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Onecapital Review
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Unfortunately, investors won’t receive fund safety. The entity is not working with a reputable financial institution. Customers’ funds can therefore be lost without the ability to be traced. Scammers accept payment methods that limit traders from issuing a chargeback.

Onecapital Invest accepts all forms of traders. Be it, rookie or experienced investors. Those who lack adequate trading skills have nothing to worry about as top traders perform all their tasks. The venture boasts a wide variety of trading instruments. 

Onecapital Invest Review, Onecapital Invest Company

Our main problem is the platform falsely claims to be licensed. It turns out this is another shady offshore scheme. They promise unparallel trading conditions without even having a reliable trading interface. The scheme is also offering an educational program to customers. Sadly, the company fails to provide the course outline. The entity lacks trading results. You need to know what you are signing up for before registration. Review

Onecapital features bogus statistics indicating the trade volume and number of active traders. The traffic visiting the website does not match what the firm advertises. The company generates 1254 daily new customers and over 540K existing clients. The domain name was registered in January 2003 and shall expire in 2026. 

All this time, the scheme has been in the market yet does not have an excellent reputation. The venture also lacks existing customer reviews. Nobody endorses the broker, and this is another problem. 

Instead of risking the safety of your funds with an outrageous platform, why not venture with legitimate forex trading companies? Here is a list of regulated forex entities with excellent trading conditions. 

Onecapital Invest Trading Conditions 

Onecapital fails to mention the trading software available to customers. Without a trading tool, no investment can take place. Nonetheless, when you access the client area, you shall see a link to download the MT4. Unfortunately, the scheme does not provide login credentials. The software also bears a different name (Finances). It is another rogue offshore scheme. 

There could be a link between these two fraudulent schemes. Do not be surprised if the same person runs them. The scheme has a web trader software that is lurking. The features are essential and cannot contribute to traders’ success. You should also note the availability of trading software does not guarantee the scheme is trading.

Onecapital is trading volatile assets like indices, forex, stocks, and commodities. A reputable and sound trading platform comes in handy when trading. The majority of schemes provide the popular MT4 or MT5. The software has admirable features. It also allows clients to trade automatically.

Sadly, the scheme also fails to provide detailed trading terms. They do not have various trading accounts. Information about the swap, spread, and order execution methods is missing. This is not a severe investment firm. Whoever is behind the entity was in a rush to set up the ambiguous scheme. 

Onecapital advertises leverage of 1:500. The entity cannot be legit, yet it violated the FCA terms. A licensed broker in the UK can only offer leverage of 1:30. Clients should be mindful and trade cautiously. A high cap can lead to both increased profits and devastating losses. You will need a reliable broker and excellent trading skills to trade with high leverage. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

Onecapital fails to mention the minimum amount customers can deposit. It is critical to know what is required of you before registering. It is also highly likely the venture will quote different prices depending on the country of origin of the job occupation. Deal only with transparent firms.

The listed payment methods include; PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Sofort, Skrill, MasterCard, Skrill, and GiroPay. Sadly, we cannot verify if the company is using these options. Clients must verify their account by availing of an ID. It is risky to share personal data with anonymous people. Who knows what they shall do with the information. These are criminals in disguise. Review, Broker

Onecapital is also trying to withhold the funds of traders. The scheme offers bonuses to clients. Legitimate platforms operating in the UK are not promoted to offer such lucrative. Another affirmation the platform is an illegal company. Offshore ventures have unfavorable terms which customers must meet if they wish to withdraw their bonus. 

You can only cash out the bonus if you attain a 30 times trade volume of the bonus and deposit. Most customers won’t achieve this, and their cash will be trapped on the platform. Moreover, those who do not meet a 200 turnover must pay a 10% levy. It is outrageous, and there is no legit platform that will have such terms.

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Onecapital contact details indicate the entity is based in London, UK. The fact that the venture displays a map does not guarantee the company’s actual location. Offshore firms tend to mislead customers they originate from strictly jurisdiction areas. The whole time they are using generic information. 

Nobody knows the broker’s area of operation. Scammers are tactical, and they limit any possibility of the authority tracing them. Clients can only reach the firm via email or fill in the contact form. 

Onecapital lacks the financial capability to hire a professional support team. Any attempt to reach them shall hit a hard rock. You should choose a transparent and genuine company.

Onecapital Invest Regulatory Status

Onecapital Invest is a deceptive investment platform. It falsely claims to be legally in the market. Unfortunately, traders who do not verify information on investment scheme websites will suffer. The entity is illegally in business. There is no agency or corporate overseeing its financial activities.

Nonetheless, the scheme purports to originate from London. It also claims to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The body is reputable in the market. It ensures investment schemes create a conducive trading environment. The agency requires a broker to have a capital of 730,000 EUR.

The money is kept in a segregated account. It works to prove the platform can withstand volatility and manage its business without misusing traders’ money. Unfortunately, Onecapital Invest cannot afford the amount. This is why they are not in the financial body database. Customers can easily visit their financial body website and check if a particular broker is legitimate. 

Onecapital Invest claims it also has a license from the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and BaFin. Investment schemes should also provide ownership information. In this entity’s case, we do not know its parent company. Also, we are unaware of the professionals handling clients’ money. 

Choosing a regulated platform shall grant you peace of mind. Legitimate companies operate by the books. If they violate traders’ rights, the authority can come after them. Considering they have to meet tough measures, they cannot risk losing their license. Professionalism is guaranteed, and investors can earn passive income. 

Fund Safety at Onecapital

Unfortunately, investors won’t receive fund safety. The entity is not working with a reputable financial institution. Customers’ funds can therefore be lost without the ability to be traced. Scammers accept payment methods that limit traders from issuing a chargeback. When they use bank payment methods, they transfer the funds from one account to the other.

Onecapital is also not reporting its daily transaction history to the financial body. Hence, even if the company manipulated the prices, nobody would notice. The shady firm can intentionally make traders lose funds. There is no proof the money you deposit is being invested. 

It is essential to choose a platform that values the security of traders. Sadly, with this firm, you could lose more money than you initially deposited. There is no negative account balance protection. If Onecapital faces bankruptcy today, clients won’t receive a penny. This is because the entity does not participate in a compensation scheme. 

Final Verdict 

Onecapital is an obvious scam. The platform lacks what it takes to be the best in the market. Investors who join the offshore company will automatically lose funds. The venture is capable of faking its regulatory status to win over more victims. Who knows what else they are hiding.

Check out some of these legitimate forex trading companies. You will earn passive income without exposing yourself to scammers. Try them today!

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