NimbleFX Markets Review: A Flimflam Broker

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NimbleFX Markets Review
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Summary has a similar trait to most scammers. The use of stock images of alleged happy investors who claim to have made high profits. There is no evidence to assert the customers truly made profits. The entity is an outlaw that you should stay away from. 

NimbleFX Markets is a forex broker that was anonymously introduced to the market by professional bankers. The platform’s main target is to improve your trading experience. However, this is not the result that we think you will earn from NimbleFX Markets.

In the quest to determine if the platform is a scam or legit thorough research was done. Hence as you read this unbiased review further, you might have a second thought before investing a single coin in the platform. Meanwhile, there are legit forex brokers that, through tried and tested strategies, will generate reasonable returns.

Thus a lot of factors should be put in place before finally considering investing in trading. The company provides trade services in Forex, Metals, and CFDs. The software is suitable for use with the Ctrader platform and mobile platform, including an expert adviser. Also, it features a VPS engine service.

NimbleFX Markets Review, NimbleFX Markets Company

Despite this information, there is not any data available regarding NimbleFX Markets and the algorithm it uses. Furthermore, they assure traders professional services with decades of expertise within the nice. Hence it would help if you were careful of such claims because scammers tend to operate in a similar likelihood.

Without any past trade data, the company does not seem to have any trade activities taking place. You should at least find three months of past trade data and that you can verify. You risk trusting experts in conning you when you invest in NimbleFX Markets.  They offer customers the best prices from various providers.

Meanwhile, trusting the wrong trade directions may have some unpleasing returns. The trading pair that was initially profiting may not fully benefit you due to the high volatility in the market. NimbleFX Markets gives traders 24/7 access to the market all via one account.

NimbleFX Markets Review

The broker is not transparent with its traders and fails to reveal a lot of details to its customers. For instance, the founders’ data is hidden from customers raising more doubts about the services they promise customers.

The founders are bankers, and not a single piece of information on their qualifications is available. Therefore, you will be sharing personal information with criminals, and your funds may end up disappearing. The platform offers traders the capability to trade logically and helps to make trade directions.

Newbie traders also get an opportunity to trade and make profits. Hence you expect training tools to guide you in understanding the trade. There is not a single beneficial tool that may aid innocent traders besides general knowledge on trading. NimbleFX Markets grants investors up to 15 profiting signals daily.

Additionally, they include risk management policies such as stop loss, negative balance reduction, and trailing stop. The risk measures are set to lower the risks you may face while trading. allows social trading whereby investors get to interact and share expert ideas.

The company claims that traders choose the platform because they offer various advantages: personal account managers who help discover investment gaps. The brokers assure clients there is no conflict of interest. Also, they provide low transaction fees, and the software is available for use on windows, android, and macOS devices.

NimbleFX Markets aims to allow you to become a profiting forex trader. Hence without any positive feedback from traders, we cannot recommend any of their services.

Testimonials has a similar trait to most scammers. The use of stock images of alleged happy investors who claim to have made high profits. There is no evidence to assert the customers truly made profits. The names of the people whose images have been used may not even know the companies’ existence.

The image of a top trader Tony Tuco if that is really his name, claims NimbleFX Markets is a good broker, and withdrawals are instant. Consequently, legit testimonials are highly preferable and recommendable.

Funds Safety at NimbleFX Markets

NimbleFX Markets accepts multiple payment methods: Visa, Perfect Money, Discover, Skrill, Maestro, MasterCard. However, you will only be putting your funds at risk and personal information in this investment firm. They do not have any refund policy, and some transactions are irreversible. Review, Trading Conditions

They do not have banking information that can assert your funds are safe. The anonymous founders might be criminals who will swindle all your money when you fall for the catch. There are no past trade records to determine the kind of returns you should expect. Also, there is no evidence of any successful withdrawals, and the testimonials are made up. The people behind the company operations are mysterious.

NimbleFX Markets Investment Plan

NimbleFX Markets gives its customers 8 accounts to choose from; The minimum investment plan is $200, and the maximum trade amount is $100k. Each plan allows 40% margin call, market execution, 0.01Trade size increment, and trade size lots.

They also offer leverage up to 1:400, so you should be cautious because high leverage may cause high losses. Furthermore, the investment accounts are extremely costly, and nothing is special about them. They all seem similar, and only the price per package is different.

Contact Support

NimbleFX Markets points its head office in 180 Whitton Road, Hounslow, London, England TW32ES. Moreover, during our research in coming up with this review, we discover the location does not have anything to do with NimbleFX Markets. So it would be hard for the telephone contact +442081441010 and email support,, to be in operation.

Working contact support is very important as it creates more trust with the investment firm. Also, they have a section that you fill out with your email and platform-related query. Hence response in legit investment firms is always instant.

The entity does not have a trading history. Therefore, the likelihood of them mistreating their clients is very high. Moreover, the broker does not have clients’ testimonials which is a big red flag. The best thing is to avoid transacting with them and dealing with reputable firms only. 

NimbleFX Markets Regulation Status 

NimbleFX Markets does not fall under the radar of FCA, which is the main regulatory body in the UK. Thus they are generating funds from the public illegally. The founders of the company are hiding identities because they risk facing criminal prosecutions.

Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency and you can count on them to generate reasonable profits for you. Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market and they end up breaking the laws whenever they want.

Final Verdict

NimbleFX Markets is operating against the law and may disappear at any given time with no trace. The method of operation is also murky, and the company causes more doubts about any of the services they promise traders.

The founders of NimbleFX Markets are operating anonymously with a hidden agenda to swindle your funds. Nevertheless, if they are making any trader’s lives easier, the same results should be visible via past trade history.

Transparency plays a vital role in earning customers’ trust, and does not reveal a lot of important data to its traders. You should always find all the relevant regulatory details you seek and reveal the same data.

The founders try to hide their murkiness but a lot of red flags are very visible. Furthermore, any expert within the niche will immediately notice the warnings and avoid the company at all costs. Therefore, you should invest with legit forex brokers unlike NimbleFX Markets that have tried and tested strategies will result to reasonable profits.



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