MWH Markets Review: Unregulated Company

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MWH Markets Review
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MWH Markets is a new company that lacks a trading track record. Lying about such minor details is a big mistake. If you want to invest, you need to take every red flag seriously. The least the platform would have done is to present trading results to investors.

MWH Markets welcome investors to their website with a bold remark. They claim to be a reputable investment platform that has won several awards in the market. The venture is also allegedly offering the best education to investors.  Additionally, they assure customers of a superior trading interface.

MWH Markets Review: Company

The available assets include forex, metals, indices, commodities, shared, and other products. There are over 350 assets. The venture states that it has been a pioneer broker in Australia since 2008. Novice investors may fall for their ploy. Unfortunately, this information is false and misleading.

MWH Markets is a new company that lacks a trading track record. Lying about such minor details is a big mistake. If you want to invest, you need to take every red flag seriously. The least the platform would have done is to present trading results to investors. However, this information is not available.

The broker proclaims that their success comes from technology. You will not find expert traders wasting their time in such an entity. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid the scheme and find a reputable venture that is actually trading.

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MWH Markets claims that their educational program is recognized and has even won an award for high quality. There is no sneaky peek of the course that the firm is providing. Therefore, you should be careful with them and trade keenly. Some of these shady firms deliver the basic information that everyone can easily access online for free. The company claims that it wants to be the most trustworthy broker in the industry.

A platform that does not have a license is very dangerous. You can end up losing your savings. The worst thing is that your information can land in the hands of criminals who can use the data for identity theft. The first thing every trader should check is if an investment scheme is operating legally. If a platform does not have a license, you are better off without them.

The company has a line stating that is the trading report for the year 2019. However, there are no files or analyses available. This is a major drawback, and traders need to observe the company keenly. Clients should look for trustworthy platforms.

The Domain Insight

According to, MWH Markets has been in the market since December 2020. They plan to exit the market after one year. Scammers do not register their company for more than one year. Moreover, the people that are behind this entity are also discreet. This is because fraudsters never want to blow up their cover. The traffic that is visiting the website is not much.

Customer Support and Contact

The broker states that it has the best customer support, and they have even won awards. The support is available 24/5, but given the characteristics of this entity, we highly doubt there are professionals available. Moreover, customer support is only available via email.

Offshore firms also fail to provide their actual office address. Hence, it will be a nightmare tracking them down. Clients should not provide their data to a company that does not see the need to be transparent. Anonymity is a major red flag and should not be taken lightly. Be mindful of the scheme.

MWH Markets will treat clients unethically. Emails will go unanswered, and there is nothing that clients can do to get a response. Reporting them to the authority is the furthest you can go but tracking down a ghost venture is hard. Stick to legit schemes that provide all the necessary material to clients.

MWH Markets Trading Conditions

The venture brags it has low spreads. MWH Markets claims it has MT4 and MT5. Some of the currency pairs are; AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCAD. The spread ranges from 0.2 pips to 0.4 pips. The people that are behind this entity are trying their level best to remain relevant in the market. We found an MT4 interface, and the determination of the broker to remain relevant is on the other level.

MWH Markets Review, Conditions

The leverage available is that of 1:500. The cap may appear favorable to investors but keep in mind that this is risky as you can lose all your funds by the blink of an eye. The Canadian and US regulatory bodies only allow leverage of 1:50 while that one from the UK is 1:30. This is to show you how unsuitable the offer of MWH Markets is.

MWH Markets Withdrawal and Deposits

The broker is accepting a minimum amount of $2000. There is no superior feature that the company has compared to legit ones. Therefore, we fail to understand why their basic account is 20 times the average standard of the market. The company leaves out critical information.

For instance, we do not know the available payment methods. It is most likely that the shady broker will avail options that limit traders from issuing a chargeback. Trade with companies that are reputable and genuine.

We are also in the dark regarding the minimum amount that customers can cash out. The terms and conditions policy is inaccessible. This is the kind of platform that has hidden charges and will limit clients from issuing a chargeback.

Regulation Status of MWH Markets

The platform mentions it has a license from the Australian Regulatory body. This is a watchdog that has tough requirements for investment schemes in the industry. The parent company is MWH Markets Ltd. We did not find any corporation by that name registered in the ASIC.

This means that the broker is operating on its own accord. Therefore, there is nothing that customers can do once the venture decides to exit the market. Moreover, traders are not going to receive compensation from the platform. Nonetheless, the company allegedly claims it segregates users’ funds in separate accounts.

They use a top-tier 1  AA-rated Australian financial institution called ‘National Australia Bank and Commonwealth bank.’ The company has gone overboard when it comes to providing fabricated material. The worst thing is that this is a cloned entity. It is a big scam.

The con artists behind the scheme do not have the decency of even editing the information. They just copy-pasted everything, and their only effort can be seen in changing the logo and name. This is a lame broker. Fortunately, the licensed firm has raised the issue, hoping that this Ponzi scheme will be shut down soon.

Final Verdict

MWH Markets is a dirty scam that is not worth second thoughts. The people that are behind this company are unknown. The entity claims it has no trading fees and that clients are also protected. Sadly, this is not true as the broker is a clone firm. You should not expect anything positive from the scheme.

Invest only with the leading forex trading companies that have ideal trading conditions. The safety of your funds is their priority. You will sleep soundly knowing that you are protected from the worst outcome. They hire professionals who will help you to keep track of your account. You can attain skills and earn reasonable returns.

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