MetaDaxGlobal Review: Is a scam?

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MetaDaxGlobal Review
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Find out more regarding the scam MetaDaxGlobal. Several investors have already lost a large chunk of their investment with Meta Dax Global. Here’s the full review.

Despite having an appealing website design, MetaDaxGlobal ( is a scam. The platform has been swindling funds by blocking withdrawals. Members attempting to withdraw get the shock of their lives as the platform blocks all access. Any attempts to contact support are greeted with the platform deleting your account credentials. That’s why you need to stay away from the platform. Here’s what we found out in our thrilling METADAXGLOBAL REVIEW.

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A Brief Overview of MetaDaxGlobal

On the about us page, MetaDaxGlobal claims to see investing differently. The platform claims to empower users to see new possibilities for making money. That said, no expert or trader has heard of the platform.

MetaDaxGlobal Pros and Cons

We have a platform without proving its credibility or painted success. The about us page shows a platform full of confidence and success. That’s not what’s happening when you open an account.

We can tell from the website design that the people behind it have some forex knowledge. Although not actual professionals, the website design makes it an easy catch for newbies. And that’s what the owner wants to do, impress traders with the sleek design.

After all, not all traders bother to check under the bonnet. So, we make it our duty to inspect and tick all the facts. It’s the only way to ensure no one takes advantage of naïve investors in the industry.

Sadly, some culprits seem to perfect the art of convincing traders to sign up. It all starts with having a platform that looks like a desirable place to trade. Once you deposit funds, all hell breaks loose.

We don’t have any credible background or history of the platform. And that makes the platform a risky investment option. You don’t open an account with a platform with no solid reputation. That’s one of the key pointers to note when investing.

Despite all these, some traders signed up. We are here to expose all the red flags found on the platform. These are the features that make the platform a high-risk investment platform.

Accounts MetaDaxGlobal

MetaDaxGlobal offers two investment accounts, each with three distinctive account types. In addition, you get two accounts, standard and professional accounts. Each of these accounts caters for different classes of traders.

Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts

  1. Standard accounts


For the standard account, investors must deposit a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $1,499. The features below the account indicate a minimum investment amount of $500. In addition, there’s a 20 percent welcome bonus with the standard account.


With the explorer account, members must deposit $500 to $2,499. It’s not what the account feature indicates, as it quotes $1,000 as the minimum acceptable deposit. There’s a 30 percent welcome bonus with the explorer account.


For the basic account holder, there’s a minimum investment amount of 2,500 and a maximum of $9,999. In addition, you get a 50 percent welcome bonus with weekly financial reviews and financial research.

Accounts MetaDaxGlobal

  1. Professional accounts


You have to make a minimum investment of $10,000 to $24,999. There’s a 75 percent welcome bonus with the silver account. Members get a personal analyst and monthly private sessions with these analysts.


There’s a minimum investment of $25,000 and a maximum of $99,999 required to open the account. You get a personal analyst and a smart money management plan. Members also get a 100 percent welcome bonus.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $100,000 to $499,999. In addition, you get a direct line to your account analyst and a long-term financial plan. Members also get a 150 percent welcome bonus.

Account features

All these accounts seem to hide a critical feature in trading. You will note there’s no mention of acceptable leverage and spreads. It’s as if these variables don’t matter on their platform.

There’s also the issue of the lack of a demo account. You would expect the platform to have a valid demo account. That’s not the case, as the platform wants investors to take their word for it. A demo account gives traders a chance to test the platform’s awareness.

Account managers and analysts

These are not professional account managers, but call agents hired to act as professional account managers. The platform uses them to lure investors into depositing more funds. These agents often call and claim to have a lucrative open position.

The account manager will insist on a new deposit to take advantage of the position. The deposit will be for the open position. Members get enticed as these managers claim profits will soar within days.

Weeks later, the account manager is nowhere to be seen or heard. The platform quickly switches the account manager and replaces them with a new one. Unfortunately, you won’t get to contact the original manager as you lose more funds.

Affiliate programs

There’s an affiliate program meant to drive more users to sign up with the platform. The affiliate program tries to get affiliates to share their connections. As an affiliate, the platform promises a 15 percent commission on all deposits made by referrals.

Get the facts straight before you sign up, thinking it’s a perfect way to earn passive income. The platform doesn’t release any commissions to affiliates. In addition, it fails to provide conversion data to affiliates.

The platform is only looking to utilize your connections as an affiliate. Those people you direct to the platform end up losing funds. That’s why we insist on failing to provide an open investment platform.

Are funds safe with Meta Dax Global Trading Platform? NO

Assets and trading instruments

There are five classes of trading instruments available on the platform. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. For example, you can trade commodities such as coffee, gold, natural gas, etc.

Crypto assets include leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DOGE, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. In addition, the available crypto pairs include PAIRINGS of major currencies such as EUR, GBP, and USD.

Forex trading is at the center of the platform’s trading activities. The platform offers several forex pairs, mainly major and minor pairs. There are no exotic pairs on the platform. Therefore, you don’t get to spread risks with exotic pairs.

Bonus on offer

Although the bonus seems a nice gesture from the platform, it’s a well-laid trap. The platform will insist on paying the full bonus before a withdrawal is possible. And that makes no sense as to why the platform lists bonuses as loans.

Furthermore, regulators are against platforms offering bonuses to investors. Regulators already see the traps and want to protect investors. Go for platforms that don’t offer bonuses or commissions.

Compliance, License, and Regulation MetaDaxGlobal

Is a Licensed or Regulated Trading Platform? NO

MetaDaxGlobal is not compliant and holds no documents to prove regulations. There’s not even a business registry document to show the business is dimly complaint. And that means investors are putting their investment in an unregulated platform.

Deposit and fund safety METADAXGLOBAL

Funds are far from safe with an anonymous and unregulated platform.

Final remarks on

Please stay away from the platform.

NOTE: Invest in reliable crypto trading robots that offer promising investing tips.

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