Mira Capital Market Review: Miracapitalmarket.com is shady

Mira Capital Market review, Mira Capital Market company
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Mira capital market review
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Mira Capital Market is a company that is operating anonymously. It fails to build customer trust due to its poor client feedback and is unregulated. Invest in legit forex brokers which protects its client’s investments.

Mira Capital Market is a company that is operating against the law. Nonetheless, the entity brags of several features. They claim that you will be able to trade over 56 forex currency pairs. They also offer insane leverage to their clients.

Novice traders who lack enough trading experience might fall victim to this scam. The notion of becoming rich overnight is misleading. You will lose more money in the process. We advise traders to be very keen when dealing with anonymous firms.

There is a lot of uncertainty, and you can never know when these platforms will exit the market. You will wake up one day only to find out that the website is down. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about it, and you will have to count your losses.

Mira Capital Market is a suspicious broker. We do not recommend traders to engage with them despite their claim of having various trading tools. Moreover, this offshore broker is offering private money management.

Depositing funds or trusting an anonymous platform with your money can be compared with leaving your child with a stranger. You wouldn’t want to make such an uncalculated decision. Then it would be best if you avoided offshore brokers in all your dealings.

Miracapitalmarket.com Review

Mira Capital Market promises annual interest to their clients. They also offer free education and seminars. You stand a chance of attending free private webinars, and acquiring educational videos. Sadly, we do not know the quality of information that the company is offering.

They also have 10% bonuses offer for their customers on the first deposit. The platform has trending news of the market. Makes sure you read the terms and conditions before counting your chicks. Scammers usually have outrageous requirements, and most of the time, fund withdrawal remain a nightmare.

Mira Capital Market review, Mira Capital Market company

The company does not showcase its trading results. Stay away from anonymous dirty schemes that have no intention of helping you grow your income. Regulatory bodies should blacklist the entity.

Mira Capital Market is offering various assets to its clients. These include; commodities, currency pairs, and shares. They also brag o having a great number of clients. Unfortunately, we are yet to see the clients’ feedback.

The platform should have multiple endorsements from its customers’. If there is no proof the possibility of this entity being infamous is high. Invest with reliable and trustworthy investment companies that are legit and transparent.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Mira Capital Market brags that it has several payment methods for its clients. The company is also accepting funds via digital currencies. Unfortunately, this data is left out on their website. This form of payment observes anonymity.

Therefore, the identity of the scammers running this platform will remain unknown. The other problem is that investors will never be able to issue a chargeback. The minimum amount you can deposit will vary with the method you choose to cash in with.

Mira Capital Market accepts $500 for a bank transfer, which is double the normal market standard. Peer companies’ payment method accepts as low as $10. The entity claims that it does not subject its customers to paying any fee on withdrawal of funds.

The company is an offshore venture, and venturing with them might only cause a negative balance your account. In case we fail to convince against trading with this entity, please only use credit card payment methods. It allows you to issue a chargeback for a period of 540 days.

Mira Capital Market Trading Conditions

Mira Capital Market has three trading accounts. They also claim to have 17 trading tools and 6 trading platforms. The company claims that it offers an MT5 trading interface to its customers. It is one of the best trading platforms in the market.

Unfortunately, when the wrong company offers the MetaTrader5, it does not make a difference. Moreover, the firm states that it is an ECN broker; therefore, there is no conflict of interest. They are also not a Dealing Desk.

Mira Capital Market scam, Mira Capital Market features

Mira Capital Market provides a spread of 0.8 pips, which is appealing. The information is of a demo account; therefore, it cannot be very reliable. The website features a spread of 1.6 on the currency pair of EURUSD.

Additionally, this broker has huge leverage that is risky for traders. The platform offers leverage of 1:100 it way beyond the cap that a financial watchdog regulates. Since this is an offshore entity, we are not surprised.

Financial bodies will protect their clients by setting up a reasonable leverage cap. It helps in protecting traders against making huge losses. Invest with reliable firms that care about your fund safety.

Mira Capital Market Regulation Status

Mira Capital Market is a platform that keeps changing its physical address. They claim to have offices in Dubai, London, United Kingdom, and UAE. They also have a telephone number that investors can use to contact them.

The entity also various social media account. You can check out their Twitter account, Linked In, and YouTube channel. However, they do not frequently update information on these platforms. Stay on the lookout.

The company brags that it is licensed and registered at the jurisdiction of St Vincent and Grenadines. They also feature their registration number. Unfortunately, SVG is one of the areas with lenient measures for forex trading companies.

You do not need to be there physically to register the operation of your company. Considering that Mira Capital Market is offering their services in the United Kingdom, the platform ought to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Unfortunately, after checking them on this reputable financial body database, we found that this is an illegal scheme. Investing with them will expose you to multiple risks. In case this entity exits the market, you won’t be compensated.

There is also no segregation of funds. Mira Capital Market fails to provide data on the financial institutions that they are working with. It would be best to look for better forex trading brokers that are professional.

The Domain Insight

Mira Capital Market was registered in May 2016. Being in the market for 5 years we should be able to see their results. Moreover, multiple clients should be endorsing and leaving their feedback behind. Sadly, this is not the case.

The domain is expected to expire this year. We hope to see more engagement from this broker, but time will tell. Once they exit the market, the chances of them coming back are very limited. They do not have sufficient traffic coming into their platform.

 Final Verdict

The company claims that it has over 117,000 clients in the market. They also brag about executing trades in a fast manner. The support operates around the clock on all five days of the week. However, we cannot rely on the information provided by an offshore company.

They can change their terms and conditions, and even worst, the venture might exit the market without notice. Financial regulatory bodies will not come to your rescue as they have constantly warned their citizens against trading with offshore platforms.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are transparent. You will acquire all the necessary information that you need. Additionally, the customer support team is professional and friendly. You can trust that your issue will be resolved within no time.

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