MX World Review: MX.World A Suspicious Ad Credits Scheme

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MX World has managed to create a lot of buzz since its launch. James Lee Valentine, founder of MX. World promotes this company on every important platform. YouTube channel of the company has also attracted a huge number of subscribers and views. The owner of the company was associated with many previous failed Ponzi scheme, which makes MX World a suspicious company. Though it has been running since 2016, it has seen a huge drop in its recruitment. Therefore, before investing in this company, you should get familiar with all the important aspects of the company to whether it is a legit platform or an MLM scam.

MX World Overview

At its home page, MX.World invites users to become a part of an extensive advertising community and earn profits to become financially independent. Moreover, the company claims that it is transforming millions of lives around the world. It promises the users to earn a significant amount of income from home in spare time. The company also encourages users to introduce this platform to their friends and family to establish an efficient wealth building system

MX World promises networkers to promote their brands, products, and services on various platforms and create earning opportunities for people all around the world. An ROI of up to 150% is promised to the members of PromoPacks.

Owner of MX World

James Lee Valentine is the owner of MX World. It is not his first MLM company. He was previously running a pyramid scheme called Supreme Wealth Alliance that collapsed in 2012. Then, he started MX Fast Money in 2013, which was also a Ponzi scheme. In early 2016, Valentine was associated with MX Revshare. All of these three companies were total failures as they collapsed within a few years of their launch.

MX World

MX World has been running since 1st September 2016. Its YouTube channel indicates that the company was launched on September 13th in a ceremony. Though the website does not give any information about its address, it is possible that the company is operating from the Philippines. There is no official work profile of James Lee Valentine, but he was also living in Phillippines in 2013.

Domain Insights

According to Alexa, has an average global ranking. Quite surprisingly,  it is enjoying massive popularity in Argentina and Russia. Most of the website traffic is from Argentina (82.8%) and Russia (14.6%). The site analysis also shows that the popularity of the company is continually declining, which means that it is not the perfect time to invest in this company.

Services of MX World

MX World does not have any retail products. It offers three main services:

  1. Advertising services that allow the members to advertise their businesses using numerous options like PTC ads, traffic exchanges, and banners. Moreover, the company promises you income via promotional activities.
  2. Paid to Click (PTC) Ads is one of the most popular services of MX World. It allows you to earn money with very little investment.
  3. MX.World does not give much information about the third service but claims to offer many business programs that use to establish partnerships with various companies associated with the advertising platform.

While these three services may seem very impressive to the users, the biggest catch is you must buy the affiliate membership to avail of any of these services. Initial affiliate membership is free. However, to participate in the compensation plan of the company, you must invest at least $5. The maximum investment of $50 can be made in MX.World.

MX World’s Compensation Plan

MX World promises n ROI of up to 110% in the following three packages:

  • Earn $5.50 from the $5 package.
  • Earn $27.50 from the $25 package.
  • Generate $55 from the $50 package.

It is important to note that MX World has made it compulsory for all of its affiliates to click on ten company ads every day to generate an ROI of up to 2.5% each day.

Referral Commissions

Even though the company is providing different services, but the business structure and compensation model makes it evident that MX World is an MLM company because there is no external source of revenue for this company. It urges the users to refer it to other people to earn referral incomes. Its website claims that 20% of the referral commissions are given over three levels of recruitment.

Nevertheless, there is no specific information about the amount of money given to the affiliates on making referrals. In fact, it is not clear whether the company even pays any amount or not. Therefore, it would be much better for you to avoid this shady platform. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that allow you to make trading choices according to your own preferences and increases your chance of earning significant profits. 

Features of MX World

MX.World mentions several features of this platform to entice the users in buying the affiliate membership. Some of these features are:

Increasing Traffic

Members can promote these companies, products, and various services to attract more traffic from all over the world. Placing different types of ads like PTC ads,  login ads, and others will allow companies to earn profits in a quick and efficient way.

Multiple Sources of Income

By becoming an affiliate of the MX World, you will have multiple sources of income. For example, you will be able to earn referral commissions by recruiting new members. Similarly, you can earn bonuses clicking on ads of your consumers. All of these ways are the promised sources of income. However, there is no proof that the company actually pay you through any of these methods.



The company promises the members special discounts and bonuses on different schemes. It claims that you can earn income from your own ads and avail bonuses offered by other members as well. Hence, the company is convincing the users to invest in it by offering them a great number of benefits.

Final Verdict About MX World

 MX World has no products or services to sell to the users without making them buy the affiliate membership. It means that the company is making all of its income from the affiliates. It makes it a Ponzi scheme. Moreover, the company does not give many details about the ad credits it claims to offer. It shows that the business might be involved in some kind of illegal activities and not complying the business rules and regulations.

Another significant factor that gives information about the legitimacy of this platform is that its owner, Lee Valentine, was involved in many Ponzi schemes. MX Revshare was a very similar company to MX World, which collapsed within a few years of its launch. It means that it is a very risky move to invest in this suspicious platform.

One thing is very clear that there are very limited opportunities for earning good money from MX World. Most of its services and compensation schemes revolve around taking money from you and paying a very little amount in return. Moreover, since the company is dependent on new recruitment, there is a high chance that this company will collapse when its recruitment stops.

Hence, there is a very high risk of investing your money in MX World. To have the maximum chances of earning profits through reliable and relatively safe methods, use the crypto trading bots that provide much greater support and efficiency to earn money via crypto trading.

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