OBAForex Review: Obaforex.com is a Broker that is to good to be true

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OBAForex Review
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The reason the broker has chosen to remain discrete is to hide their murkiness. The moment you give them a chance, you will live to regret it. Therefore, we urge all those that might be tempted to register with this venture to stay away.

OBAForex is an investment company that is a dirty Ponzi scheme. Stick with us as we expose this venture. It’s hard to know whether this is a fraudulent venture, especially if you are a novice investor. Scammers have sweet words, and without even knowing, you might become their next victim.

The platform claims that it is a result-driven venture. Therefore, meeting their customers’ satisfaction is their main objective. The firm also states it’s a reliable firm that keeps its promise. You should not believe in empty words.

OBAForex Review, OBAForex Company

OBAForex states that it is a transparent venture. The company allegedly wants to work with investors to help them attain financial freedom. However, the platform does not have a verified performance report that can redeem its name.

They brag about being the best, while the only thing we see on their platform is fluff content. The broker is an illegal firm that ought to be blacklisted by various financial bodies. Nonetheless, this is a venture that is providing clients with trading signals and educational materials.

Additionally, the entity is managing the funds of investors on their behalf. Entrusting your money to a suspicious venture will only lead you to more trouble. The returns that the company promises are too good to be true.

Obaforex.com Review

OBAForex assures investors of 100% profits. Investors are not subjected to performing any task. Once you make a deposit, you can relax and leave all the hard work to the investors. The question you should be asking yourself is whether this broker is worth your trust.

It does not require any special skills to identify a scam. The entity claims that it provide1400 pips every month. The deal is too good as well. The trading signals of this suspicious firm are exaggerated. This is definitely a scam.

The average win rate and their drawdown are left out. Legit Investment Company will not make such claims of guaranteeing 1400 pips. Moreover, expert traders will not waste time with such a losing entity. Companies like OBAForex target novice investors.

The reason the broker has chosen to remain discrete is to hide their murkiness. The moment you give them a chance, you will live to regret it. Therefore, we urge all those that might be tempted to register with this venture to stay away.

Invest with forex trading companies that have a trading history. These entities are transparent, and their trading performance is visible for all. There is nothing to lose once you give them a try. Multiple investors have left reviews that can help you make a sober decision.

The Domain Insight

Obaforex.com is an entity that has been in the market since January 2019. Their domain is expected to expire in January 2026. However, the registrar’s information is not accessible to the public. The broker is keen on the data it leaves behind.

Despite being in the industry for years, the firm has a low trust score. Additionally, according to Alexa’s rank, their traffic is also low. The broker has an engagement of 1,945,797, which is inadequate.  If they are paying, then we should be able to see more clients visiting.

Services OBAForex is providing

The company claims that it is offering forex training to those that have no insight. Moreover, the learning process never stops, and even the expert traders can learn a thing or two with them. Nonetheless, we highly doubt veteran investors will waste their time and resources in a losing scheme like this one.

OBAForex also states that it avails accurate signals to its clients. We cannot attest to this since there are no client reviews. Additionally, there is also no proof of payment. The firm also provides partnerships to its clients.

The only thing that the company wants from is clients are for them to deposit funds. They trade on your behalf. The platform also guarantees that it supports investors from all over the globe. They are offering fund management services.

Trusting them with your account is a blind step while their legitimacy is in question. OBAForex can do whatever it pleases with your money. You will be dealing with an unlicensed broker, and there will be nowhere to run to.

The entity is also involved with binary options, which are the riskiest assets in the market. You can lose all your saving in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, various financial bodies in the market have blacklisted this product. Therefore, you will be exposing yourself to more danger.

OBAForex Regulation and Registration

The regulatory body of Nigeria SEC does not permit this entity to operate on its soil. The platform is, therefore, an outlaw that traders should stay away from. In its defense, the company states that it is in the process of acquiring a license.

However, until then, they are unfit to run their business. A legit broker will comply with the rules of the countries that it is accepting investors from. Unfortunately, scammers do not care, and their only intention is to defraud as many people as possible.

OBAForex is an entity that does not have transparency. Moreover, there is no segregation of accounts. The broker is not working with any financial institutions. They have survived in the industry, but this is not an assurance that they will be there in the future.

Investors will also not be compensated. The firm does not have the best interest for the traders. Therefore, you need to become smart and avoid any engagement with them.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The company’s official address is at No 233 Building Material along Bukuru Express Way, Jos, Nigeria. It is an offshore venture that we cannot validate. This is its actual location. The Ponzi scheme also features multiple phone numbers which traders can use.

There is also an email address to contact them with. The entity offers a 10% profit to their agents for every client they manage to sign up for. The deal of this entity is questionable, for they are too good to be true.

Obaforex.com Review, Obaforex.com Contract

OBAForex is making money by selling forex training packages. However, we do not know if the information in these materials is of high quality or a waste of funds. The venture is also selling trading signals. Moreover, the company is not doing this for free investors must pay fees.

The platform does not care about its clients. They are only looking after themselves. The brokers that this firm is working with are shady. The company is referring new people to these murky firms. Even if you lose your money, OBAForex will still get a commission.

Final Verdict

The platform is a Ponzi scheme that you should stay away from. Once the people running this entity decide to exit the market, not even the authority will help you. OBAForex will still gain even if you lose your money.

They promise 100% returns, but we are yet to see clients that have benefited from their scheme. The entity is unregulated, and if you only have yourself to blame. Additionally, the trading strategy of this scheme remains a mystery.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are genuine. You will earn real-time returns by trusting the right brokers. Moreover, you should trust a platform that has a verifiable trading history. Avoid jumping to every opportunity that presents itself.

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