NordEquity Review: is a Blunt Scheme

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NordEquity Review
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NordEquity does not partner with a reputable financial institution to segregate customers’ accounts from their funds. There is a risk of deposits going directly to the con artists’ pockets. Unfortunately, customers cannot issue chargebacks. 

NordEquity is a dangerous offshore company targeting investors from strictly jurisdiction areas. The company is unworthy of customer trust. The platform deceives clients it has a safe and fast technique to grow their capital. 

NordEquity Review, NordEquity Company

It is possible to generate passive income by trading online. However, the process doesn’t happen overnight. You must first understand the basic terms and acquire skills by learning. Unfortunately, scammers will offer to bypass the learning curve. 

If you believe them you will learn the hard way. NordEquity does not have statistics to showcase its performance. After a thorough analysis, we find this company unworthy of clients’ trust. 

Their sole intention is to defraud innocent investors. Instead of wasting your time and resources with them you can check out some of the trustworthy and authentic crypto ventures Review 

NordEquity is using false testimonials to attract more victims. The statement indicates the platform has a high ROI. The more money you deposit the greater the profits. Sadly, the entity is using stock images. 

Nobody knows the firm’s real area of operation. Some rogue ventures even require customers to use remote desktops. They can steal personal data or install viruses on your gadget. Your money is never safe with offshore firms. 

NordEquity Trading Conditions and Accounts 

NordEquity avails of a sham web-trader platform. The reason why most shady offshore firms prefer such an interface is because it is easy to manipulate market prices. However, genuine brokers grant users advanced trading tools. 

One of the reputable trading software is the MetaTrader. It has a user-friendly interface, and programable trading EAs, and clients can create custom scripts. There are also fundamental and technical analytic tools. Clients can access multiple markets, and utilize advanced charting tools, and indicators. Review, Fake Testimonials

There is no guarantee NordEquity is trading forex, crypto, commodities, stocks, or indices. The entity doesn’t report its daily trading activities to any regulatory body. Moreover, there are no customer reviews. 

Nonetheless, they offer clients a spread of 3 pips. The firm is most likely charging commission on top of these unprofitable spreads. A leverage of 1:200 is advertised. The higher the cap the greater the risk. 

Moreover, financial bodies ensure brokers create conducive trading opportunities. They regulated the spread to protect customers from losing funds. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

NordEquity does not provide customers with multiple payment methods. Investors can only deposit cash using sham third-party companies. They accept a minimum deposit of $300. The amount is above the average market standard which is $250. Nonetheless, genuine firms are accepting lower amounts such as $10. 

The firm lacks trading terms and conditions. Therefore, nobody knows what to expect. They can inflict hidden terms or refuse to honor cash-out requests. Ensure that you look for proof of withdrawal by going through reviews. 

NordEquity Regulation Status 

NordEquity is targeting citizens from America. Therefore, the broker ought to seek a license from the USA regulator. The country has two financial bodies overseeing activities of online investment. That is the National Future Association (NFA) and Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC).

The body requires a broker to meet a capital of $20 million. Of course, rogue firms cannot afford the amount and they choose to operate in offshore areas. The amount is to prove a company can run its operation successfully without defrauding clients. 

NordEquity does not partner with a reputable financial institution to segregate customers’ accounts from their funds. There is a risk of deposits going directly to the con artists’ pockets. Unfortunately, customers cannot issue chargebacks. 

Final Verdict

Ponzi schemes change their terms and conditions overnight. They never consult their customers. They also exit the market prematurely leaving victims high and dry. Choosing a reputable and licensed crypto entity grants you peace of mind. 

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