Optimus Markets: A Broker With FCA Warning

Optimus Markets Review, Optimus Market Company
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Optimus Markets Review
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Optimus Markets is a shady platform that operates as a Ponzi scheme. The website does nothing to build customer confidence and operates without a license. The platform is also running the company anonymously. Invest with the best forex trading brokers in the company.

Optimus Markets claims to be one of the best forex brokers in the market. The company claims to have various ready-made trading tools and strategies that will earn its clients great returns. It also claims that the strategies follow probability theories and statistical analysis, which are accurate in predicting the market.

Optimus Markets is clearly a shady platform with multiple red flags, and a close look at their website, you can tell it’s a scam. The entity is not transparent and has several characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. The data available on their website is not verifiable and insufficient for you to confidently invest with them.

Optimus Markets Review, Optimus Market Company

The company claims to have an expert team of traders with both practical and theoretical background in trading various instruments. However, it is all a scam, and the founders of the company and the team are operating anonymously. The company is not open and transparent to its clients, and investors should stay away.

Optimus Markets claims to be open to newbie and expert investors and have different account plans and strategies. The company promises to earn decent returns with minimal risk. It also ensures that investors’ funds are safe from loss. Unfortunately, it is all lies to lure newbie investors into joining the platform.

Furthermore, the website is not regulated by any reputable financial watchdog. The entity is operating without a license and will not be available for too long. The company will exit the market when there is no more revenue and not ensure your funds’ safety.

You should always conduct extensive research on a broker before you consider investing your money. Avoid companies that promise the narrative of getting rich overnight. There are reputable and transparent forex trading brokers in the market that you can comfortably invest with. Unfortunately, Optimus Markets does not fall into that category.

Optimusmarkets.com Review

Optimus Markets claims to be a forex broker that promises its clients high-quality financial and investment services. The company brags about providing its clients with various trading and financial tools to trade in forex. It also offers its clients different account types to suit trader’s preferences and promises stable returns.

Optimus Markets provides users with a quick and easy way to register to their website. It does not require any app or downloadable content on your mobile phone or computer. The entity allegedly has a team of experienced experts who constantly work to improve and further develop the company’s services. Furthermore, it claims its investors have the advantage of getting-off-the shelf experience from veteran traders in the company.

The company promises its clients numerous advantages by depositing with them. It claims to have innovative trading facilities and boasts of having the fastest and flexible processing and transaction speed. It also promises its clients reliable customer support working around the clock to handle any queries or difficulties.

Optimus Markets Forex broker claims to have unique trading and investment strategies to allow its clients to receive stable returns with minimal risk. The company provides a wide range of trading instruments such as CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and indices. Furthermore, it claims to select expert traders worldwide and manage them in a single trading network.

Additionally, the company boasts of having a license and registration by the International Financial Services Commission (SCGFSA) and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, respectively. Moreover, the entity claims to ensure its users’ fund safety and adherence to international Anti Money Laundering laws. It ensures clients that their funds are safe and also has many bonuses to motivate investors.

Trading Software and Leverage

Optimus Markets claims to offer various trading instruments and only offers the web trader trading software to its clients. It does not have the popular MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader5, a preferred choice for forex trading. The company claims to have fast processing speed and trade executions, but the trading software does not enhance the trading experience and has limited functions.

Furthermore, the entity fails in comparison to industry peers that have various trading resources. Key features lacking on the platform include Financial calendars, algorithmic trading, auto trading, VPS, and trading signals.

The website also states leverage of 1:500 on forex pairs which is above most industry standards. It is common for brokers operating without a license to offer high leverage in the hopes of attracting potential investors. Newbie investors associate high leverage with big gains; however, it is also a double edge sword that amplifies your losses in the event of losing a transaction. Putting a cap on the leverage is a form of client protection against risky transactions to protect their funds.

Optimus Markets Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods available on Optimus Markets website is limited to bank wire, credit, and debit card payments. The platform has three trading accounts available, namely ECN, Gold, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit available is $ 250 on the ECN and Gold account and 0.01 BTC for the Bitcoin account.

Optimus Markets Scam Review, Optimus Markets Account Types

Moreover, Optimus Markets promises its clients a 60% welcome bonus and 40 % bonus for each deposit. Bonuses are a red flag for fraudulent brokers, and the broker does not state any conditions for the bonus withdrawal. Scammers use high bonuses to lure innocent investors into depositing their funds and will only be left high and dry.

Lastly, the website does not provide any information on the withdrawal process, minimum withdrawal amount, or related fees. Additionally, they claim to charge inactivity fees for accounts that have been inactive for more than three months. However, the entity does not disclose any specific amount. Luckily, credit card payments have a chargeback period of 540 days which is something worth knowing if you have deposits with this broker.

Optimus Markets Regulation

Optimus Markets is a company that claims to have its headquarters in Hungary, and it is operating in the UK. However, the company does not have a Financial Conduit Authority license, a reputable financial watchdog in the UK.

The company website has documentation of the platform being registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), a famous offshore broker den. There are no regulatory bodies issuing licenses or legit forex brokers registered in SVG. Furthermore, the company offers high leverage over the set limit cap of 1:30. The major advantage of investing with brokers with a license is the guarantee of fund safety. Your money should be a priority, and you should not invest with such a shady entity.

Final Verdict

Optimus Markets is a scam platform that has nothing to offer its clients. The company does not have adequate information on its website, and it is also not verifiable. The website aims to attract newbie investors with the promise of unrealistic returns and high bonuses into investing.

The platform is also operating without a license, and its team and founders are also operating anonymously. Furthermore, the website has high initial deposit requirements and does not have any information on withdrawal. Lastly, the platform promises clients a team of veteran traders who will ensure winning strategies and high returns which is all lies.

Always perform due diligence and do not rush to invest with any broker without any verifiable information. Invest with legit forex trading brokers in the market to avoid losing your hard-earned money. Many scammers are available in the market who are using clever methods to get your funds.

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