Metawhale Capital Review: Fraudulent Scheme

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Metawhale Capital Review
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Metawhale Capital is doomed to fail, and eventually, they will shut down the operation. Your money will be stuck in their system without a way of recovering. Stick to legitimate companies for the best trading experience.

Metawhale Capital may sound like the real deal. The company claims it adheres to ethical trading conditions and operates in full transparency. The venture also claims it provides funds safety to all customers. It can attain high success because of utilizing a superior trading interface. Therefore, orders are placed on time. Review, Company

The broker is a legendary trading cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, indices, and futures. Brokers should provide customers with various products. It allows them to diversify their risks. However, when a company offers multiple products, it does not necessarily mean you can trade what is available on the website.

Some of these investment platforms are scammers. For instance, Metawhale Capital brags it has over 3 years of experience in the market. A quick search on will show you the entity has only been in the market for less than a month.

The scheme made its first digital footprint in July 2022. The company is anonymously registered, and the founder’s information is not accessible to the public—moreover, the scheme targets being in the industry for only one year. We highly suspect they’re not coming back after that duration. Once scammers are exposed, they shut down their operation and register a new domain. Review

Metawhale Capital claims it’s one of the secure trading companies in the industry. It brags about having vast experience and in-depth knowledge of financial instruments. It will be best if the entity credits its team instead of making unverified claims. Traders have the right to know the people who are handling their cash.

With genuine brokers, you will have all the information that you require. Knowledge of the account manager, financial analyst, and the parent company is visible to all. This instills confidence in traders. The entity also provides learning materials to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses successfully.

Metawhale Capital does not provide enough proof to verify its trading activities. You need to be cautious as the numbers of scammers continue to surge. Before depositing your funds, ensure you run a thorough background check on any venture. This will help you to avoid dealing with con artists.

In the meantime, we have done leg work for you and found some of the leading forex trading brokers in the industry. These are trustworthy platforms with years of experience and endorsement from their customers. Investing with them will guarantee fund safety and peace of mind. Grow your portfolio without exposing yourself to severe risks.

Metawhale Capital Trading Conditions 

Metawhale Capital has three trading accounts. Unfortunately, the venture fails to disclose the minimum amount each of the packages is accepting. We can also see the same leverage of 1:500. For novice traders, such a cap is hazardous. Even experienced traders should not approach such limits.

Metawhale Capital Review, Metawhale Capital Features

There is a reason why the financial watchdog puts our limits on leverage. This is a double-sided sword that would even lead to huge profits or undesirable losses. In the United Kingdom, brokers can only offer leverage of 1:30, while in the United States and Canada, brokers are authorized to a cap of 1:50.

Metawhale Capital has a tight spread that ranges from 0 pips to 1.5 pips. Traders will use a lower cost when opening trade. This is a favorable option but does not forget you’re dealing with an illegitimate venture.

The company guarantees access to the metatrader5 software. Sadly, the scheme does not have an active trading interface. They are lying to customers, period. Without a trading tool, they can’t trade or invest. They are for the advertised trading conditions are vague and inapplicable. Stay away from the dangerous Ponzi scheme to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

Withdrawal and Deposit 

The scheme claims it accepts funds via Wire transfer, Debit, and Credit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot verify whether the information is accurate. However, this does not matter as we have proven Metawhale Capital unfit to be in business.

Investors can deposit a minimum amount of $100. It’s best to donate the money instead of losing it to scammers. You do not know the minimum amount that investors can cash out. Additionally, information regarding the fees is also missing.

Metawhale Capital lacks legal documentation, which is a huge red flag. All investment platforms must have a guiding principle that lets customers know what they’re getting into. Once you find a broker favorable, you are free to choose another.

Unfortunately, scammers will disclose hidden fees when you attempt to withdraw your funds. The ventures lack professionalism; once you keep following up on your funds, they become unethical.

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Metawhale Capital urges customers to contact them whenever they have a query. You can either fill in the contact form, call, or email the company. The office address indicates the scheme is operating from London.

There is no evidence the broker is indeed operating from the region. We also failed to understand why scammers always purport to be in the United Kingdom. The country has strict rules for investment companies.

Metawhale Capital being a scam will cut all communication with their victim. You will not be able to reach them once they are done with you. Ponzi schemes blacklist their victims and ignore their messages.

Another red flag is that the entity does not have existing customer feedback. Ensure that you understand the experience of those who have invested with a company. At least you have an inside of what to expect. Avoid newly established bogus ventures.

Metawhale Capital Regulatory Status

Metawhale Capital is operating illegally in England. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not approve the broker. The problem with dealing with offshore entities is you won’t enjoy fun and safety.

The platform cannot afford the capital requirements of the regulatory bodies. The scheme is also highly likely to suffer bankruptcy due to market volatility. Genuine companies observe the law and comply with the anti-money laundering rules. These ventures will also combat the financing of terrorism by providing reliable payment methods.

Metawhale Capital is doomed to fail, and eventually, they will shut down the operation. Your money will be stuck in their system without a way of recovering. Stick to legitimate companies for the best trading experience.

Metawhale Capital Fund Safety 

Metawhale Capital does not provide funds safety to customers. The broker is operating anonymously. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you are dealing with professionals. Investors will also not receive negative account balance protection. You can end up losing more money.

The platform does not report daily transaction reports to the financial watchdog. Additionally, the firm is working independently without anybody’s supervision. The law requires all companies to work with top tier  1 Banks. 

It helps in keeping customers’ funds safe. Metawhale Capital does not provide a performance report. Hence, it isn’t easy knowing how they have been performing in the market.

Final Verdict 

Metawhale Capital is an evil Ponzi scheme that uses false information to win more audiences. The company is not regulated nor based in the United Kingdom. Depositing in this fraudulent scheme will automatically lead to big losses.

Ensure that you invest with reliable companies. Here is a list of the top forex trading companies. The broker features all their trading conditions. You can go through the withdrawal requirement and charges to make an informed decision. These entities guarantee fund safety to all customers. 


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