watchdog issues a warning against a company. Investors who proceed to deposit funds with such entities will suffer the consequences. Regulatory bodies advise traders to only venture with authorized platforms.

In case you come across a broker that allegedly claims to be licensed or registered, yet they are not in the FCA database, it is good to contact the body and inform them of such fraudulent activities. Merkell Group is operating on its own accord without being managed by a reputable corporate.

Once you lose money to these fraudsters, there’s no going back. Moreover, you will not get any help from the government. Whoever runs this scam is tactical and has not left any information that can be used to incriminate them.

Merkell Group Contact Details

Merkell Group is allegedly located as Bolivar Georges-favon 40 1204 Gevene Switzerland, EOOD, Sofia 1407 Bulgaria. This is an offshore investment platform. Trusting them with your money will only need to more uncertainty.

The entity claims that their support operates 25/6. Investors can contact this company via email or call the telephone number listed on their website. Sadly, scammers are well-known for availing false information to appear as transparent entities.

Merkell Group Clients Feedback

Merkell Group is a company that has been in the market since 2017. However, it is weird that this venture does not have client reviews. They brag of having won several awards, but there is no proof of earning from traders.

Merkell Group Scam Review, Merkell Group Features

In investment, we believe more in fact rather than narrative. The platform is used to availing false information to investors. Therefore, we won’t be surprised to see them advertising or paying affiliate bonuses.

The traffic that is visiting this website is not huge. Their location remains a mystery. We advise traders to avoid this broker. There are better companies that can generate a reasonable amount of funds for you. Watch out and trade carefully.

Final Verdict

Merkell Group is a company that is operating illegally. The platform is a dirty scheme that will steal your money. The withdrawal process in this platform is close to impossible. They have strict and hefty charges for traders. We are afraid that this firm will eventually collapse.

The uncertainty surrounding this broker is amusing. There is nothing unique about them. Moreover, the venture does not have an MT4 trading interface. Avoid offshore entities as they are unpredictable and dangerous. You will be making them rich while you go broke.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that do not use false information to get traders. Transparency is essential in every business. You should be able to see the trading results. Reputable platforms will never scam you. Furthermore, you will experience professional customer support services.

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