Nacometa Review: is a Fundraising Scam

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Nacometa Review
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Review Summary

It is evident that the company wants you to keep investing in the company again and again. However, this is not a sustainable model as you cannot expect to make any significant profits from it. Instead of relying on such Ponzi schemes, you should use genuine crypto trading bots to make profits via crypto trading.

Nacometa is presenting itself as the world’s first fundraising platform that provides benefits to all of the people who participate in it. According to the website of the company,, everyone can trust the company to make their wishes come true.

It is important to review this company in detail because there are many other fundraising platforms. This review will help you in finding out that whether you can trust to invest in it. Keep reading to make the best investment decision.

Overview of Nacometa

Nacometa is claiming to be a platform based on a modern business model that combines the benefits of different approaches to fundraising. states that the primary goal of the company is to benefit all of the people who invest in the company. It wants to empower people by uniting them and giving them financial freedom.

As expected from a company like Nacometa, it does not offer any retail products. The website also does not provide any information about the people running the platform. It is quite surprising to see that the company is hiding the name of its because when it is claiming to be made of a strong-knit community.

The analysis of shows that the website was registered in January 2020. The registered owner of the domain is Yangon System, which is a shell company having ties in the Czech Republic and Russia. However, none of this information is officially declared by the company.

Registration Fee of Nacometa

The entire business model of Nacometa is associated with its gifting scheme. The website does not provide any specific details about the amount of money you will have to invest in getting access to the income opportunities at the platform.

However, a marketing video of the company suggests that you will have to invest at least $16 to $21 per month as gifting payments. However, the company does not provide this information clearly.

It is also not clear that whether you will have to make the payments as gifts every month or not. This is extremely disappointing that makes a lot of claims, and yet it does not mention the most fundamental thing about joining the company.

It is evident that the company wants you to keep investing in the company again and again. However, this is not a sustainable model as you cannot expect to make any significant profits from it. Instead of relying on such Ponzi schemes, you should use genuine crypto trading bots to make profits via crypto trading.  

Income Structure of Nacometa is primarily a Pyramid gifting scheme. The company wants the affiliates to keep gifting funds to each other. However, the website does not provide any solid information about the kind of business model the company has.

When you sign up on Nacometa, you will get a certificate. This certificate will make you gift funds to the person who recruited you. Once the initial payment is made, the affiliate will have the option to transfer the remaining funds to three other affiliates.

Features of Nacometa

Nacometa is claiming to have various different features that can benefit you in many different ways. Let’s review these features to determine whether the company is actually capable of fulfilling its promises or not.

Free of Cost states that the platform is fully transparent about how the funds are being used to benefit the affiliate members. The company claims to be a non-profit platform that does not collect the funds of the members for profits.

However, you should remember that the company is still asking you to invest a certain amount of money in the company. It means that participation in Nacometa requires funds. The truth is that Nacometa is not a free platform. It is only promoting itself as a free platform to get the attention of a large number of people.


Nacometa encourages people to fully trust the company because it is a decentralized platform that does not rely on third parties to perform essential business functions. The website states that only direct peer-to-peer donations are handled by the company, so you can fully trust it with your investment.

Whenever you are dealing with companies like that are quite new in the market, you should always proceed with caution. Such companies have a higher chance of collapsing due to a lack of funds. You should avoid investing in these kinds of platforms.


Nacometa is promoting itself as a highly convenient and user-friendly platform that is enjoying continuous network growth. However, there is no way to verify these claims. In fact, the traffic to is minimal, which shows that the company is not attracting any significant number of users.

The website encourages users to join the company to enjoy safe and secure services, along with 24/7 customer support. Yet, the website does not provide any way of quickly contacting the team behind the company other than an email.

Use of Modern Technology

The website also states that it uses modern tools and technology to handle donations. Yet, it does not provide any further details about the specific technology being used by Nacometa. These kinds of ambiguous claims definitely raise red flags about the company.

There are many other Ponzi schemes that also make similar claims to using modern and safe technology to provide profits. However, most of these companies are typically operating with conventional technology. The company only makes these claims to gain the attraction of people and get their investment without providing any benefits in return.

Growing Community mentions in various places that the community of the company is growing continuously due to its unique and reliable business model. The company is promoting this feature without providing any evidence or an exact number of affiliates it currently has. It is encouraging people to become an affiliate to enjoy the various benefits of its fundraising opportunities.

There is no proof that the number of affiliates of Nacometa is actually increasing. It is possible that the company is lying about this feature to seem like a successful company and attract more users.

Complete Financial Freedom

Nacometa is asking people to join the platform because it allows you to gain complete financial freedom, along with becoming a donor. However, the website does not provide any reliable details about how it helps users in achieving financial freedom. Instead, it only keeps making various claims to attract people and make them invest in the company.

Nacometa Logo


The overall business model of Nacometa is extremely confusing. It contradicts itself in many places. The company is mainly presenting itself as a platform that can provide funds via different measures. However, it is actually an illegal gifting scheme that wants your money before its imminent collapse. uses many different sophisticated terms to seem like a legitimate and genuine platform. Yet, the actual business model of the company is similar to any other gifting scam. You cannot expect to make any significant profits from the company. In fact, there is a high chance that you will end up losing your initial investment as well.

Therefore, you should not invest in Nacometa because you cannot make any profits from this gifting scam. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that provide you with huge profits via legal and efficient crypto trading procedures.

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