OGFinance Review: Ogfinance.net a Desperate Broker

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OGFinance Review
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OGFinance is one of the useless investment companies in the market today. Their promise of maximizing your returns is void. Invest with sound investment schemes instead. 

OGFinance is one of the useless investment companies in the market today. Their promise of maximizing your returns is void. You do not require rocket science to know that broker is a waste of your time unless you are a newbie who has recently joined the market. 

The platform mainly deals with cryptocurrency trading. They provide BTC, Ripple, Litecoin, among other coins. Additionally, the venture also trades commodities, Indices, shares, forex, gold, and silver. Trading is never as easy as these con artists make it appear. You need to be smart not to fall for their dirty schemes. 

OGFinance Review, OGFinance Company

One thing that you should check before depositing funds at any Tom, Dick, and Harry online investment entity is whether they have a trading history. Unfortunately, OGFinance has only been in the market for a couple of months. 

Therefore, they do not have trading performance reports. Moreover, upon checking out whether the company has positive reviews, we only found complaints. Therefore, you should not waste your time or funds on this losing broker. 

There are thousands of sound crypto trading companies in the market. These platforms have professional trading conditions for their clients. The withdrawal requirements also prove the firms are after the progress of their customers. 

Ogfinance.net Review

OGFinance states that it provides the best trading platform for its customers. However, the venture is referring to a web-based interface that has uncompetitive features. They try to assure clients that the best developers design the platform. Therefore, offering efficiency. 

Some of its features include; take profits, and stop loss. The main concern that one should be having is security. The safety of your money at data should always come first. Any company that is unable to provide the above is a complete waste of time. 

The team of OGFinance does not receive credit for being the best. On the contrary, the platform speaks highly about its capacity to make traders rich. But, unfortunately, when it comes to showcasing the team’s qualifications, the company shies away. 

This is because there are no brilliant minds behind the scheme. Scammers set up a website and use luring words to attract more people. The reality is that they don’t have the capability of generating high ROI. 

Ponzi scheme’s only intention is to get more funds out of their customers. The rest is none of their business. Due to this reason, we encourage investors to conduct thorough research on every company they come across. 

The Domain Insight

OGFinance claims that it was established in 2010. The time is enough for the entity to showcase its trading activities. However, the broker is a nasty fraudster that fakes even its history in the market. Upon checking out their status on Whois.com, we discovered that the entity registration occurred in March 2021. 

Why would they be so reckless and lie about something that anyone with an internet connection can access? Moreover, the Alea global rank is also pathetic. It shows that investors don’t have an interest in the services and products of the scam.

Investment Accounts

OGFinance has multiple trading accounts. The least amount that you can deposit s $250. The plan guarantees returns of 20%. The basic account comes with educational material, pro webinars, price alerts, and daily analysis of the market in reviews and videos. 

On the other hand, the Bronze package accepts a $1000 deposit. It has all the features of a basic account. The only additional perk is that one is assigned a junior account manager. It has a ROI of 40%.

The silver account of OGFinance provides a profit of 60%. It takes a deposit of $5,000. Clients get to enjoy silver spreads that are not disclosed. Additionally, they can also work together with a senior account manager. 

OGFinance.net Review, OGFinance.net Account


The Gold package has gold spreads, a personalized trading strategy, and an executive account manager. An overall profit of 80% awaits investors. The minimum deposit is $10,000. The Platinum account is a gold mine with several attractive features. 

It has a one on one training opportunity with an expert. Access to exclusive position and all other features of other preceding accounts. You need to pay $25,000 to enjoy these services. We are against trading with OGFinance. This is because the broker lacks professionalism and transparency. 

Trading Conditions of OGFinance

The platform provides a MetaTrader and a Web-based interface to investors. The spread on the EURUSD currency pair is 0.1 pips. Thus, they have a tight spread that is favorable for the traders. 

Their leverage is high 1:200 above what the FCA permits. Furthermore, OGFinance claims it is operating in London. Therefore, they should adhere to the guidelines of the UK financial body and offer a cap of 1:30. Their violation of the law is enough proof that this is an illegitimate scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

A number of investment schemes in the industry allow investors to trade with them with as low as $10. In addition, OGFinance states one can deposit money via Wire transfers, Credit and Debit cards, and OK Pay. 

If this review fails to convince you that the company is a bad choice, we suggest you cash in via bank card. Then, you can issue a chargeback when things go south. The least withdrawable amount is $250 for wire transfers and a fee of $50. 

Customers using other methods need to pay $100 with a fee of $25 plus a processing charge of $10. If you fail to execute a trading volume of over 200, you are at risk of getting a charge of $10. 

OGFinance is a shady company that does not have better trading conditions for investors. The broker has no intention of releasing funds once you give them access. The venture also has a bonus for its clients. However, you cannot withdraw unless you execute a trading volume of 25 times. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

The investment company boasts it has offices in London, Singapore, Zurich, and other reputable areas. OGFinance claims it has thousands of customers that are pleased with their services. The platform offers outstanding services to their clients based on their needs. However, this is a worthless entity. 

The broker does not have offices in the earlier mentioned countries. Actually, nobody knows the geographical locale of the scheme. The people that are responsible for the venture are anonymous and shady. The entity requires one to verify their data using ID. The suspicious firm can use the details for identity theft, putting you in more danger. 

The entity claims it has responsive customer support. Nonetheless, the only available mode of communication is via email. Them not having a phone number eliminates nagging from their victims. It’s easy to ignore emails. 

How do you entrust your data to a broker who cannot provide its location or hire professional support to respond to your experience challenges? The firm is after traders’ funds and not to provide top-notch services. 

Regulation and Registration Status of OGFinance

The conditions that OGFinance portals show that the company is operating illegally in the UK. The broker does not have a license from the FCA. The platform has not made an initial deposit of 730K. 

Therefore, clients won’t receive compensation from the venture if it faces bankruptcy. A serious firm will get all the necessary documents before commencing its trading activities. They also work with top-tier banks and segregate accounts. With companies like OGFinance, you never know what your money is being used for. 

Final Verdict

OGFinance is an illegal platform that violates consumers’ rights. In addition, the venture does not have reliable customer support.

You shouldn’t risk your safety with offshore entities. Invest with transparent crypto trading brokers that are the best. You will sleep sound knowing that your safety is taken care of.  

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