Options Legion Review: An Utopic Investment firm that is a Scam

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Options Legion Review
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Without the necessary skills they will not even trade on your behalf. You want to know how unprofessional Options Legion is. The company imply there are links on their about us page. Therefore, once you try getting more info about this broker the link does not open. Invest with reputable forex trading companies.

Options Legion the company claims that most of its profits come from trading binary options. Now let me explain something to you. Binary has been banned in several countries. These assets are considered dangerous and risky.

Some governments even term them as gambling assets. Therefore, we do not recommend investors trading with this broker. Moreover, this is not the only red flag that this entity has displayed. There are several others.

Options Legion nonetheless brags that it is a legit financial entity. This is the way that scammers operate. The reality is that they are operating in anonymity. Moreover, the broke only has a registration document to brag with.

options legion Review, options legion Company

Investors are trading forex, crypto, silver, and gold. The firm claims that the people that are managing its business activities are professional. However, the company fails to provide all the necessary information that helps create confidence with the public.

Without the necessary skills, they will not even trade on your behalf. You want to know how unprofessional Options Legion is. The company implies there are links on their about us page. Therefore, once you try getting more info about this broker the link does not open.

Optionslegion.com Review

Options Legion brags that it has the best intelligent opportunity in the industry. The platform claim that their clients can trade automatically. Therefore, earning passive income. The broker urges traders to join them today for a revolutionary opportunity.

The company states that it uses cutting-edge technology to generate these high returns. Additionally, the entity claim it is also secure and investors have nothing to worry about. The broker believes that Binary options are simple and fast investment assets.

Options Legion claims that it predicts whether the next direction in the market will increase or decrease. For instance, they predict if BTC prices will increase or decrease. The prediction time can be within 60 seconds.

Additionally, the entity also states that it has the best and easiest way to earn money of making money via crypto assets. However, cryptocurrencies are very volatile. It is not possible to know the next move in the market.

Investors should stick to legit forex trading companies that are reliable and genuine. You will earn better returns without having to worry about your safety. These entities are regulated by the relevant authority.

The Trading Conditions of Options Legion

Options Legion is everything but not an investment venture. The process of registering an account is tedious. The links do not open which is something the platform should have noticed if it is a reliable entity.

The entity does not conduct any trading activities. Therefore, this is the reason that it leaves out the information regarding the trading software. We also do not know the currency pair that this entity is offering to investors.

options legion Scam Review, options legion Features

The info regarding crypto trading is also shallow. The assets which Options Legion is dealing with are volatile. They are risky and the company does not elaborate on how it plans on achieving its goals or maximizing profits.

The trading conditions of the platform are not known. It would be best to look for legit companies that are indeed trading. There is no need of wasting time with unregulated brokers. There are better opportunities in the market.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Options Legion is a suspicious platform with multiple loopholes. The entity has broken links in almost everything. Their terms and conditions page cannot be reached as well as the terms of use.

Investors will trade with this entity not knowing what they are signing up for. Legit entities will avail of all the information that you need. Therefore, you will not make a blind move. You need to be vigilant and to trade or invest with regulated entities.

Options Legion is capable of changing its terms and conditions. They will not consult you but once you try cashing out you will experience challenges. The shady firm that is not a broker has four investment accounts.

The minimum amount that you can deposit at their system is $50. The entity does not provide data regarding withdrawal and deposit. The company is however charging a fee of 4%. Percentage form fees are not recommendable and are usually used by scammers.

Options Legion rewards their clients with monthly income. The projected returns are luring and the majority of investors might fall for this ploy. However, there are no benefits that come with trading with this venture.

Options Legion Contact Details

Options Legion is everything but not an investment venture. The process of registering an account is tedious. does not have contact details that investors can use to reach them. The company features various social media platforms on its website. Unfortunately, none of them has their page.

You need to stay away from this venture at all costs. The broker is not reputable. Before investing with them ask yourself how your issue will be handled by the company. The firm is determined in staying anonymous.

Regulation Status of Options Legion

The platform is a broker that claims it is legally registered in Luxemburg. The area observes the rules and regulations of the EU. Companies that are operating in this area must adhere to the rules and regulations of the European Security and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The financial body is looking after its citizens to avoid being scammed or taken advantage of by investment schemes. Moreover, the EU does not permit investors to trade Binary Options. You will get yourself into trouble since it is evident Options Legion is a scam.

Additionally, we visited the Luxemburg financial watchdog website to see whether the company is trading legally. Unfortunately, this broker is not in the database of the Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (CSSF).

Options Legion is a company that exposes its clients to several risks. You are not protected against negative account balance. Moreover, the companies have not deposited an amount of 730K EUR as their initial capital.

The money of investors is not segregated. Therefore, the platform can use the fund as it pleases without caring about what it does to your savings. Avoid unregulated entities at all costs. There are better entities in the market that you can use.

The Domain Insight

Options Legion is a company that was registered in March 2020. The platform domain will expire on March 2026. It appears as though this broker has expectations of being around for a long time. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that this entity is not secure.

Furthermore, the information of the founder is not accessible to the member of the public. The company has a low global alexa rank. The total traffic visiting their website is 5,301,220. Sadly, we did not manage to know the people that are managing the operation of Options Legion.

Final Verdict

Options Legion is a company that has Binary Options content all over its website. The broker does not have anything else to brag about. The information is also basic. The platform is not trading and it relies on predicting the prices of multiple assets in the industry.

Unfortunately, this is not a serious venture that is worth your time. Investors should invest with legit forex trading companies that are actually trading. You will earn good returns. Moreover, the issue that you experience will receive a response almost immediately.

Options Legion is a scam that will not be in the market for long. Their operation will cease to exist and the people that will have deposited funds with them will regret it. You need to be keen when trading and only trade with the best brokers.

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