N-trade26 Review: N-trade26.com is a Sneaky Scam

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N-Trade26 Review
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Moreover, N-Trade26  does not feature information regarding the withdrawal requirement. Hence, we do not know whether there are fees that customers have to pay. This is an outrageous offshore entity that fails to present its trading condition to invest.

N-Trade26 is an obvious Ponzi scheme that proclaims to be operating legally. The venture even avails a fake ASIC license upon registration. The entity is allegedly trading cryptos, indices, commodities, Forex, and shares. They promise to hold the hands of investors and sore them to unimaginable success.

The reality is that this is an untrustworthy broker. Investors who join them won’t get desirable results. It is the least of the platform’s objective to deliver customer satisfaction. You expose yourself to severe risks by trading with the company.

N-Trade26 is the kind of entity that doesn’t last long in the industry. Nonetheless, it boasts of having over 250 trading instruments. The speed that it takes to process an order is also fast. The problem is that once an offshore broker ceases operating things go south.

N-trade26.com Review, N-trade26.com Company

Your data can be used in identity theft which compromises you more. Moreover, funds cannot be recovered. Therefore, don’t be swayed by their malicious ploys. Con artists can be pretty convincing and make all sorts of promises.

N-Trade26 is a company that fakes its regulatory status just to appear legit. Expect the worst from them. Avoid dealing with offshore companies by entrusting your money to reputable forex brokers. Their trading results are accessible to all.

N-Trade26.com Review

The platform assures traders it got their back. Their strategies have been proven to work. Your money is not safe with N-Trade26.com. Moreover, the firm also proclaims having award-winning educational materials.

Sadly, we don’t know the topic that they cover. It is therefore impossible to attest whether the materials are of high quality. Often you find scammers getting educational resources directly from the internet without altering anything. The documents they sell to clients can be freely obtained.

N-Trade26 also uses trading software to boost the returns of its investors. Their tools ensure traders can manage their risks. Combined with their advisors, and expert indicators, customers improve their performance. The suspicious venture has a perfect sales pitch.

However, you need more proof before granting them access to your funds. The company should not shy away from providing trading results. Their words are baseless. Furthermore, the platform is operating in full anonymity.

Trading Conditions of N-Trade26

The leverage available for traders is 1:500. The trading platform that is available at N-Trade26 is web-based. The company does not have a Meta Trader interface that has multiple features. The spread that the client enjoys is 2.7 pips. 

N-trade26 Review, N-trade26 Features

Investors would have to pay more which is not ideal. Legit platforms always have competitive offers for their customers. They provide a wide spread of 1.5 pips. in average. 

The leverage of N-Trade26 is very risky to investors.  Financial regulatory bodies like the FCA limit the cap to 1:30 while the USA and Canadian government limiting the leverage to 1:50.

Withdrawal and Deposits

N-Trade26 Claim that investors can deposit funds using Bitcoin, wire transfers, or bank cards. The only safe method that you can use is depositing by credit or debit cards since you can issue a chargeback within 540 days.

In regards to bitcoin and wire transfer payment traders will not know the people that receive the money.  It is a perfect way for con artists to conceal their identity. The broker states that the minimum amount that one can deposit is $1.

Unfortunately, we cannot verify this information because the company requires critical data from the investors. Moreover, N-Trade26  does not feature information regarding the withdrawal requirement. Hence, we do not know whether there are fees that customers have to pay. Additionally, the company does not feature information on account dormancy. This is an outrageous offshore entity that fails to present its trading condition to invest.

Customer Support 

N-Trade26 brags that it has award-winning customer support.  The team works around the clock handling the questions of traders. The entity warrants that nothing shall get in the trader’s way when it comes to delivering quality services.

You can contact them via email, live chat, or phone. We cannot verify whether the customer cares to respond in time. The platform has no client feedback. Offshore entities tend to be unprofessional. They don’t respond to their victims.

The office address of N-Trade26 is in Australia. Unfortunately, the venture is using the information of an authorized broker. The platform is an illegal clone that you should be wary of. This is not a broker worth testing the waters. The company is asking clients to verify their ID. Granting them access to such materials can land you in more trouble.

Their phone number won’t go through and nobody shall assist you. Investing with a legit company guarantees fast communication, and the safety of data. The platform will never use your information against you.

N-Trade26 Registration and Regulation

The Australian government or any other body in the market does not license N-Trade26. The company is operating as it pleases. Therefore, they ignore the set guidelines. The broker does not provide fund safety.

The company fakes a licence from ASIC. However,  the time that the clone company came into existence is in 2021. The Legitimate broker on the Australian financial watchdog database was established in 2010.

 As you can see N-Trade26 Is trying very hard to stay relevant in the industry. Investing with a company that has a regulatory document grants you peace of mind. You have the insurance that the company will be there in the future.

 In case of unforeseen risk like insolvency, investors receive compensation. Additionally,  you will be trading under minimum risks. There is also segregation of funds whereby investors money is kept in a separate account.

 A licensed company must also report their daily activities to a financial regulatory body. There’s no need of risking your safety and funds with the shady company. Ensure that you perform thorough research before investing in a company.

The Domain Insight

N-Trade26.comIs a new investment company that does not have a trading history. investing with them without having a reputation exposes you to more dangers. The registration took place in April 2021. Despite them having an award-winning sales strategy there is no evidence of trading activities are happening on the website. The amount of traffic visiting this platform is also worrying. The location of their customers remains unknown.

Final Verdict

Every form of investment comes with risks.  There are both good days and bad days. Nonetheless, scammers in the market try to make online investment sound like magic.  They want traders to believe that they will only be making huge returns. If you are misled by these people you will end up regretting and losing a lot of funds.

Ponzi schemes only have one intention which is to make investors money. no matter the situation they will always get what they want. They keep asking for more money to generate more profits. Once you request for withdrawal they will disclose fees they had not mentioned before. You cannot trace them down since their location remains anonymous.

To avoid the drama and headache of following up on your money invest with transparent and genuine forex trading platforms. They have trading results and legit customer feedback from those who have engaged with them. Hence, you shall make a sober decision.




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