Mining House Trade Review: Is Legit or Not?

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Mining House Trade Review
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Mining House Trade leaves out a lot of information regarding their mining activities. The location of their mining farm is not disclosed. Additionally, there is no segregation of accounts. The company is accepting money via Cryptocurrencies and Payer Money. These methods limit investors in conducting a chargeback

Mining House Trade is an investment company whose name suggests they are involved with crypto mining activities. The platform claims that it is leading in the industry. An expert of professionals is allegedly managing the mining firm.

The firm claims that it is using cutting-edge technology. It is allegedly a diverse crowdfunding crypto mining venture. They have pocket-friendly offers for those that decide to join them. They charge low mining costs and electricity fees.

Mining House Trade Review, Mining House Trade Company

Moreover, also guarantee that it protects its community against severe risks. Their team also provides information that helps investors in selecting the best investment plan. The platform provides sufficient information that sheds light on matters regarding this firm.

Just like all other entities in the market, this company also aims to provide massive adoption of cryptos. They also brag about being partners with reputable platforms in the market. The firm also aims to be listed on popular exchanges like Binance.

The company wants to have investors across the globe. The big question that should be going through your mind is whether this mining farm is licensed. We shall discuss this later on, so stick with us in this unbiased review. Review

Mining House Trade states that they handle all the mining processes. Therefore, investors do not need to understand the technical requirements for mining. They also guarantee payout on an hourly and daily basis. There is also a pop-up of people who have earned big returns.

Unfortunately, this information cannot be verified.  The platform allegedly uses the latest top-notch BTC mining hardware. Additionally, the gadget consumes low electric power. The firm claims its interface is user–friendly. Hence, clients can easily navigate.

Mining House Trade claims it has ASIC mining hardware. Nonetheless, we do not know the location of their mining farm. The company states that it enforces high-security measures. If you choose to mine with them, the platform guarantee there is no interference of middlemen.

The registration process is easy, and after your account has been verified, you are all set to go. You also need to deposit funds into your account. The company assures that the withdrawal process is swift, and you can request your money at any given time.

Some investors view this mining platform as a HYIP. Therefore, it is important that before you deposit funds, you exercise caution. Here are some reputable and genuine crypto mining companies. You can check their clients’ feedback on third-party websites.

Mining House Trade Investment Plans

Mining House Trade feature its total deposit and withdrawal on the website. The numbers do not create confidence. Additionally, they have three investment accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $10 up to $50000. The investment lasts for 8 hours, and in every hour, the firm assures a payout of 4.10%.

The second investment plan investors can cash in $2000 up to $50,000. The duration of the contract lasts 24 hours. The total interest is 8.20. The final plan accepts $3001 up to $50,000. The ROI that you will yield is 100% after 24 hours. Review, Plan

Usually, investment plans do not pay for this short duration. Mining House Trade states that 22% of the profit is used to grow the company in purchasing high-quality machines. The other 3% is for conducting development and research.

The other 75% are investors’ profits. The platform also has an affiliate program whereby if you bring more clients to their website, you will get high returns. There are four referral programs that you can use.

Mining House Trade Registration and Regulation

Mining House Trade presents a registration document. It shows that the company is registered in the UK. However, they are not in the FCA database, which is the regulatory body of the United Kingdom. The only thing that shows legitimacy is when an investment firm has a license.

In the case of this mining platform, they are operating illegally. They are mainly targeting investors from Europe. However, the moment you sign up with them, keep in mind that you will not get fund safety.

Moreover, the company can violate its terms and conditions for its own greedy needs. You do not have the assurance that your money is secure. Your personal information is also at risk. Instead of wasting time with them, we suggest that you find a better reputable broker.

Furthermore, Mining House Trade leaves out a lot of information regarding their mining activities. The location of their mining farm is not disclosed. Additionally, there is no segregation of accounts.

The company is accepting money via Cryptocurrencies and Payer Money. These methods limit investors in conducting a chargeback. The firm is surrounded by uncertainty. Ensure that you only deal with firms that have a license.

The Domain Insight

Mining House Trade is a company whose registration took place in November 2020. The domain will expire in November 2023. The information of the founder is not available. Therefore, this is an entity that has chosen to remain discreet at all costs.

Despite having that shortcoming, the firm has a high Alexa ranking. According to, the firm has an internet traffic engagement of 328,995. The majority of their customers come from Bangladesh, Egypt, and Algeria.

Mining House Trade Customer Support

Investors can reach the customer support of Mining House Trade via phone or email. The office address of the broker is 126 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom. You can also fill in a contact form. However, we do not know if they are responsive.

The office address of this firm is most likely in an offshore area. This is because the platform does not have a license to operate in the UK. You might wake up one day only to find them out of the market.

Client Feedback

During our research, we were able to get client feedback. Investors have mixed reactions regarding this crypto mining venture. Some claim the site is paying. One client state that he has earned 162% ROI. At first, there was a technical problem, but the company resolved it.

On the other hand, some investors also accuse the Mining House Trade of being a scam. The entity is not responding to customers’ queries. Unfortunately, the platform has been accused of having viruses which is a major drawdown.

The company has not been in the industry for long. Hence, they lack a history that we can back check. The entity also has features of a HYIP because the entity promises high returns within a short time frame.

Furthermore, investors who claim to have earned returns fail to provide proof of payment. You cannot validate the information of this venture. It is important that you only deal with ventures that are genuine. You are going to save yourself much trouble.

Final Verdict

Mining House Trade is a company that provides mining information in detail. However, this does not shed light or show transparency. Nonetheless, the platform has won the heart of many in North Africa. However, their venture is not licensed, so giving them access to your funds exposes you to more danger.

We suggest that you only trade with a reputable crypto mining venture that is transparent. You are going to yield real-time returns. Moreover, these companies have been in the market for years, and you have nothing to worry about.



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