Optimum Trades Review: Optimumtradesllc.com Awful Gyp

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Optimum Trades (Optimumtradesllc.com) is the brainchild of another scam we exposed a while back. OptimumTrades is a Crypto investment scam that belongs to Redox Trades LLC. Yes, the same company that is ripping off investors with false Crypto profit scams. Now, their entire platform is under scrutiny, and their website is down. Their next option was to open a new scam under a different name. To protect all investors, we must expose these online scam artists tarnishing the Crypto industry.

Optimum Trades Review

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About Optimum Trades

Once you click on their about us page, you realize that there’s no much information on who runs the show. The about us page claims that a group of like-minded professionals founded this platform. Why would they not post a single name of one of these so-called professionals? The reason is simple; they don’t want to expose themselves to authorities. After the dust settles, no one wants to be blamed for stealing from investors. And this is what happened with their earlier scam.

A legit company or investment platform will openly reveal its founding members. The reason why this is a scam is that no one wants to take responsibility. There are hundreds of complaints floating in regarding Optimum Trades. And this is the reason why we insist that investors should be extra careful. These over the moon claims, coupled with anonymity, makes us question their intention. And this is the reason why we are skeptical about investors signing in with this firm.

Assets and Trading instruments

Optimum Trades is furnishing users with four types of investment options. The four include an affiliate partner, crypto trading, Easy care, and Real estate. These four are what we refer to as their main assets. To get a hold of these assets, you have to deposit a certain amount. We notice that the platform also gets involved in Healthcare. This is a huge turning point, as most scam artists don’t dare play with health matters. The people behind it don’t have a hair of shame beneath them.

Customer Feedback

According to Jack, he learned of this scam after being directed by a Redox Trades LLC staff member. He was told that Redox Trades LLC was not taking in new clients. The only available option was to sign up with OptimumTrades. Once he did so, he waited patiently for over three months to withdraw the projected profit. It has been over four months, and he has not been able to retrieve even a penny. Getting a hold of staff members is a nightmare as staff members block his calls.

Domain Insights

According to a trusted domain checker, the website went live on 17th January 2020. It’s clear that for over a year, the pyramid scheme has been benefiting a few members. The few members have been used to bring in unsuspecting investors through affiliate programs. We can see that the platform is barely a year old, and they claim to have years of trading experience. These are fraudsters who will do or say anything to ensure you sign up with them. It’s best to stay away from these culprits.

Educational materials

The platform offers what they refer to as the Edu PLAN. According to the education page, this is geared to safeguard your child’s education. The advantages listed include having a free annual health checkup and a loyalty bonus every five years. These are over the moon claims as most users are not even getting the chance to withdraw. Once you deposit or buy into this plan, it’s the last you will hear of it. The best option is to stay away from it and get other proven alternatives.

Registration issues

There are also some problems with their registration process. The platform is asking for your personal information and banking details. You have to give them your banking details for them to ‘fund’ your account.  Once they have this, they can be charging your account as they please. Ensure you don’t give out your personal details. The scam artists could also be creating false identities using your details.

License and Registration of Optimum Trades LLC

OptimumTrades Deposit and Withdrawal

Optimum Trades LLC is not licensed or registered to perform Crypto investment options. The platform has no green light to offer education and health plans. Since they claim to be located in Toronto, we searched using the company registrar. We could not find a company listed under this name and profile. We are dealing with professionals scam artists who will do or say anything to get users. Beware of this scam as it will be on the blacklist once more complaints go through.

The reason why this is a scam is the lack of evidence to support their claims. We don’t get to see any documents to prove their claims. There is not a single permit from authorities to give credit to this platform. And this is a deal-breaker as it clearly shows we are dealing with a fraud. A legit platform should have posted copies of their license details.

Restrictions of Optimum Trades

Account Plans

Optimum Trades Crypto Plans

Optimum Trades is furnishing users with Crypto and real estate plans that are outright unreal. With the Crypto plans, you get to choose between daily, weekly, and monthly profits. The minimum deposit for daily profit is $1,000. There is a guarantee of 1.5 percent daily profit for 24 weeks. We are yet to see anyone come out with proof of making a profit with the plans.

Contact and Support

There’s a chat tab available, which is not of any use. The response time is slow, and we sadly learn that this is a bot. You don’t get any access to a live agent, which is a huge problem. The phone numbers at the bottom of the page are not helpful. We tried making a call, but no one could pick our calls. These people don’t want any interaction with potential victims.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The platform has made sure that depositing funds with the platform is easy. You can deposit using various methods, including Credit Card, Crypto, and PayPal. These scam artists want to cover all aspects of the deposit. It makes it easier for them to get a hold of your money faster. Withdrawing funds is the biggest hurdle facing members of this platform. For a year now, no one has come out with proof of withdrawing funds with this platform.

Safety of funds with Optimum Trades LLC

Although they claim to offer safety of funds, this is just a marketing gimmick. The platform claims to offer cover for up to $100,000. If this is the case, Jack would have been able to withdraw his funds by now. These are just sales tactics to lure unsuspecting investors into signing up with the platform. There’s no security cover with this platform as authorities do not even register it.

Scam or Legit Optimum Trades?

Optimum Trades Real Estate Investment Plans

Optimum Trades LLC is a scam, and there’s no doubt about it. We are exposing the platform, hoping no one will fall for their antics. Please stay away from it, or else risk becoming a victim like Jack.


We won’t be recommending this platform as it’s a brother to another scam. All the facts point to OptimumTrades being a scam. We insist that you be wise and choose recommended and tested options.

For a safety investing experience with Crypto, go for affordable and transparent tools. The best way to invest in Crypto is by having tested and trusted bots. Make the right move today.

We wish our readers all the best in their investment plans and trading options.


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