Nabinv Review: A Circumspect Broker

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Nab Europe
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Nab Europe does not have any risk prevention measures that prove your funds are safe. The information on the founders and the employees is hidden, raising more doubts about their services. In addition, they may also be keeping funds in personal accounts while claiming your money is in segregated accounts.

Nabinv is a shady offshore broker that we do not recommend any of the services they offer traders. The company has multiple red flags with a hidden agenda that is definitely to swindle all your funds. They assure traders of world-class safe trading through a reliable broker, and you trade with low spreads.

Nabinv Review, Nabinv Company

They offer various assets to trade from; Gold, Metals, indices, commodities, and energies. The suitable trading platform they use is MT4 which is well established for trading and consider the only positive thing about Nab Europe.

However, through reliable methods that these forex brokers apply, you can easily earn pleasing returns. Also, while trading, you can apply risk measures such as stop loss and take profit during sudden market shifts. Accordingly, the trading world faces high volatility, and Nab Europe does not apply any techniques to prevent unwanted losses.

Nab Europe has 55+ global currencies pairs. You can invest in commodities such as wheat, sugar, and stock of more than 200 companies. Nevertheless, this is just claims, and you should not believe sword they claim since how they indulge in the trade is unknown. Review also Nab Europe assures traders of more than 400 instruments at your tips to generate profits. They also brag about how big it is and the high level of trustworthiness. However, there is no guarantee that you are dealing with professionals.

The traffic they manage to get is also very minimal for a platform that claims to be at the industry’s top. Accordingly, there is no data regarding the founders, and the kind of qualifications they hold is unknown. Thus you risk dealing with quacks who might have no idea how the trading world works.

Scammers are well known for hiding personal data from customers, which only reveals the murkiness behind them. claims to work with more than 2.5 million customers, but this is just mere false allegations. Furthermore, news spreads fast thanks to the internet, and if at all the investment firm was giving top-notch services, they would be known for tremendous services. Nab Europe has multilingual staff and gives services in over 196 nations; thus, they are known globally. There is no data to show that you are dealing with professionals, and the instruments they feature will barely work in your favor.

How Operates brags about knowing what traders want, and you can also benefit from partnership programs. It also tries to dispel any doubts by claiming to put all your needs first, but they really care about your deposit funds. There is no information on the kind of software they use for operation, and there is no data on the kind of methods they apply for trading. Nab Europe does not have any hidden terms and conditions, and they brag about fast speeds and decent pricing as the added advantage. clearly does not seem to have any trade activities and does not have a trade history. Accordingly, you should find past trade data for a couple of months before making any investment steps. Also, you should fully understand how the company works before you can decide to go all-in with your funds. Nevertheless, scammers tend to all operate similarly. They offer you massive profit returns estimation. This figures are barely attainable and especially not with the techniques that Nab Europe applies.

Nab Europe has an attractive bonus of up to 50% or more, but this is just the bait they lure traders. You cannot withdraw the bonus, and you will have to trade up to a certain level before withdrawing. Nab Europe will contact you through various means possible, and when you make any deposits, that is the end of business between you and them. So it would help if you avoided Nab Europe at all costs or risk losing all your money.

Nabinv Funds Safety

Nab Europe does not have any risk prevention measures that prove your funds are safe. The information on the founders and the employees is hidden, raising more doubts about their services. In addition, they may also be keeping funds in personal accounts while claiming your money is in segregated accounts. You may be shocked to realize that they are actually the main beneficiaries, and you will not get as ingle coins as returns from them.

The safety of your cash is paramount, and any murkiness should prevent you from making any deposits with them. Also, they do not have any transactions to determine the kind of returns you ought to get from them.

They do not have any banking information that proves users are safe and you, are likely to lose all funds. They do not have a demo account for you to familiarize yourself with your company or any services they give. Also, Nab Europe pretends to be at risk you may end up sharing personal data with criminals.

Deposit and Withdrawals charges a minimum deposit of €250. However, they feature investment plans that require a trade amount of up to €25k with no actual variance from the lowest plan. Nevertheless, they require you to invest a lot of funds while legit competitors charge €100, and they do not have the kind of sunless traits that Nab Europe shows. Review , Conditions

They also claim to accept credit/ debit payments, and they showcase so many red flags. Hence if you have made any deposit with them, you can use the 540 days period to claim your money back.

Cryptocurrencies and wire transfers are barely reversible, and you should fully understand how the platform works before you can deposit a single dime. Nab Europe does not have a refund policy that you can use to claim your funds back. Meanwhile, there is no evidence of any successful withdrawals, and customers are actually complaining to have lost funds. You will not be treated any differently.

Regulation and Customer Support does not bear any regulation documents that show they are legally allowed to generate funds from the public. They do not fall under any regulator, and they are not allowed to access funds from the public. Nab Europe does not fall under any regulator within Europe. They do not feature regulation, and thus the founders risk facing criminal prosecutions for illegal operations. Unregulated platforms barely survive the competitive market, and they end up facing bankruptcy mostly.

They may also go against any trade guidelines whenever they want, and your money is not safe. Consequently, regulated forex brokers will showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily find and verify similar data they provide. Nab Europe does not feature any customer Support data besides a chat section, and the location address is hidden. Reaching them is a hard task, and you should stay away from them.

Final Verdict

Nab Europe does not reveal any special techniques that they use to beat the market, and neither do they have any trade data to show the kind of profits they have been getting in the years they have been in the market. They are only after your funds while purporting to be a legit entity offering trade services.

There are legit forex brokers that will attract profits your way by applying reasonable techniques. It would help if you stayed away from, and they will make attempts to swindle all your funds.

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