Mining Vault Review: a Disgusting Scam

Mining Vault Review, Mining Vault Company
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Mining Vault Review
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Mining Vault claims to be a safe platform that investors can take advantage of to earn a high return. It is a shady platform that makes up false narratives to lure innocent investors into making deposits. Invest only in reliable and trusted crypto mining companies to enjoy transparency and reasonable returns.

Mining Vault is a company that claims it is among the leading investment companies in the market. The venture claims it knows the ins and outs of crypto investment. They are offering high returns and safety of funds.

However, it hard to believe that investment entities in offshore areas will make you rich. The narrative of getting rich quick is outdated and misleading. They are targeting all forms of investors.

Unfortunately, you will never find expert investors wasting their valuable time in a losing firm. Mining Vault states that it has multiple investment plans for its clients. It does no matter whether you need a short term or a long term contract.

The entity welcomes you to join them. Additionally, they guarantee that your income and the initial deposit will be paid on time. Their investment services allegedly meet the expectation of their customers.

Mining Vault claims it is the home of all professional traders. Sadly, all we see when we visit their platform are red flags. The website does not have adequate information regarding their investment services. Review

Mining Vault is a multinational investment venture. The firm is dealing with forex, and digital currency investment. However, we do not know the currency pair which the entity is offering. The leverage and the spread provided also remain a mystery.

The firm brags that their clients will be able to invest in several tokens. The entity states that it was established in 2015. However, it started its online investment services in 2016 after reviewing its goals.

Mining Vault Review, Mining Vault Company

They accept traders from all over the world without any restrictions. Moreover, Mining Vault claims that it knows all the tactics of yielding high returns. Therefore, the entity is earning investors extremely high profits.

The entity brags that it has over 170 employees. They also brag of attaining over 41 million Euros in the year 2018 as their revenue. Additionally, in the year 2019, the entity increased the income by 13 million.

Unfortunately, this is a scam that will say anything to stay relevant in the market. The statistics that this firm feature is false. Moreover, the entity was launched in July 2020. Minor details like this one show that this is an untrustworthy firm. Invest only with the best crypto trading companies that are reputable. It will help you only to experience professional services.

Mining Vault Team

The entity features the profile of its alleged team. The CEO of this firm is known as Peter Davies, and Manfred Birenbaum is one of the firm partners. Additionally, Matthias Hudges is another partner. Unfortunately, this Ponzi scheme is using stock images to appear as a transparent venture. The real people that are managing this Ponzi scheme do not want to blow up their cover. Therefore, they choose to remain anonymous.

Investment Plans and Returns

Mining Vault has four extremely profitable investment accounts. We have constantly warned investors that crypto mining and trading venture are not easy to become rich.

Investors need to be patient and learn the process. You cannot just dive into the market and start making ridiculous returns. The minimum amount that you can cash in this firm is $10 up to $100. You will earn 120% profit within 24 hours.

Before we proceed to their next account, you can clearly see that the payouts are way too high. Legit companies do not go beyond this level. Moreover, if they can generate this income, then why do they need funds from the public?

Mining Vault Scam Review, Mining Vault Accounts

Mining Vault is profitable enough to finance their business. The least of the accounts promise returns of 140% after 2 days, 200% in 3 days, and 300% within 120 hours. The duration is also concise. The more money you deposit, the higher your reward will be. We are yet to see an investor who has already earned from this scheme.

Mining Vault Contact Details

Mining Vault claims that it has three offices. Investors can allegedly visit the firm in Hong Kong, London, and Hamburg. The entity also has an office at 2396 Peck Court Los Angeles, CA 90017, US.

Investors can contact the entity via email or phone. Unfortunately, the phone number is not complete. The unprofessional conduct of this venture is worrisome. They do not care about the interest of their clients.

Regulation Status

Mining Vault is a shady firm that is not worthy of anyone’s trust. The scam is offering its investment services all over the world. However, they do not have a single license from a single regulatory body.

The company is allowing traders from well jurisdiction areas. These governments aim to protect their clients from losing funds to scammers. Therefore, an investment firm needs to deposit a reasonable amount of money as initial capital before starting their investment services.

The funds act as compensation in case of insolvency. Additionally, a platform is liable and should report its daily investment activities to the watchdog. Last but not least, legit companies segregate accounts of their customers in top-tier financial institutions.

Mining Vault has not met these strict rules. Therefore, trusting them with your money puts you in a perilous situation. Our best advice is to only venture with licensed firms.

Is Mining Vault Safe?

The company is unsafe to venture with, and investors should stay away. They brag about having DDOS and SSL certificates. These are basic requirements that all investment schemes should have. Furthermore, the fraudsters running this scam should be your main worry.

Mining Vault is offering ridiculous passive income to their customers. They claim if you invest in their plans, you will be rich. They use a registration document to confuse investors regarding their legal status.

The entity also displays its latest deposit and withdrawal. Their three-level referral program is also exaggerated. The entity uses payment methods that do not permit investors to issue a chargeback.

You can only deposit money using the Payeer method, BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. The venture also claims that it is not charging fees to its customers.

Mining Vault lacks a trading or mining history. The platform does not disclose the minimum amount that you can cash out. They are shady, and the information of their mining activities is not expounded.

Additionally, we do not know if the firm is using a trading bot or manual methods. Moreover, the company uses stock images to present its team. Avoid this firm at all costs. They are not looking after their customers. Their lucrative offers are not legit and are a marketing strategy to lure more victims into their trap.

Final Verdict

Mining Vault features false statistics to appear as a reputable investment firm. Additionally, the company fakes its history in the market. The red flag does not end here as the entity features a random address.

The entity is a suspicious and dangerous Ponzi scheme that is only looking after their greedy needs. Avoid an entity like the plague if you do not want to lose a large number of funds.

Invest with the best crypto investment firm that is trustworthy. Furthermore, you can contact the support whenever a need arises and be certain that you will get a response. These ventures put the need of their clients as a top priority.


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