OptionMinersFX Review: An Illegitimate Scheme not Involved in Mining

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OptionMinersFx Review
  • Fund Safety
  • Regulation
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The company was registered in November 2020. The firm is privately registered and without knowing their actual location it will be impossible to contact them. Moreover, the platform inspires to be in the market for only one year. The traffic that is visiting the website is not much.

OptionMinersFx is a company that is still new in the market. The problem with these kinds of ventures is that they do no survive long in the market. The company ensures that investors who do not have trading experience can take advantage of the market.

It does not matter the condition of the market. The suspicious entity claims you will attain fix hourly interest. Unfortunately, this is not how the market operates. Cryptocurrencies and other assets like Forex are volatile.

Therefore, there is not a single venture that generates constant returns for its clients. There are risks that are involved. Additionally, this venture is still new but the statistics it displays raises more questions.

OptionMinersFx Review, OptionMinersFx Company

OptionMinersFx states that it has over 2K clients in the market. However, you usually find that even the best investment entities in the market struggle to attain such a high number of clients. The traffic that is visiting their website does not reflect the same.

Invest with legit crypto mining companies that are trustworthy. These are the best firms in the world that are dedicated to offering great services to their customers. You will trade with confidence knowing that your info and money are secure.

OptionMinersFx.com Review

OptionMinersFx is a Ponzi scheme that lures innocent investors into thinking they will get rich quickly. There is a huge misconception that using trading bots will magically turn you into a rich person. The lie has become popular and people continue to lose money every day.

The fraudsters that are managing the operation of this firm are doing it behind closed doors. There is no information that has been left behind that can assist the authority to go after them. Moreover, we do not know the background of the individuals handling the funds of investors.

OptionMinersFx is a venture that is not transparent. Additionally, they are using false information to lure investors into giving them money. The platform is going to leave you high and dry. Choose to get the best skills and research before giving these entities access to your hard-earned funds.

OptionMinersFx Scam Review, OptionMinersFx Features

We are also against sharing your personal info with suspicious ventures. This is because once they exit the market there is no going back. They will come back again using a different domain name and these scammers will contact you.

Moreover, there is also a possibility of them selling your information to a third party. Fraudsters are only concerned with making money. It is the least of their concern if you are going to have a good experience.

Investment Plans and Returns

OptionMinersFx has four investment plans that are exaggerated. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this venture is $100. The entity promises that you will generate daily returns of 20%. This is beyond what the actual legit brokers are offering in the market.

The other plans assure investors of returns ranging from 30%, 40%, and 50%. The best investment ventures in the world do not attain these high earnings within a year. This should show you how serious this matter is and the shadiness of the company.

The more money that you deposit the higher the outcome that you are going to generate. OptionMinersFx is a platform that does not state the mechanism that it is using to generate these high returns. You will not know what you are signing up for once you give them access to your funds.

Registration and Regulation

OptionMinersFx is a platform that features its registration document on its website. The venture is a private corporation incorporated in England. The form which this scam avail does not mean much. Acquiring a registration document is a process and cheaper in the UK.

The entity wants investors to think that this is a legit venture. However, what you should b looking for is a license. They purport to be based in the United Kingdom. However, upon checking for this entity whether it is in the database of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) we weren’t surprised to find them missing.

The FCA ensures that investors enjoy fund safety. It subject investment entities to deposit an initial deposit of 730K. There is also account segregation which eliminates the possibility of the venture using investors’ funds for its own purposes.

In case an entity exit the market due to bankruptcy traders will be compensated. The pros of investing with a licensed company are many. Therefore, ensure that you trade with the best firms in the market.

Customer Support

OptionMinersFx is a platform that does not disclose its actual office address. The entity is operating anonymously. The only way that you can contact them is via email. They do not have a telephone number which is another red flag.

The moment you try getting your funds back the customer support will not respond to your questions. Their FAQ page does not feature much information that is helpful. The payment method that the company is using limits investors from issuing a chargeback.

OptionMinersFx accepts money using Cryptos, and Perfect Money. You will be treated unprofessionally if you choose to contact them. Furthermore, it will not be easy contacting the entity or tracing them down.

The people running this platform know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, you will suffer the consequences if you still choose to test the waters with their services. The best thing to do is look for reliable and transparent firms.

False Testimonials

OptionMinersFx is a company that speaks highly about its services. According to the information that the firm presents it shows they are coaching people to trade successfully. The venture will provide a great opportunity to their clients.

Customer support is also being praised for being fast and reliable. However, there is a big problem with the info available. Furthermore, the company is using stock images to present these data. It is an old trait overused by Ponzi schemes.

The people the entity presents as their clients have nothing to do with this firm. OptionMinersFx is a losing scam that will say anything to make you give them your money. They are targeting investors who lack knowledge in trading.

It would be best if you read reviews from third-party websites. Con artists will not be able to manipulate information. Moreover, you will have an insight into the experience of those who have tried out their services.

The Domain Insight

The company was registered in November 2020. The firm is privately registered and without knowing their actual location it will be impossible to contact them. Moreover, the platform inspires to be in the market for only one year. The traffic that is visiting the website is not much.

Final Verdict

OptionMinersFx is a platform that is not worth investing in. They promise their customers high returns that are ridiculous. The venture does not have a license and it is operating illegally. The scammers behind this firm are notorious and will defraud you of all your money.

Invest with legit mining companies that do not lie to gain the attention of their potential clients. These are the best-licensed firms that safeguard the interest of their clients.  The customer support team will assist you in whichever way that you need.

OptionMinersFx is a platform that presents a registration document to imply it is operating per the law. However, this is a dirty scheme that you should keep off. A company that is not involved in mining activities.

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