Mindset 24 Global Review: Should You Buy Mindset24Global.com Marketing Packages?

Mindset 24 Global
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Mindset 24 Global is an MLM company that offers several personal development packages. Mindset24Global.com mentions Brian McLane as the CEO of the company. It has been operating since 2017 and is believed to be running from the USA. At first, the company seems like a reliable platform is offering marketing development courses. However, it is much more than just an educational company.

In fact, the affiliate program seems to be an essential part of this organization. The purpose of this article is to thoroughly review Mindset 24 Global and conclude if you should invest in this company or not. So, let’s get started.

What is Mindset 24 Global?

Minset24Global.com promotes the company as a platform that can not only make financially independent but also transform your entire life. It claims to have the required skills, expertise, and tools needed to offer life-changing services.

The primary product of the company is its personal development training course. Mindset 24 Global promises insights from leading marketing partners and entrepreneurs that can be useful in securing your future in the business and marketing industry. Moreover, the website mentions the name of Kevin Harrington as a partner of the program.

Harrington is a well-known TV personality, mainly due to his hit TV show called Shark Tank. The company claims to have an efficient compilation of his videos, books and notes to help the members in their careers. The company is also offering exclusive access to the programs created by the famous NLP trainer, Jay Sargeant. He is known for training people is effective communication and persuasion strategies.

In short, Mindset24Global.com mentions several renowned names of the marketing and business industry to attract people to invest in the company.


History of Mindset 24 Global

Since the establishment of the company, Mindset24Global.com has provided a mailing address in Kentucky in the USA. However, it is unclear whether the company’s headquarter are located at the same location.

Brian McLane, the CEO of the company, has been involved in the MLM industry for almost a decade now. In 2010, he was running Bellamore Internation as the Chief Marketing Officer. According to independent sources, the company had more than than 50,000 affiliates. However, Bellamore International collapsed in 2011 when the important executives of the company left it. \

McLane also left the company and started promoting Life with Kevin Harrington. The platform was promising $1000 per week to its members at an initial investment of $49.95. After the collapse of this company, McLane was known to be associated with several MLM companies like Safe ID Trust.

Finally, in 2017, he launched his own MLM company called Mindset 24 Global and started promoting it as a revolutionary personal development and marketing training company. The purpose of discussing this history is to tell you the fact that Mindset24Global.com is being run by someone who has already been involved in numerous failed MLM companies. It would not be surprising if this company also suffers the same fate and collapses due to a lack of revenue.

Training Packages

As expected, Mindset 24 Global does not offer any retail products or services because it is an MLM company. The only benefits it promises to the users are through the affiliate membership and training packages. The website provides the following detail about four packages:

  • $100 for Series 1 Training Package
  • $400 for Series 2 Training Package
  • $1000 for Series 3 Training Package
  • $2000 for Series 4 Training Package

The company also promises higher training packages without giving any further information. The most disappointing aspect of the training packages is that Mindset24Global.com does not provide any specific outline of such courses. It is hard to comment on such training programs’ authenticity and importance because the website gives very ambiguous information about them.

The company keeps mentioning Kevin Harrington, the host of Shark Tank, and the names of several other popular personalities to attract users in investing in the company. However, the truth is that you can find the online lectures of such personalities on various online platforms, including YouTube, for free. This kind of confusing and limited information is not enough to completely trust Mindset 24 Global and invest a significant amount of money that it is asking you for.

Affiliate Membership

If you want to participate in the company’s compensation structure, you must purchase one of the following packages:

  • Series 4 Package that costs $2000.
  • An extended $3500 packages that promise several income opportunities.

Considering the fact that Mindset 24 Global is an MLM company that has not managed to establish firms roots in the industry, it would be wrong of you invest such a massive amount in it. You should avoid spending your time, energy, and money in this company. Instead, you can rely on the Forex Trading Robots to earn profits Such robots provide various trading preferences that allow you to trade on your own terms and conditions.

Income Structure of Mindset 24 Global

Mindset 24 Global promises different types of income opportunities. The website states that every member of the company will enjoy some kind of compensation because it offers numerous schemes to target every type of member. MLM commissions are an essential part of the income plan. If the members manage to sell training packages to a great number of people, they can earn up to $10,000 within a month.

However, you should not fully believe such claims because selling the company’s courses is quite difficult due to a lack of information. Furthermore, there is a lack of data available about the MLM commissions, which can be earned by selling the packages.

Mindset 24 Global

Other than the MLM qualification commission, Mindset24Global.com also promises multiple bonuses like Matching Bonus, Coded Bonus, and Sharing Pool. The crux of all of such bonuses is that you have to promote the company at various platforms and keep working hard to hire the company’s members. This kind of business model is not sustainable and bound to collapse at one point or another.

Recruitment Commission

Mindset24Global.com gives the following breakdown of the recruitment commission:

  • 10% commission on selling Series 1 Training Package for 1 Star Members
  • 12% commission on selling Series 2 Training Package for 2 Star Members
  • 10% commission on selling Series 3 Training Package for 3 Star Members
  • 15% commission on selling Series 4 Training Package for 4 Star Members
  • 15% commission on selling Series 1 Training Package for 5 and 6 Star Members
  • 20% commission on selling Series 1 Training Package for 7 Star Members
  • Special bonuses are also set for Super Star and Founders Only rank.


Mindset 24 Global is asking for a very large amount of money from you to provide affiliate membership. You would expect complete transparency and information from such a company. Unfortunately, there are many suspicious things about this platform that make it unsuitable for investment.

The company is trying its best to seem like a genuine platform that has the backing of several renowned personalities. However, none of these people actually appear on the company’s marketing video. Even the Mindset24Global.com states that it has compiled the videos of well-known personalities in the finance industry. The word “compile” suggests there are no live lectures or classes of the training program.

Furthermore, the lack of information about specific training packages offered by Mindset 24 Global suggests that the purpose of the company is to get money from you without giving any solid services or products in exchange. Hence, you should not invest in this MLM company. Instead, you can use the highly efficient Forex Trading Robots. These robots are user-friendly and provide maximum support that allow you earn good amount of profits via trading. 

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