My Daily Choice Review: Has a Poor MLM Scheme
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My Daily Choice Review
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Review Summary

The entire focus of My Daily Choice seems to be on the MLM part of the business. The company is offering a variety of commissions and bonuses to attract more users. Yet, there is no proof that you will actually be making any kind of profit from this company.

My Daily Choice is a well-established company that offers a variety of products to customers. It has been operating since 2015 and has gone through massive changes. Since 2017, the primary focus of the company is on the MLM side of the business.

It is important to review the affiliate program of because there are some significant factors that make it a suspicious platform. In this article, you will be getting complete information about My Daily Choice and whether you should invest in it.

What is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is claiming to be consist of people from various fields and industries such as marketers, entrepreneurs, tech experts, and consultants. The company is promoting itself as a highly reliable platform that can provide you with complete financial freedom.

According to, Josh Zwagil is the founder and CEO of the company. Zwagil has been a part of various MLM companies in the past. His social media profiles show that he has been promoting different MLM marketing tools for a couple of years now.,

Hence, it is clear that My Daily Choice itself is primarily an MLM company. Yet, it is offering a variety of products to seem like a legitimate platform and attract as many people as it can.

Registration Process of My Daily Choice

The basic affiliate package of My Daily Choice costs $20. However, if you want to take part in the entire income structure of the company, you will have to buy one of the following:

  • Brain Bears Director Package that costs $60
  • Brain Bears Executive Package that costs $199
  • Travel Builder Package that costs $69
  • Travel Director Membership that costs $199
  • Executive Package that costs $599

The main difference between these packages is the fact that they offer different types of income potential. As a result, the company is encouraging people to invest as much money as they can so that they can earn more profits.

My Daily Choice

Products of My Daily Choice is offering many different products to cater to the requirements of a large number of people all over the world. The products page of the website states that the company is offering products like CBD oil, travel packages, sprays, and even cryptocurrency.

It is quite surprising to see that My Daily Choice is not focusing on any one particular product, which might be its specialty. Instead, it seems all over the place. You have to keep in mind that such tactics are often used by many other companies to attract different kinds of clients and make them invest in the company.

Moreover, the website is inviting people to buy these products because they can help them in improving their health, boost the immune system, facilitate anti-aging, and play an integral role in overall health and fitness. However, there is no proof of the fact that the products of My Daily Choice can actually provide any of these benefits.

Income Structure of My Daily Choice

Like most of the MLM companies, My Daily Choice is also making use of both retail and residual commissions to attract more people. The income structure of is quite complex because it makes use of several factors to provide profits to the users.

The most important part of My Daily Choice is the affiliate ranks of the website. provides the following breakdown of the affiliate ranks through which the users can generate income:

  1. Affiliate Rank is the most basic rank of the company at which you have to register and buy an affiliate package.
  2. Builder Rank, for which you have to recruit at least three affiliates.
  3. Director Rank, for which you have to recruit at least three affiliates and generate sales on a monthly basis.
  4. Executive Rank for which you have to recruit at least three affiliates and generate sales on a monthly basis.

There are many other affiliate ranks such as 5k, 10k, 25k, and others. The qualifying criteria of all of these ranks are dependent upon personal and group sales. It means that the company wants to use its members as a free marketing tool so that they will keep generating profits. This kind of business model is not suitable for the members of the company.

You will have to keep promoting the company on different platforms to earn any kind of significant profit. You should avoid investing in this kind of poorly designed MLM scheme. Instead, you should be using the reliable Forex trading bots that allow you to generate a significant amount of profits via Forex trading.

Retail Commissions

Like many other MLM companies, My Daily Choice is also offering retail commissions to attract more users. The website also provides the breakdown of the retail commissions to present itself as a legitimate investment opportunity.

According to, affiliate members on different levels can generate the following income by retail commissions:

  • Retail commissions on the one pack are $10
  • Retail commissions on the three packs are $20
  • Commissions on the eight packs are $50
  • Commissions on the twenty packs are $100

Other Bonuses

Other than these major commissions, the company is claiming to provide a number of other bonuses and commissions to provide you complete financial freedom. However, all of these bonuses revolve around affiliate memberships. Even if you earn some money, you cannot expect them to be as per your expectations.

The claim that the My Daily Choice is capable of providing financial freedom is highly suspicious due to the fact that the company has not managed to establish itself as a known name in the industry. It has been operating for a couple of years now. However, the history of shows that it has gone through various changes in the past to seem to streamline its processes.


The purpose of discussing these various aspects of My Daily Choice is to point to the fact that it is not a trustable company. The product line of is equally disappointing. The company is presenting its products as some kind of revolutionary products.

Yet, there is nothing new in this product catalog. In fact, it is very common for MLM companies to offer various products to seem like a legitimate platform. There has been a lot of complaints about the quality of the products. Therefore, it is evident that My Daily Choice is not focusing on its products.

Instead, the entire focus seems to be on the MLM part of the business. The company is offering a variety of commissions and bonuses to attract more users. Yet, there is no proof that you will actually be making any kind of profit from this company.

The different criteria set for the affiliate ranks seem too strict and complex because it requires users to keep working for the company continuously. As a result, you will be getting very insignificant profits. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that even if is not a scam, it has a very poor MLM scheme. Such kind of scheme cannot benefit you in any major ways.

You should not invest in My Daily Choice because eventually, it will become difficult for you to manage the different criteria of the affiliate ranks. Hence, you will end up losing your money. A reliable and efficient alternative to such MLM schemes is the Forex trading bots that help you in making a large number of profits via Forex trading.

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