PetronPay Review: A disgusting FINMA Blacklisted Company

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PetronPay Review
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PetronPay is an HYIP that appears to be having a number of investors from their clients. The company appears to be getting a number of audiences. They also promise huge returns to their clients. Unfortunately, this scheme is doomed to fail.

PetronPay is another scam that claims it has the ability to make its clients rich. Unfortunately, the only guarantee that is there is you are going to make losses. The platform is mainly investing in Oil.

It assures investors of daily returns of 2.5%.  The shady venture accepts a minimum amount of $25. It might seem like a cheap change to sum but the more people that venture with them the more the scam will steal.

PetronPay is surviving on its referral program. This is an HYIP that does not have investment services or products. The majority of fraudulent entities steal money by promising huge returns. However, you are not going to earn anything.

The companies short live the expectation. The platform promises their esteem clients trips and a percentage of the deposit that the new members deposit. Pyramid schemes only benefit the pioneer investors.

PetronPay Review, PetronPay Company

The rest suffer the consequences. The moment these people decide to leave the market your funds will be trapped in their system. You are signing up for a losing scheme that has no intention of generating funds for you. Avoid them! Review

The company is investing in Petroleum. The people behind this entity state that they have years of experience in the industry. They urge investors to join them and earn. The market of petroleum allegedly has a volatile price.

Therefore, investors can make a good income. The firm state that it partners with big refineries in the market. Hence, it benefits from high profits and high-quality purchases. PetronPay is a unique scam. The entity claims that investors can speculate the barrel of oil price.

Crude oil allegedly has high liquidity. The company assures investors they are going to get constant returns for them. However, in every form of business, there is the downside and the profitability time.

You cannot be making profits throughout the year. The moment you understand this you will not fall for the lies of these fraudsters. The entity has a 3 day trip to Dubai. These are benefits that legit brokers do not offer.

PetronPay Scam Review, PetronPay Features

You should be worried once you see an entity offering such lucrative. There is something for them. The company states that oil being volatile assets makes it have interesting prices. Your prediction will determine the returns you will yield.

Instead of wasting your time and resources at PetronPay invest with reliable forex trading companies. The information on the leverage and spread is accessible to all investors. You will generate real-time returns without having to worry about your safety.

Who is Behind PetronPay?

The entity does not reveal or show the qualification of the people behind their operation. The entity is operating anonymously. Investors need to know the people that are entrusting their money. If there is no transparency it raises suspicion.

Moreover, scammers are the ones that operate in this manner. PetronPay is not capable of yielding you any income. Investing with them will only expose you to multiple risks.

How Does PetronPay?

There are a number of people who use HYIP to make money. Mainly there are marketers who refer investors to a company. PetronPay might at first build trust with their clients. Unfortunately, the withdrawal requests usually outdo the money that is coming from the website.

Therefore, once the company realizes that there is no more money they exit the market. The platform cannot be able to pay all its clients. Moreover, even if you make money you are doing it at the expense of others.

PetronPay is a scam that nobody knew when it will collapse. However, the fact remains that the entity will not be around forever. Stay away from these dirty schemes at all costs. If you want to make money research thoroughly and it will save you from much trouble.

The Promised Returns

PetronPay is an entity that promises investors the best outcome. Sadly, this is an outrageous scam. You do not require rocket science to know that what the entity promises is too good to be realistic. The company promises a daily return of 2.5%.

If you sit down and do the math you will realize that the entity is promising a monthly income of 75%. Even the best investment ventures in the market do not offer anything close to this amount. This should show you how ridiculous this entity is.

Legit investment companies struggle to attain a 1% daily return. We do not know the mechanism that PetronPay is using. They are also not authorized to provide investment services to their customers. It is easy to distinguish between a legit company from a scam.

Customer Support

The website is available in Spanish, French, Spanish, and English. The company is allegedly based in Zurich, Switzerland. There is no evidence to back up this narrative. It is an offshore entity that pretends to be located in an area that is reputable.

The entity has a YouTube channel that spice up its lies. The broker can only be contacted via email. Legit investment scheme will have multiple communication channels which investors can use to reach them.

They would not damage their PR in such a manner. The company should have a telephone number for ease of communication. People behind this entity are shady and anonymous. You cannot earn money with them.

Regulation and Registration

PetronPay is not a licensed investment company. It is the requirement of the government for all investment entities to acquire a regulatory document. It is illegal to collect funds from investors without the permission of the authority.

However, this entity seems not to be bothered and is going on with its activities as it pleases. Moreover, FINMA which is the regulatory body of Swiss has issued a warning against this broker. Trading with them will be a bold move that will end with regrets.

The company is selling investment contracts to their clients. Your money is not safe with them. PetronPay will do all that it wants. There are several assets that you can invest in within the market. The scam is only looking for a way to defraud innocent investors.

The Domain Insight

Considering the characteristics which the company has displayed they have survived long in the market. The platform was registered in December 2019. It renewed its registration in 2020 and will now expire in December 2022.

PetronPay is an anonymous entity therefore we could not establish the person who is running the platform. Nonetheless, the entity has a massive alexa global ranking of 16,118. The locations of their clients include; Cote d’Ivoire, Haiti, and Ghana.

Final Verdict

PetronPay is an HYIP that appears to be having a number of investors from their clients. The company appears to be getting a number of audiences. They also promise huge returns to their clients. Unfortunately, this scheme is doomed to fail.

The platform is a scam that does not have a customer support team. Therefore, you should ask yourself who will respond to your query. The company is not after their clients having the best outcome in the industry.

Their main concern is stealing funds and leaving you high and dry. Investors need to trade only with the best forex trading companies that are actually trading. You will earn real-time returns without worrying about your safety.

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