NeoLife Review: Should you buy nutritional supplement products from

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NeoLife is a company that provides nutritional supplements products. It has been operating for many decades now. Previously, was running under the name of Golden Neolife Diamite International (GNLD International). However, its name was changed in 2013. The business model of the company has also evolved over time, and it has primarily become an MLM company. In this article, you will get to know about the important aspects of this company and whether you should invest in it.

Overview of NeoLife

NeoLife claims to be a leading organization in the health supplements industry. It has been operating since 1958, before rebranding itself in 2013. According to, it is a nature-based platform that provides healthy and beneficial supplements. It is promoting its membership plan by promising massive profits, discounts, and exclusive deals. The company promises special deals and income opportunities to its members.

The company is enticing users to join the company and promote it among their friends and family so that they can earn free products by recruiting at least three friends through the affiliate program. Making the world a happier and healthier place is the motivation of the company.

Owner of NeoLife

Jerry Brasfield is running the company from the state of California, USA. According to his corporate bio, Brassfield has been involved in marketing and selling products since he was very young. The business and health industry is stated to be his passions. He was also running another MLM company before NeoLife, which collapsed within a matter of a few years.

In 1954, he established Golden Neolife Diamite International (GNLD International) to provide quality services and products in the health industry. In 2013, the company’s name was changed to NeoLife. However, both of these names are still used to refer to the same platform.

Overall, the company has not faced any major issues since its establishment. Yet, the compensation structure of the company is quite unimpressive due to which users must be completely familiar with it before investing any kind of money in this company.

How to Join NeoLife?

The price of the basic affiliate membership of is $49. However, it offers very limitedly earning opportunities. If you want to earn any considerable profits, you must buy one of the following packages:

  • Buy Builder Kit for $440
  • Buy Manager Kit for $785
  • Purchase Senior Manager Kit for $1530

The major difference between these packages is the number of bonuses you can generate by participating in the income plan.

Products of NeoLife

According to, the company offers premium-quality natural products and health supplements. However, there is no proof of such claims that the company can provide the ‘finest’ food in the entire world. It also states that the company has millions of loyal customers. Yet, there is no external proof that validates such claims.

The company is also promising that its products are highly effective and beneficial for your health because they are produced as per the best scientific standards. Again, there is no way to support such promises. mentions a lot of products on its website. Some of them are:

  • Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus is useful for cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation and supporting the muscles and joints.
  • PhytoDefense supplement is beneficial in increasing your immunity.
  • Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates claims to provide a lot of energy for your body.

The company has several other products related to gut health, improving your immune system, fitness, and overall well-being.

Price of Products

The most disappointing thing about this company is that it does not provide the price of any of its products. It keeps mentioning a lot of other information like the benefits and ingredients of the supplements, and yet, the website does not mention the price of the products.

It simply means that the customers will have no idea about the price of NeoLife’s products unless they buy its affiliate membership. This kind of business model is not beneficial for the consumers as they are being forced to spend a huge amount of money just to buy their products. It also contradicts the company’s vision of making its supplements available to each and every person in the world.

Therefore, you should avoid investing in Instead, use the crypto trading bots that allow you to earn maximum profits by relying on their quick, efficient, and reliable services. Such bots also have flexible trading options that helps you in crypto trading on your own terms and conditions.

Income Structure

Like most of the other MLM companies, the income structure of NeoLife is a mixture of retail bonuses, residual bonuses, and many other types of commissions. Let’s discuss some of them:

Affiliate Ranks

The company has sixteen affiliate ranks that have different eligibility criteria. provides the following breakdown of the affiliate ranks:

  • Distributer Rank for which you have to register as an affiliate.
  • Manager and Senior Manager Rank for which you have to generate at least 500 and 1000 group volumes per month, respectively.
  • Director Rank for which you must earn at least 4000 group volume per month.
  • Members of the Emerald Diamond Rank have to recruit an affiliate on Director Rank.
  • Members of the Sapphire Diamond Rank have to recruit an affiliate on Director Rank or higher rank.
  • Affiliates of the 1 Ruby Director Rank have to recruit three affiliates on Director Rank or higher rank.
  • Affiliates of the 2 Ruby Director Rank have to recruit four affiliates on Director Rank or higher rank.

There are many other affiliate ranks such as 3,4, and 5 Ruby Director and 1 to 5 Diamond Director. The purpose of all of these affiliate ranks is to differentiate between the members of the company and give bonuses as per their ranks and commitment to the firm.

Residual Commissions

NeoLife distributes the residual commissions on the basis of a uni-level model. An affiliate is at the top member of a team while two positions are located directly under the top member. As the affiliates on level 1 keep recruiting more members, they are promoted to level 2. The website does not provide any limit on the number of affiliate levels.

The members can generate the following residual commissions:

  • 3% commission on making 250 group volumes per month.
  • 5% commission on making 500 group volumes per month.
  • 10% commission on making 1000 group volumes per month.
  • 15% commission on making 2000 group volumes per month.
  • 20% commission on making 4000 group volumes per month.

The company has also set some limits on personal volume, which vary from rank to rank.


NeoLife has a number of other bonuses like Leadership Development Bonus, First Order Bonus, Founder Share Pool, and Director Incentives. However, most of these bonuses are insignificant, considering the fact that you have to spend a large amount of money to just become eligible for them.

Final Verdict of NeoLife

NeoLife is trying very hard to present itself as some kind of leading company in the health supplements industry. It provides extensive information about its products. Yet, the website does not mention the price of any of its products. There is no way to trust this company due to a lack of information about its products’ costs.

Talking about the compensation structure of the company it is also very disappointing. Even though the website is trying to lure people into investing in it by promising several types of bonuses, it is evident that the company is not interested in offering any real earning opportunities to its members.

You should avoid investing in NeoLife because you cannot expect any good amount of money from its compensation structure. If you are really interested in generating profits, you should rely on the crypto trading bots. These bots are user-friendly and provide a wide range of crypto trading options that are useful for both beginners and experts. 

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