METAfmi Review: a Dark Investment Venture

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METAfmi Review
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METAfmi terms and conditions can change overnight. If the entity decides to inflict hidden charges on traders, there is nothing the client can do. The worst thing that can happen is if the broker chooses to withhold your money in its system. The risks of trading with offshore schemes are many and unworthy. 

METAfmi is another company making vague promises to investors. The broker is nothing but a rip-off scheme. The people managing the venture lack adequate skills to manage an investment scheme. Available assets include; forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptos. 

METAfmi Review, METAfmi Company

Those who shall join the platform to make profits are in for a rude shock. The first red flag we identified is the broker observing full anonymity. The con artists managing the firm are careful about the information they share. We cannot verify if there is a team of expert traders, account managers, or financial analysts. 

METAfmi does not have a parent company. Therefore, if they decide to close the website, it is impossible to put the fraudsters behind the bar. Ponzi schemes tend to target novice traders by promising them financial freedom. They cannot disclose the technique being used to yield the guaranteed ROI. 

They end up stealing from the naive clients. Before you deposit your money in any broker, ensure you perform a thorough background check. Look for negative reviews from traders or unbiased analyses from financial analysts. 

Take your time and read the terms and conditions, as many people avoid this section. Is there a demo account? In the case of this scheme, it does not avail one. Therefore, traders can’t try out the trading interface before making a deposit. Review

METAfmi states it analyzes the market and sends the news to traders. Therefore, clients will know about any upcoming financial event that might affect the price. The venture brags it has over 2,500 trading assets. The advantage of numerous products is users get to diversify their risks. 

Unfortunately, the platform fails to provide banking information. If there is no segregation of accounts, this could only mean the firm is accepting money directly into its pockets. Their domain name was recently purchased. The venture lacks a trading history. 

Moreover, there are no existing customer reviews. Joining METAfmi will be a blind move that will cost you money. Illegitimate firms tend to use false information to gain attention. They will pay for adverts, and once you click on them, the ambiguous firms will collect your contact details. 

They will reach out with irresistible deals. Once you sign up with them, they will keep asking for more money till you run out of cash. They will cut communication when you request a withdrawal. 

Despite the market being plagued by con artists, there are reliable and transparent forex trading entities. These are ideal ventures that offer to learn the material to improve the trading skills of their customers. You will also attain real-time returns. 

METAfmi Trading Conditions 

METAfmi claims it has advanced trading software. However, they only provide a web trader interface. The platform is not appealing and has basic features. Investors can only execute trade manually. Moreover, the availability of a trading interface is not an assurance the broker is trading. 

Legitimate companies have competitive offers and provide MetaTrader software. The platform is user-friendly and comes with programmed trading EAs. Users can design their custom scripts and utilize the VPS. The interface also allows access to more markets. The superior indicators, signals, and tools contribute to investors’ success.

Compared to its competitors, the company has failed. This is because there are no comprehensive trading conditions. The three trading accounts have shallow information. We are afraid those that sign up will be making a blind move. 

METAfmi’s leverage ranges from 1:100 to 1:300. The cap is prohibited in the United Kingdom. The maximum limit is 1:30. Experienced traders need to verify their prowess by providing relevant information to allow them to enjoy higher leverage.

Moreover, the scheme is also offering bonuses to traders. It is another red flag because financial watchdogs don’t permit brokers to have such lucrative opportunities. Offshore firms tend to use the rewards to attach unfavorable conditions. Their main objective is to retain your money in their system.

METAfmi requires customers to execute a 30 times trade volume plus the deposit to withdraw money successfully. The tight spreads that range from 0.6 pips to 0.7 pips attract commission. The firm measures its commission at $50 per million. Their standard quotation is absurd as reliable ventures use a currency unit of 100000 per lot. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

METAfmi is accepting a minimum capital of 250 EUR. You can get a better reliable entity with $10. The platform accepts payments via e-wallet, wire transfers, and credit cards. You cannot deposit funds without verifying the account. It is risky for you to share personal data with suspicious platforms. 

If an account fails to execute a turnover above 200, a levy fee of 10% applies to the amount you are withdrawing. However, we do not know if the 200 turnover is a lot. When a company is not transparent about such terms, its sole intention is to retain your money in its system. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

METAfmi provides a fake office address. The only way users can reach the support is via email. The platform is determined to remain behind the shadows. If a company cannot afford to pay a qualified support team, what makes you think they have what it takes to earn you an income?

A legit broker will operate in full transparency. They will also answer clients’ queries in time. The success of any business is determined by how they treat its customers. Refrain from doing business with anonymous schemes. 

METAfmi Regulatory Status

METAfmi, just like all other brokers, claims it has a license. Sadly, this is a misleading statement to make users gain trust in their business. The venture claims Estonia laws govern it. Their office address indicates they originate from the United Kingdom. 

Let it be known the scheme is illegally operating in the European Union. It also appears this is a clone website fabricating data of legitimate entities. We recommend visiting the database of the financial watchdog of your region to determine if a scheme is authorized to be in the market. 

There are many advantages for those dealing with licensed brokers. For instance, if the broker becomes insolvent, clients stand a chance of receiving compensation. Some of the reputable financial bodies in the market include; the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),  European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC), and National Future Association (NFA).

The above agencies ensure investment schemes offer top-notch fund safety. Clients get negative account balance protection. The brokers are also operating transparently without any hidden agenda. They even report their daily open and close trade results. 

METAfmi terms and conditions can change overnight. If the entity decides to inflict hidden charges on traders, there is nothing the client can do. The worst thing that can happen is if the broker chooses to withhold your money in its system. The risks of trading with offshore schemes are many and unworthy. 

Clients Testimonials 

METAfmi provides several testimonials on the website. The statement praises the broker for offering ideal trading conditions. The problem is the company is using stock images. These individuals have nothing to do with the website.  It is unethical to use shady marketing strategies to make sales. Review, False Testimonials

Final Verdict 

METAfmi has proven to be unreliable. You should refrain from engaging with such kinds of platforms. Unregulated platforms are dangerous and rip-off ventures. 

You can try out some of these licensed forex trading companies. They have an excellent trading history. The brokers work with professional financial analysts and are transparent. 

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