MexFund Review: Review a Nasty Scam

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MexFund Review


MexFund is a forex broker with a shady which promises to earn investors a reliable and steady income. The company is only interested in client’s deposits and will exit the market leaving with your deposits. Chose to invest with reliable forex trading brokers where your funds are safe.

MexFund is a scam that present false information to appear as a legit venture. The platform has all the red flags that show this is a dangerous entity. The entity claims that it is offering forex trading activities. It is the government requirement that all companies offering financial services be licensed.

Investors only need to have working internet. The entity was allegedly designed for traders. The broker states that it is among the leading firm in the competitive market. Their main focus is the satisfaction of their customers.

MexFund Review, MexFund Company

MexFund is a platform that is capable of presenting false information so long as it drives sales for them. They do not adhere to any set rules. They also brag about having the best team and being transparent. The firm claims it audits its results.

Unfortunately, they do not verify their claims. Their website is available in various languages. The shady entity is targeting investors who lack adequate knowledge in the market. They are talking about fund safety without meeting the requirements.

Moreover, this broker guarantee success to their clients. Unfortunately, there are several things that you need to note. One is that the market is unpredictable. The other one is that you need to have the right skill before entering the market. Review

MexFund is trading indices, and cryptocurrency. One of the major red flags is that this is an offshore broker that does not care about making anyone rich. The information that this entity provides is insufficient to validate there is a trading process happening.

The venture is not reliable and will not make you rich. The chances of making money with a broker that has not established or built a name for themselves are very minimal. Moreover, there are no client reviews. If the company is as good as it claims, why don’t they have a large audience?

Investors need to ask themselves the hard questions to avoid being victims. Fraudsters will use a great marketing strategy to win over clients. They will display leverage and spread that is eye-catching. Unfortunately, you will never receive these returns.

Therefore, it is best that you stick to the best forex trading companies in the market. You will be way better knowing that your money is safe. Moreover, traders earn real time profits that aren’t exaggerated.

Trading Conditions

MexFund claims that it has an MT5 trading platform. Unfortunately, this interface is non-functional, which is a huge red flag. Once you sign up, you will be presented with a demo account. Their platform does not permit investors to execute the trade.

We find it strange that this platform is operating in such an unprofessional manner. Traders ought to know what they are engaging themselves with. The entity does not have data regarding the spread that they are offering to their clients.

Low spread caps help investors in that they pay less and gain more. All you need to do is find a trustworthy broker that has a spread of 0.1 pips. MexFund provides leverage of 1:500. The cap might seem like something favorable to novice traders.

However, it is important to note that this could lead to huge losses. Moreover, the financial watchdog has set a limit to protect investors against huge risks. The highest leverage that a live see broker can offer is 1:50.

The entity has a welcome bonus for traders. Unfortunately, they fail to avail sufficient information regarding the requirements. Multiple financial bodies do not allow investment firms to have promotions.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit at MexFund range from $200 up to $1000. Some regulated brokers accept as low as $100. It is a favorable position, especially for novice traders. The company accepts payment via; wire transfer, PaymentAsia, Credit/Debit cards, Help2Pay, PayTrust, and MegaTransfer.

In case we fail to convince you that this platform is bad news, kindly deposit funds using the bank method. This is because you will have up to 540 days to issue a chargeback. It is a huge step that financial institutions have taken to combat fraudulent activities.

Investors can withdraw a minimum amount of $50 for the wire transfer method. The rest of the payments permit traders to cash out $5. The platform guarantee that they will be paying a banking fee for their customers.

However, we advise you not to take the word of an offshore entity seriously. The company handles the withdrawal request of their clients within 5 days. Nonetheless, this will depend on the method that you used to deposit money.

MexFund also leaves out information regarding the dormant account. Therefore, we do not know when an account is considered inactive or the amount that you need to pay. The legit investment company will have this information clearly stated.

MexFund Contact Details

MexFund features their office address on their website. The entity is allegedly based at 6A Bridge Street, Kington HR73FJ. Investors can contact the platform via email, or phone number. However, the entity is an offshore venture that can do whatever they please.

MexFund Scam Review, MexFund Features

This means even refusing to answer your query. They also have an affiliate program, which shows that this entity is more of a pyramid scheme than an investment entity. Once you deposit money with them, the chances of getting it back are minimal.

Regulation Status

MexFund is an offshore company that the Marshall Islands government allegedly licenses. However, this island government issued a statement clarifying that they do not license forex trading or any other online business.

The corporate that is overseeing this broker is also not legit. The Marshall Islands has become a hot spot for fraudulent entities. These platforms are unreliable, and most of them collapse within a short duration. Nonetheless, this shady broker also claims to have offices in London.

The FCA is one of the jurisdictions that have strict measures for forex brokers. MexFund is not among the licensed brokers in the market. The venture does not provide fund safety to traders. The platform does not have a compensation scheme in place to refund its customers in case of insolvency.

MexFund Domain Insight

The platform was launched in May 2013. Their domain is expected to expire in the same month, the year 2022. The entity has been in the market for years, yet there is no evidence of trading activities. The likelihood of them exiting the market is very high. Additionally, the traffic that is coming in the website is wanting. If their performance is great as they claim, then we should see huge traffic visiting MexFund.

Final Verdict

MexFund is an investment company that claims to be legit. However, this is another nasty scam that is not worth investor’s trust. There are several shortcomings with this entity. They are anonymous, and we do not know the qualifications of people handling investor’s funds.

Furthermore, the company is operating in an infamous location. They are not regulated, which is another huge red flag. You should only deposit funds with a reliable entity. Scammers have invaded the market, and their sales pitch is top-notch.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are legit. You need all the assurance tjat your money will be safe. You also don’t want your personal data to land in the wrong hands. There are better platforms in the market to use.


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