Naristech Review: Unprofitable Broker

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Naristech is a newly established company targeting novice traders. The venture lacks a trading history. They also have no customer reviews.

Naristech presents its parent company as Naristech Corp. Unfortunately, The entity is not registered anywhere in the world. We suspect this is a fictitious firm that the scheme has invented to appear trustworthy. Stick with us to know more about the broker and stay safe. 

Naristech Review, Naristech Company Review 

Naristech uses false legal information to attract more victims. Their trading conditions are risky to customers. 

They are using lucrative opportunities to trap more victims. Stay away from their bonuses and look for legitimate crypto companies with a proven trading history.

Naristech Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Naristech advertises a leverage of 1:200. You won’t get a licensed company with high leverage. They are under strict jurisdictions. In the European Union citizens can enjoy leverage of 1:30 while in the USA the approved cap is 1:50. 

What these types of schemes won’t reveal is that high caps attract a higher level of risk. Leverage can also offer bigger returns. However, do not take such risks if you are a novice trader. Legitimate brokers grant professional investors privileges to enjoy high leverage. But, they have to prove their financial capability. Review, trading conditions

Naristech is offering a tight spread of 0.4 pips. The limit is profitable to clients. However, the broker does not mention whether there are applicable commissions. Brokers make money by charging fees. 

The scheme presents a web trader interface. The software lacks advanced features. Investors cannot trade automatically or track orders when their gadgets are off. The worst case is that offshore firms manipulate the market price. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

The company accepts funds via cryptocurrencies. The method is ideal but clients cannot issue chargeback or identify the fund recipient. Deposits made reflect instantly but withdrawal requests are processed after 24 hours. 

The withdrawal requirements of Naristech are sickening and unfavorable to customers. The entity is charging clients a 10% withdrawal fee. Percentage form fees are a bad taste to clients. Often offshore firms take advantage of naive traders by exploiting them. 

Also, legitimate companies don’t ask for withdrawal fees. This scheme advertises fat bonuses. Before accepting these lucrative opportunities know that there is a particular trade volume that must be met. 

Naristech requires clients to meet a minimum trade volume that is 25 times equivalent to trading their deposit and accepted bonus. It is only offshore schemes that offer bonuses. They inflict ridiculous terms just to retain clients’ cash.

Regulated firms are prohibited from such incentives because the money legally belongs to the broker. You can start trading with  Naristech by depositing $250. The amount is high considering there is no proof of investment. 

Naristech Regulation Status 

The first thing that every investor should check on is the regulatory status of a company. Naristech accepts investors from several countries. However, they fail to mention if they have a license. We did a thorough research and found the company on the blacklist of FSMA. 

The company claims it has offices in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, after checking on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database we did not find the broker’s name. Stay on the lookout and refrain from dealing with murky business. 

Naristech is not reporting daily transactional history to the financial watchdog. Investors are at high risk of losing more funds. This is because there is no negative account balance protection. 

The venture is not offering investors a compensation scheme. Therefore in the event of bankruptcy customers will suffer the most. Offshore schemes disappear in thin air. For the sake of your sanity deal only with regulated platforms.

Final Verdict

Naristech is a newly established company targeting novice traders. The venture lacks a trading history. They also have no customer reviews. The company’s physical address remains a mystery.

Investors need transparent and trustworthy crypto investment companies. The safety of funds should always be the main priority. 


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