PamaFunds Review: is a Nasty Ponzi Scheme

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PamaFunds Review
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Please stay away from PamaFunds because nothing great will ever come from venturing with them. Nobody has earned using this platform. Therefore, refrain from giving them money. If you trade with a genuine broker, you are going to yield a real-time payout.

PamaFunds is a platform accepting funds via crypto, gold, oil, forex, and bonds. They welcome investors from all over the world. The entity states that you only need to trust them to become rich. Cryptocurrency traders will allegedly enjoy high leverage.

We would like to clarify that this suspicious entity does not have a partnership with Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, or any other reputable exchange in the industry. The platform is operating on its own accord.

PamaFunds Review, PamaFunds Company

PamaFunds has two investment plans. The state franchise plan requires a deposit of $15,000. You will get a direct income of 5%. The Country Franchise takes cash-in of $80,000.  The benefits are a 3% ROI.

The murky scheme also states that it has a professional expert team that assists investors. The entity is using blockchain technology. They also brag about having the best trading bots in the market. Currently, the firm states that it is available in over 50 nations.

However, we encourage investors to trust legit crypto trading software. These are entities that will generate real-time profits for you. You will sleep soundly knowing that your safety is taken care of. Investing with legit platforms will assist you in growing your portfolio. Review

PamaFunds claims that it can generate high returns because of using High-Frequency Trading in their AI. It is funny that this company is talking about transparency. The platform does not credit its team.

We do not know the experience that they have or whether they have the capability of generating high returns. Ponzi schemes choose to remain anonymous to avoid facing the law. The broker is not secure in entrusting your hard-earned funds.

PamaFunds promise infinite growth. However, the assets that they are dealing with are highly volatile. Therefore, you cannot attain the same returns. The venture claims that it utilizes a procedure that assists them in settling on the best choice in the industry.

The company also presents its team. They display their pictures and positions that they hold in the firm. However, there is no assurance or qualification published on the platform. Additionally, the fraudulent platform is using stock images.

The people it presents have nothing to do with PamaFunds. It is an element that shows that this company will do anything to win over investors. This is an untrustworthy scheme that you should refrain from giving access to your money.

PamaFunds Withdrawal and Deposits

PamaFunds is accepting funds via Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Perfect Money. It helps the entity to remain discreet. Investors cannot issue a chargeback with the venture. The minimum amount which the firm is accepting is also high compared to other investment firms in the market.

When you decide to cash out your money, the broker will give all sorts of excuses. There is no advantage that will ever come from trusting an offshore firm. You should focus on finding yourself a reliable broker.

We do not know whether there are any fees that investors must pay. The company is discrete, and matters regarding withdrawal and deposit should be made accessible to the public. You have every right to know what you are signing up for.  If you join PamaFunds, you might end up paying more.

Contact Details and Customer Support

PamaFunds is a peculiar investment firm that is can only be contacted via email. The office address of this entity is 3411 Silverside Road Tatnall Building STE 104, Wilmington, New Castle, DE, 19810. This is a fake address to make the company appear transparent.

There is no phone number which eliminates the possibility of the investors contacting them. The emails that you send will go unanswered. There are better firms in the industry that care about the experience of their clients.

PamaFunds is an offshore venture that promises to make traders rich, while the reality is that the broker does not have enough money to hire a professional customer support team. You can also reach them via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Regulation and Registration of PamaFunds

The company is not licensed to collect funds from citizens of any country. Therefore, this is an illegitimate scheme that does not care about investors. They are only going to leave you high and dry. The information that you share with the platform regarding yourself might be used against you. Review, Platform

PamaFunds does not offer fund safety to their customers. They do not segregate funds in top-tier financial institutions. The money goes straight to the scammers’ wallets. The platform does not provide information on their account managers or team.

The financial watchdogs require investment firms to be transparent. Ponzi schemes usually inflict hefty charges on investors. The firm will never disclose what they are charging you for. The company has also not deposited an initial capital that can be used to compensate investors.

The Domain Insight is a company that has been in the market since August 2020. Their domain is registered for a period of 10 years. It is not easy to know that the platform is involved in fraudulent activities. The domain will expire in August 2030.

The people that are running this venture remain anonymous. Hence, it is impossible to know the location of the firm. Nonetheless, this is a venture that has huge traffic visiting their website. They have a total of 22,902 engagements from all over the world.

PamaFunds is mainly targeting clients from the United States, Venezuela, and Canada. They, however, do not have a license which is a major red flag. These countries have strict measures that investment firms must follow.

PamaFunds Client Feedback

PamaFunds has positive reviews on Trust Pilot, but we do not rely on the information availed as the monitor of this website is not strict. Nonetheless, anonymous individuals are praising the company for being good.

They also praise the support for being friendly and responding in time. Unfortunately, the only way to contact them is via email, which is not a reliable means of communication. The withdrawal process is also presented as fast.

Sadly, the people that leave these remarks have not provided links to their social media. Moreover, there is also no proof of payment. Given the nature of this Ponzi scheme, it is highly likely that they have paid random people to review them.

Please stay away from PamaFunds because nothing great will ever come from venturing with them. Nobody has earned using this platform. Therefore, refrain from giving them money. If you trade with a genuine broker, you are going to yield a real-time payout.

Final Verdict

PamaFunds is a company that does not have a license. The broker claims it is trading cryptocurrencies, but there is no evidence that there is investment taking place. The platform does not have a communication channel that is reliable.

You can trade with the best crypto trading brokers that are genuine. The performance of these trading bots is verifiable. Therefore, you can always check on them if you have any doubts. There is also multiple clients’ feedback from their existing customers.

A true investment company will not hesitate to provide information that will win the trust of investors. Therefore, if a platform is genuine, then you will get their location and the information of the team. Moreover, multiple client reviews will be available. Make it a tendency to research thoroughly before trusting any broker.

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